Understanding Renal system

Renal system or popularly known as urinary system because formation of urine take place in this system. Moreover the secretion of urine also takes place through this system. This system plays a very important role in our body because it plays many important roles for the body. Some roles are-
1) Maintaining Water Balance
2) Maintaining electrolyte concentration
3) Balancing acid-base levels
4) Removing toxins and waste products from bodyAll these three function are very important for the normal functioning of a body. If of these functions stop working then the whole function of body may come under problem. Kidneys are one of the most important organ of this system and the formation of urine take place through its 1.2 million nephrons (A nephron is the smallest functional unit of the kidney). The one fourth of the blood supply of the resting cardiac output is used by these nephrons. Our kidney filters on average 180 liters of fluid every day, out of which we secret 1-2 liters of urine made by our kidney. From here we can analyze the important of nephrons and our kidney.
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