Living Life simply

Living Life simply
This is an art of living a happy and peaceful life; however it is missed by many of us. The main advantage of living simple life is that provides us opportunity to relate with our self and become wiser in relations. It is not possible for us to relate with other if we do not know our self. This art is very much famous in India and followed by leaders and saints in past. However the problem is that today generation is missing this simple concept due to fast life.

People are just running to meet their daily requirement and if they are met they run for acquiring more and more. In this way, we Indians are missing a gold lesson told by our ancestors. A person who lives simple life has to never under go through stress and tension, which are today’s biggest problems. Needs are unlimited and it is not possible to fulfill all the needs, therefore the chances of unhappiness and sorrow always remain around us in the form of unfulfilled desires.

Moreover these unfulfilled desires also force us to commit many crimes and wrong thing for which we pay at the end of our life. We people still have the time to start living a more healthy and simple life which we require for our self and not effected by the world’s expectations. In this way we all could hope to have life which more fulfilling to all of us.
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