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With the announcement of dates of Punjab Elections, the fight between both Congress and Akali Dal has intensified to get the power in Punjab. Recently Akali found its popularity decreasing due to the corruption cases started against them. Read more on this Some points which may effect the Future of Akali Dal Dated 24/12/2006. To control this disadvantage and to again become popular Akali Dal announced few incentives to the poor and ordinary people of the Punjab.

We all know that increasing prices of food stuff is a major concern for all the people in Punjab. Therefore Akali Dal decided to gain the confidence of poor and ordinary people by announcing that if they come to power then they will provide poor people Rs 4/kg wheat floor and Rs 20/kg pulses which are currently selling at price of Rs 15/kg and Rs 50/kg respectively in the market. With this Akali Dal has hit the right track as many people in Punjab are worried with the rising prices of the food items.

Presently AKali Dal is trying to publicize this campaign to get the maximum mileage from it. All this remind us of the similar strategy followed few years back of giving free powers to the farmers which was endorsed by both the parties. These strategies are present in India from the long time and many parties around the India are using them. Famous example can be taken from the TDK is Andhra Pradesh.

Moreover these strategies are mostly used by the regional parties and many times this strategy has helped them to get the power. However these strategies are made to win elections and do not provide any ground work for improving the life of people overall. The earlier strategy of free power has only remained a big burden on the resources of the state government. We may say anything but in the absence of real issues, these kind of popular incentives are bound to come.

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