A debate on betting

Around the world people have different views about betting, however betting is a trend in almost all parts of the world. Some believe them as right and some them as wrong. Every individual has its own view on betting. In views betting could be a fun for people who do it in a controlled manner and are not addicted to it. For example in India cricket is a very famous game and many bet about the result of the games. In India many people can be found doing cricket betting. As par the estimates there are bets of worth millions of dollars are placed on the teams. In general there is no problem in betting, but the problem starts when people who organize the bets try to alter the result of the game. Few years back we all aware of the incident of taking money by the most of the Indian players to change the result of the game. To avoid involvement in these big rackets people can use betting sites which allow them to bet on the game and do not influence the game either. However one thing is cautioned that these things are not for becoming rich in a single day. Day dreams should not waste there money in these bets. Only people who want to get some enjoyment of betting and a small try to luck should use them.
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