Thick Fog covers Northern India in the New Year

Northern part of Indian today welcomed New Years with thick fog. In some areas the fog is so dense that people are not able to see beyond 2 feet. In the last few years fog has become a fashion in northern part of India. Every year fog is becoming visible in the winter season when temperature dips in this area. The main problem with the fog is that it totally disturbs the life of people. Airline industry becomes the major victim of it, as it become impossible to operate flights. Many national and international flights are already disturbed in the first day and we could hope to get more problems in it in next few days. Not only has this fog already started taking the life of many innocent people in the road accidents. With in two days many people across northern India have already become victim of it. However the major concern is that Indian government is not taking any serious measures to go deep behind its occurrence. Indian government and people of India have accepted Fog as daily affair but the problem is that fog is becoming more and more intensified in the couple of the years and there are many reasons which are causing all this. It may be the increase in pollution, water logging, and increase in number of dams or may be whatever. People need to know the answer to this question because they may victim of it one day.
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