Some basic questions

The question which comes in front of us is that what the rights of the people of singur are?Is it justified to take the land from innocent farmers and give it to the industrialists? For example it we take this thing on our self like if we are living in a place for years together and someday some one says us to leave from there then how we will feel like.

When there is so much waste land is present in our country then why governments are allotting lands of farmers. Farmer community has given lot to our country and we all not forget about their sacrifices. It is a very difficult task to think of India with out our farmers; however the tragedy is that we are not only forgetting our farmers but also making them home less.

We all agree that industrial growth is important but it should not be done on the cost of our farmers. Today we may not be dependent on our farmers and we may need car more than the food items but still India can not afford to lose its farmers which has major role in its construction.

Nandigram is burning again
In the help of Singur people
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