How fair are elections in India?

Election in three states Punjab, Manipur and Uttaranchal are nearing with few days left for these elections. Sixty years back India got freedom the Britain and from then elections are taking place in India with regular interval. However a question mark always remains hanging on the elections carried in the Indian nation.

Even after 60 years the elections in India are games of only rich people. It is very difficult for an ordinary citizen of the India to contest a election. In present Punjab election many candidates which got seats are those who provided huge funds to party in the tune of crore. In simple words most of the seats in the Punjab are pushed to rich people. It is not only the story of the Punjab but this is a true fact for all the Indian elections.

Today elections have become high-tech with parties going for all the kind of advertising available. All this cost in many crores of rupees, now the question which comes is from where this money will be generated. The answer is very simple by giving tickets to the people who have money for themselves and for the party. This is kind of practice which gives birth to other kinds of corruptions in country. Now people who will invest this huge amount of money will definitely try to regain with any mean available.

The other problem is that due to this many suitable poor candidates are not able to get a chance. Election corruption is one of the main reasons behind the other form of the corruptions available in the country. Parties in India use every kind of way right or wrong to win elections. Many people are influenced on the basis of religion, caste, money and alcohol. In all this there is hardly little percentage of people who caste votes as per their will. Now in this whole system if we want honest results from election then we need to think many times again.

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