In the help of Singur people

Recently Singur a small town in West Bengal was in news for the seizing of the land from the people. West Bengal government was seizing this farm land for giving it to the TATA’s for making their new small car plant. Singur is just 50 KM away from the West Bengal capital of Kolkata.

Many social activities came in the support of the agitating people who do not want to surrender their land to government. Many news channels also gave lot of hype to this issue and this issue also got some political look with Trinamool congress president Ms Mamata Banerjee going for the fast. However the main question gets side lined in all this that how justified it is to grab land from the innocent and poor farmers.

Why governments are not allotting lands which are not inhibited by the people? Most of the people who got displaced from a there lands, get it very difficult to adjust in the other place and most of time run in to major problems. Therefore these situations create lot of Human right violations. We can not allow the exploitation of our native people for getting growth and few more money. Growth is important but it should not be done on the cost of life of peoples. Our governments need to think on these issues and provide full support to people of our nation.

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