Do we all have time to think about our rights?

Most of us are busy people and mostly remained surrounded our own problems are worries. The main effect of all this is that we all do not enough time for using or knowing about our rights. Some rights are our basic rights because we are human and there are other rights which are given to us by our nation.

However the apathy is that we are not able to both. We see many human rights violations around us, these are nothing but the violation of rights as human being. These violations happen with many people and may happen with us one day. We all are citizen of this nation still there are many things happens around us which threaten our right as a citizen of our nation.

We may be thrown out of our homes and villages by some powerful people or governments. We all can fight against this injustice and get our rights back and moreover help others in getting their rights back. In this way we all could hope to make a strong nation for all of us.
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