Finally the dates for Punjab Election are declared

Finally the dates for Punjab Election are being declared along with the dates for Manipur and Uttaranchal. The election for Punjab assembly will held on 13 February. On 13th Feb election will take for all the 117 constituencies. Out of the 117 constituencies 29 are reserved for the scheduled castes as per constitution of India. With this, now the speculations about the new Punjab state government have started entering into the minds of people. This time the Punjab election is missing real issues and both the parties are only trying to malign the other party by highlighting their failures. This is a real shameful condition for rich and politically vibrant state of Punjab. In the earlier article Punjab Election one sided story Dated 28/10/2006, I have highlighted this issue. This time both the parties Congress and Akali Dal do not have real issues and therefore fighting these election on small issues, big rallies and posters. People of Punjab are also not much interested in the elections because both the parties to some extent have let the people Punjab down. Congress may be making big claims in its Vikas Yatra Dated 30/11/2006. However people of Punjab know that what the ground realities are? Akali Dal is also busy in fighting corruption cases running against them, read Some points which may effect the Future of Akali Dal Dated 24/12/2006. In all this it becomes very difficult to tell which party will win the Punjab election. Moreover the result may be but ever but the real losers will be the people of Punjab. Present situation changed widely from the time I have written this articles Who will win Punjab Election Dated 30/10/2006. All these situations could lead to very small margin victory to one party or a small vote out in Punjab election 2007.

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