What is next for Iraq?

It is a difficult question to answer that now what is next for Iraq after the execution of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Saddam was hanged few days back in Iraq in a strange hurry which could make the situations in Iraq worst in coming years. The other strange thing is the America’s response over his hanging. The claim of victory by Mr Bush over the hanging of a helpless person seriously shows a lack of direction at US top. Moreover this incident makes America role more suspicious in formation of a new Iraq.

Many people in Iraq believe that they were finer in rule than in this new regime controlled by America. Even Amnesty has condemned this hanging. Overall most of the world and Iraqi people were in the favor of giving pardon to Saddam Hussein. Present Iraqi governments needs more time to give any verdict on this issue. This hurry of hanging Saddam Hussein by US and Iraqi government could create more problems in Iraq and the world overall.

It will not be a surprise if Iraq goes in the way of Taliban. I am not a supporter of Saddam Hussein and not justifying the crimes done by him, however on the other hand biggest criminal of war crimes is US itself. These are the wrong and un-thoughtful strategies of US government which has taken the lives of many innocent people around the world. Today with this hanging the divide between has widened which could escalate the Iraq problem more. It was possible to tackle the Saddam Hussein issue more wisely if US has not put its might in it.
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