Realities behind the Vikas Yatra

Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh was very excited with his Vikas yatra across the state. The main reason behind the vikas yatra was to make people of Punjab realize the Vikas (Progress) done in Punjab. To some extent he is able to attract some attention of people through his vikas yatra. However there are many facts which show real condition of the growth in Punjab.

First factor is negligible or slow growth of the Punjab as compared to the whole nation or other states. There are many states in the India which have showed growth more then 7% and even Gujrat has showen a double figure growth, whereas Punjab has shown growth rate of only 2-3%, which is no way a good sign for the state of Punjab. Today the major reason behind the growth of other states is the growth of industry; however Punjab Government under CM Capt Amarinder Singh is a total failure in attracting any new industry to Punjab.

More over most of the industries in Punjab are either sick or fighting for their survival. Punjab has always remained at the top position when we compare per capita income; however Punjab has slipped to fifth position in it also from previous second position. Education which is becoming a backbone of growth for other states is also not in good state in Punjab.

Most of the universities and colleges in Punjab are not up to mark for providing the best education. Health sector is also ailing with lack of facilities at the Govt. Hospitals and dispensers. In these five years government has not opened any new hospital or filled vacancy for doctors. Electricity which is becoming an important life line for the people and industry is also not showing any good sign.

In last five years no concrete afford is done to increase the electricity generation in state. The electricity generated by the state today is nearly same as it generates five years back with marginal increase through one project. Only few developments which we can see are mostly from the private players with out any role from the Government. If any body has to give score to this government for development then it will be difficult for this government to even get the pass marks.

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