How right was Saddam Hussein’s execution?

I am not trying to create a controversy but I am only want to create a debate on the whole issue of execution of Saddam Hussein. I want to ask that was it the right way adopted for the execution of Saddam Hussein.

We may agree that he had committed great crimes against the civilization. However I have few more points to raise that Why Amnesty has to condemn this hanging and whole procedure of trail adopted against Saddam Hussein, because there are lot of questions which remained unheard and a lot of hurry is shown by the US-aided government to hang the Saddam Hussein.

At present Saddam Hussein was in the state of helpless and therefore it was not necessary to hang him and life imprisonment was enough to realize him of his crimes. Saddam Hussein hanging has created a big set back to the reconciliation drive in the Iraq. Today with this execution the divide between Shia and Sunnicommunities of Iraq has become wider and may effects any efforts of Iraq’s reconstruction.

Moreover this hanging has created anger in the Islamic world and may lead to more extremists’ activities around the world. It world be better if Iraqi government waited for some more time. This hurry in the hanging of the Saddam Hussein could be combined with the elections in the US and a try by the US president for increasing his popularity. The leadership of the world’s top nation like US needs to show right examples to the world and should avoid further them self from any effort like this.

What is next for Iraq?
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