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Memories of Old Sofa

I still remember about one of old sofa in our ancestral home in Himachal. This sofa is still present in our old home and its age is two-three years more than mine. The main thing about this sofa is its simplicity as compared to present form of available sofas in the market. Though, this sofa is not much smooth and has become slight hard with time. I love it because it shares number of beautiful memories with me. Today’s markets are really full of many designs of Sofas. Some of these sofas are very good looking and eye catching. Trend of modern leather sofas again reminds about the old trend of leather sofas, though present designs of sofas are very different from the earlier designs. Sofa is one thing which we can easily find in every household and in future also this trend will remain as such. However, despite so many new stylish sofas, I still love old sofa present in my ancestral house and hope that I can retain it for long time.

Does BJP heading for win in centre?

Yesterday’s win of BJP in Karnataka has opened many new speculations among the people and experts. One of such speculation is that does BJP will make next government in centre? Up to last year, many experts believed that BJP may be going for slow death and there is no future for BJP in India. However, election after election BJP has proved everyone wrong and even put strong claims on the centre politics. If anyhow elections of centre take place today then we should not be surprised to see BJP emerging as largest party in centre and forming government with their allies. With Karnataka win, now BJP has full or partial government in 11 states of India which is highest number ever by any political party other than Congress. The good news for the BJP is that many strong state leaders have also emerged in BJP like Narindra Modi, Yeddyurappa etc, who also hold great charismatic influence in their states. Whereas Congress party is only becoming a party of big names without any solid base at gr

BJP winner on final Day in Karnataka

Today’s, victory in Karnataka assembly elections has finally opened a way in front of BJP to make its first government in south without support of any other party. BJP is also very upbeat about this victory and they are now more energetic to face future elections in other states and at centre. This victory in Karnataka has even forced BJP to start dreaming of making their government in centre also; therefore, most of the top BJP leaders were also expressing similar views after the Karnataka election results. BJP’s chief ministerial candidate in Karnataka, Mr B S Yeddyurappa will take oath on 28th May and form BJP government in Karnataka. Yeddyurappa also emerged as most popular candidate for chief minister of Karnataka in most of the pre poll and exit poll survey. He is also believed to have played key role in this win of BJP in Karnataka. According to final telly of election results, BJP got 110 seats in this election and it requires support of 3 more independents, which it is likely

Forced Decisions

In life, we all face number of situation when we are forced to take certain decisions which we never otherwise thing of taking. I put these decisions under the category of forced decisions because these decisions are mostly opposite of our basic nature. For example, if we do not like to hurt anyone in this world then sometimes due to the adamant or irritating attitude of few people we are forced to take decisions which can hurt these people. However, we cannot blame directly ourselves for these decisions because other people some time constantly make number of efforts to hurt us or our feelings. Now if these people do not take care of our feeling then for how long we also can respect their feelings. Similarly, this finding also becomes relevant for us and we need to see reason hidden behind the bad behaviour of certain person towards us. Therefore, we are also required to remain alert of our own actions and avoid hurting the sentiments or emotions of others. If in this world, every per

BJP all set to emerge as single Largest Party in Karnataka

Finally, it is becoming clearer that BJP is all set to become the single largest party in recently held Karnataka assembly election. Present election results indicate that BJP is going to get more than 100 seats and can even get clear majority. This is really good news for BJP because BJP is waiting for these kind of results eagerly. These results if become true will definitely help BJP in making their position strong in upcoming elections. This is really a bad news for Congress and shows that people are angry with their central government policies. Also visit- Karnataka 2008 Assembly Election Results (Live Update)

Karnataka 2008 Assembly Election Results (Live Update)

For latest Assembly Election results visit- Live assembly election Results 2008 (Delhi, MP, Chhattishgarh & Rajasthan) Below find the live update of Karnataka 2008 Assembly Election results. Final Results Total number of seats – 224 Results Declared – 224 Trends Available – 224 Party Name Ahead Won Total Congress 0 80 80 (+12) BJP 0 110 110 (+30) JD(S) 0 28 28 (-26) Others 0 6 6 (-16) BJP Vote Share 34.6 % Congess Vote Share 35.7 % JD(S) Vote Share 18.8 % Other Vote Share 10.9% OR Visit Live Indian Election Results Refresh browser every 5 minutes Also visit-Also visit- BJP winner on final Day in Karnataka Final Prediction of Exit Poll Karnataka Edge for BJP (Exit Poll Karnataka Elections) Karnataka Exit Poll After first phase of election Karnataka Election Battle Karnataka Election Exit Poll Results

Problems emerging from Ego Clash

Problems emerging from the Ego clash of two people are not new things for this world. We all see many such problems taking shape around us. Also, many times in life even we face such problems in our life. To some extend every person in this world face or see such issues in world. Ego clash can be defined as a problem emerging between two people due to their conflicting egos. In simple words, ego can be defined as our perception about our self. Now, when two people start believing themselves as superiors then it become very difficult for them to accept the point of view of other person. Due to this reason conflict of ego starts taking shape in their lives. Ego of both people blinds them and makes it difficult for them to see good points in other persons. Ego conflicts can arise due to the egos of both people or they can also emerge from the strong ego of single person, however, in both cases a conflict of interests is sure to emerge. These conflicts can take number of shapes like hatred

Role of Trust in Relations

Trust can play the role of cement in any relation like as cement help in making any building strong similarly trust can make any relationship of this world strong. In the same way, lack of trust can make any relation weak. Therefore, it is very important for all of us to develop arrangement of trust in our relations. Mostly in a relation equal work from all the concerned people is required to develop a trust and good trust level can never be achieved by the alone efforts. The biggest problem is developing a good trust level is that it take many years to develop a good trust but some actions can break it in few days. Therefore, we all are required to remain extra cautious with maintaining trust in our relationships. If developed to its fullest trust can play lot of positive role in any relation and help both the people concerned by making their lives richer and rewarding. A good level of trust in any relation provides a great opportunity in front of people to enjoy their relation. Moreo

Modern Trends

Present world is offering many new exciting options in front of people which are very innovative and attractive. We can easily give the example of Modern Furniture because modern furniture also present many attractive and innovative products for people which were otherwise difficult to believe in past. Therefore, people now have the freedom of decorating their homes with modern furniture and making it more attractive. The main advantage of the modern furniture is that it is more need based and simultaneously offer attractive designs too. Due to this reason, large numbers of people are now opting for the modern furniture for their homes as compared to conventional products. Future also belongs to such innovative products which are designed as per the latest taste of people.

Final Prediction of Exit Poll Karnataka

For Results visit- Karnataka 2008 Assembly Election Results (Live Update) Finally, third phase of elections are also over in Karnataka and now people all over India and Karnataka are waiting for the counting of voting on 25th May. From these elections, people of Karnataka want a government which can give them full five years of governance and they are opposed to any political arrangements like one seen in last elections. Therefore, win of a single party in this election is very important for providing a stable government in state otherwise political greed can again weaken the new government in state. So far, most of the exit polls are providing lot of hopes in the form of BJP emerging as single largest party in state; however, there could be shortage in seat numbers from required numbers of seats for making a government. Thus BJP may again require the support of other parties and independent in this case. In worst scenario, they may again required to approach JD(S) for making a new go

Ease with Globalisation

Present globalised world is providing number of opportunities in front of people which were never available in front of them before. Today, people have great option of buying many world class items available in front of us which was not present earlier. Recently, I got a chance to see very beautiful womens gold watches during an exhibition. This exhibition was showing number of international items like jewelleries, watches etc. Today, India is emerging as a big market in the front of the world, therefore, every business house of world now want to enter in India. Simultaneously, this globalisation is also increasing the reach of India people and making many international brands available in their nearby stores.

Helping Each other

Every person in this world knows this fact that it is very important to help others and in return others helping us because in this way, we all get a chance to come out of our problems easily. Problems come in every person’s life and no person in this world can stay away from the problems for ever. Therefore, it is very important to develop atmosphere of mutual trust and respect where you help others in their problems and in return same people help you in your problems. In most of the cases, people also help you if you have helped them genuinely in past. However, we mostly take the example of few people who do not return our helps or provide helps in our difficulties. Helping each other can be a great mutual trust which we can develop between our family, friends and in society. In this way, we can help others and ourselves in maintaining good and rewarding mutual relationships. For achieving this motive, it is very important to take first step and then expect others to follow this step

Useful Blog for understanding English better

For large number of people living in India, English is still a align language. Though, we people write and read English frequently, however still there remain number of Basic English facts not clear to us. The major cause of this problem is not having English as native language. We all grow up in our native languages and then migrate towards English because of its universal appeal. Therefore, there remain few essential facts of English not clear to us. However, today people can find many useful helps available online for understanding English better like as I discovered a blog on understanding text types and other facts of English. People can visit this blog by visiting the above link. People can find number of interesting posts on this blog like What Makes An Effective Argument Essay, Sentence Patterns etc for understanding English in better way. Though, English is not our native language but we all can easily improve it with good helps like this available for us.

Trailer: The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian

Below enjoy the trailer of Hollywood film “The Chronicles of Narnia- Prince Caspian”. Presently, this film is running in cinema halls across India and people are also enjoying this movie. With this trailer people can get some idea of this film.

Need of Strong Will Power

Will power is one property present in every person which can make a big difference in any person’s life. Mostly, will power is present in every person; however, level of will power can vary. Some people have strong will power while others have weak will power. Will power of any person works as an internal energy which helps any person in facing difficult situations and successfully coming out of them. People’s success in difficult situations mostly depend on their will power and therefore, we can find many examples in world where people with strong will power have won many battles which were otherwise believed impossible to be win. Therefore, it is very important for any person to develop a strong will power because strong will power can make him a stronger person. With strong will power, people can also perform number of tasks in this world which others believe as difficult ones. Will power can really make a big difference between different people and determine their success or failur

Body Concerns

In recent times, large numbers of people have become more concerned about their body weight and look. Therefore, large numbers of people in present world are giving lot of attention to their body and look. Weight loss is very common in all this because large numbers of people are suffering from obesity. Therefore, people use numbers of ways to lose weight like exercise, eating low calorie food etc. These people also get the help of diet pills like Phentermine for providing essential ingredients to their body. Due to this reason, market of these products is also increasing and many new advances products entering in this segment. This segment is already a big market and more growth in future can also be expected.

Using Credit Cards wisely

In last few years, credit cards have become common thing in India and large numbers of people are now using credit cards for various spending. The major reason behind the increase in use of credit cards is ease of getting a credit card and freedom of spending on credit. Moreover, people are also finding credit cards very helpful in online buying or in foreign travels. Therefore, credit card is slowly emerging as a good alternative for the hard cash. However, there are certain worries also which are associated with credit cards and can land people in troubles if they do not control their spending through credit cards. Many time, people land in troubles because they over spend on credit cards without planning how they will pay back. Second, many people using credit cards also do not have proper knowledge about the terms and conditions associated with their credit card and therefore, land in trouble due to lack of information about their credit cards. For every credit card user, it is ver

Need of Good furniture

Every person in this world wants to live in a well managed home and therefore, people look for large number of options to make their homes look beautiful. Furniture is one of the best options available in front of us which make it possible for us to manage our homes with ease. Good furniture as per the taste of person and modern style can easily make a home more suitable place to live. In furniture, people can easily find many good solutions like beautiful Bedroom Sets for our bedrooms because bedroom is one of the most important place of any house and every person in this world wants to have a good looking bedroom. Furniture is one thing which helps people in completing this dream. People can easily choose from the attractive bedroom furniture set, bedroom suites etc for their bedroom and make it perfect place.

Bajaj’s one lakh rupee car

Tata’s Nano has forced many big car and auto manufacturers of world to make alternative of Nano, so that they can also successfully face the competition given to them by Tata’s Nano. Tata’s Nano has already created lot of curiosity in the mind of people even much before its official launch. Not only people in India are eagerly waiting this car, however many people in other parts of world are also eagerly waiting for the launch of Nano in their country. The main reason behind the hype created by Nano is availability of this car for just 1 Lakh rupees ($2500). Due to this reason, now many people can easily complete their dream of car in India. On the other side, this move can severely affect the sale of motorbikes and scooters in India. Therefore, big auto manufacturers of India like Bajaj are seeing entry of Nano as big threat for them. Due to this reason, top motorbike manufacturer of India, Bajaj has also decided to make their 1 lakh rupee car. This car will be jointly made by Bajaj-R

Managing Electronic products

Present world is really offering many products of entertainment to us. Today, it is very hard to consider a life without TV or music systems. Electronic products are slowly becoming a big need of people especially in entertainment segment. However, as the number of electronic products is increasing in homes a new problem of properly accommodating these products is also creating tension in the minds of many people. Some solutions like tv wall mount products offer a great help to people. People can easily find many products in market which provides a great option of easily accommodating these items. With the help of these innovative products people can easily manage their electronic appliances in small space.

Edge for BJP (Exit Poll Karnataka Elections)

For results visit- Karnataka 2008 Assembly Election Results (Live Update) Yesterday, voting for second phase of elections took place in Karnataka. With this, elections for majority of seats have already taken place, after second phase of election it is further easier for expects to predict outcome of Karnataka elections. Most of exit polls after first phase of election gave BJP a clear edge over other parties and this trend also looks to be continuing in second phase of election too. In Second phase of election, out of 66 seats BJP is expected to get 33-40 seats i.e. 2 to 9 seats more than it got in last assembly elections, where as Congress is expected to get 15-20 seats, JD(S) getting 10-15 seats and others 2-5 seats. With this prediction, it has become clearer that BJP is going to emerge as single largest party in Karnataka and there are good chances that BJP will get absolute majority in Karnataka elections. BJP already has a good hold in seats where third phase of elections will

Doubts in life

Every person faces a number of doubts during his life. Many times, some situations come in our life when we face doubts about people or our decisions. In these kinds of situations, it really become difficult for us to take a right decision because mostly we have no option available in front of us to know what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, we only struggle around our doubts and try to see clear picture out of them. However, some of the doubts become very difficult to solve or get a clear picture out of them. In these kinds of situation, it become very difficult for people to lead a tension free life and mostly, people become frustrated about these doubts. Even some time, we can see major shift in mood of people and they can behave very rudely. For example, if a person has doubt on the character of his wife then his behaviour towards his wife can become very hard and rude. Moreover, intensity of rudeness can increase with the increase of doubts. Therefore, doubts can be very fat

Karnataka Exit Poll After first phase of election

For results visit- Karnataka 2008 Assembly Election Results (Live Update) In first phase, election took place for 89 seats including many seats in strong hold of JD(S); therefore, this phase was very important for the JD(S). After the 10th May elections, many TV channels and news paper presented their revised exit polls. Earlier, most of the pre-poll exit polls were favouring Congress lead government in Karnataka, however, after first poll analysts and experts are predicting good performance from BJP, while congress and JD(S) looks losing their hold. Most of the exit polls have expected 12-17 seats increase for BJP in this phase of election, while number of congress seats can decrease by 8-12 and number of JD(S) seats by 3-5. Now from these 89 seats, BJP is expected to win 29-34, Congress 21-25 and JD(S) 28-32. Overall, there are now expectations that BJP can also improve its performance in other two phases also by 15-25 seats. Therefore, BJP can expect around 27-42 seats over last as

Expressing Feelings

Every person in this world wants to live a good and fulfilling life; however, still large numbers of people fail in making best out of their lives. The major reason behind this is failure on the part of people in expressing their feelings to others which otherwise need to be expressed. In world, we all need help of each other like our family, friends and society. It is very difficult for any person to think about living a fulfilling life without having good relations with others. Our good relationships with others especially near ones make our life more easy and interesting for us. Now major question arises is that how to create good relations with others. The answer to this question is present in expressing our good feeling to others. Mostly, people avoid expressing their feeling to others and thus the other person never gets a chance to know about your true feeling unless you express them. Moreover, there remain many chances that people take you negatively if you do not express your

Value of Confidence

It is well said that a person is like a dead man if he does not have confidence. Therefore, it now dependences on us that we want to live like a dead man or not. Confidence can be simply defined as our trust on our self. Mostly, large numbers of people depends on others for number of their needs and therefore, they find themselves helpless if they see others pulling their hands. While people, who are totally dependent on themselves mostly do not have any such kind of fears. Confidence is one property in any person which differentiates him from others and helps him in attaining new heights. Confidence also comes with practice and as people become more dependent on themselves they see more rises in their confidence levels. While a person who depends on others for most of their needs, mostly lack in confidence and fail in battle of life. Confidence is one great attribute in any person which always remains with him and help him in fighting any problem. Therefore, we can say that confidence

Beautiful memories

In my childhood, I mostly like to visit farm house of my maternal uncle where I find it very interesting to live with nature and animals. In the farm house, large numbers of animals were present like horses, cows, dogs and pigs etc. Overall, the experience was very exciting for me because I always liked animal very much. My uncle was having lot of interest in horses and he then had many horses in his farm house. He always maintain proper horse supplies for taking care of his horses properly. His farm was a much managed place where it was very easy to find everything in place. Today, my uncle’s farm house is not present; however memories of it are still present in my mind.

Importance of Trust

In the success of any relationship in this world trust plays a very important role. Mostly, relationships which last long are ones which are based on trust, while relationships which lack trust mostly fail. Therefore, it is very important for any person to do such acts which help in generating more trust in the relationship. In the life of every person, there comes number of times when trust in relations looks faded and people find it hard to sustain their relations. Separation never provides a good solution and it is also very difficult to reunite once separated, therefore, it is very important to realize the importance of trust well in time while looking for ways to increase trust in life. People can make their relationships stronger if they are able to add strong bond of trust in their relations. Mostly, trust requires a contribution from the both sides, it is not possible to attain a good level of trust through single efforts. However, people need to know it very clearly that

Respecting our decisions

It is very important for any person to respect his decisions and go with it even if whole world turns against it because it is your own decision and you only know the value of your decision. We can easily find many people in this world who leave their decisions in between when they see increasing opposition against their decision. While there are few who remain with their decisions and turn them right despite opposition by others. Success of any decision in this world only depends on the person himself and how much he is ready to do for his decision. Decisions do not fail because they are wrong however they fail due to people who fail in making them true. It is very important to think about any decision properly before taking it; however, people need not to doubt it after once it is taken. Simultaneously, any decision can be turned right if person taking decision has the will power to make it right. In nutshell, it is very important for person taking decisions to respect his own decisi

Making life beautiful with Love

There are few great emotions in this world which provide a great option of making our life more beautiful. Love is also one such emotion which provide a great opportunity in front of us in making our live more beautiful. Love has the potential of changing our life considerably and making it more interesting and lovable. With love suddenly every problem of life starts disappearing and we become only more concentrated towards our love. It is very important for any person to pass through this emotion because this emotion clearly makes big positive changes in any person’s life. Though, we cannot find love in the market however, it strike us when we have least expectation of it. People who have passed through this phase know exactly what I want to say. Love is one of the great emotions present in this world and it is also considered as an option to reach godhood. Already, there are many lovers in this world who have made their names great with their devoted love. We all are also required to

Report on Mallika earning more in Ads than Aishwarya

Mallika Serawat knows well that how to create news and earn money in the film industry. According this report, Mallika demanded around Rs 3.5 crore for some audio equipment advertisement. With this Mallika has even left behind other top heroines of Bollywood like Aishwarya. In the present world, Advertising industry is emerging as a big source of earning money for many big actors and players because every company want to capture growing market of India by using big names. Watch full report.

Reliance STD Bonanza

Reliance has offered a great bonanza to people for saving huge money on STD bills. Now, people can easily enjoy unlimited STD calls to any Reliance mobile through their own Reliance mobile phone. This scheme is available for both post-paid and prepaid customers. Post paid customers can enjoy this scheme by paying monthly rental of Rs 440, while prepaid customers are required to recharge their number with amount of Rs 496. The good news of this scheme is that people can make unlimited STD calls to any Reliance mobile number within India, while scheme does not cover Reliance base phone numbers. Mobile number will be charged Rs 1.49/minute for charging any Reliance base phone and same rate is also applicable to other GSM and landline numbers across India. Under this scheme local SMS will cost Rs 1 and STD SMS RS 2. While under roaming incoming will be charged Rs 1.75/minute. Overall, this scheme can be great opportunity for people, who spend large amount on STD bills.

Importance of Furniture

Having an own house is dream of all most every person on this world and therefore, every person tries to construct at least one home in his life time. In the present world, it is even easy to get loans for constructing a home and due to this reason we see people completing their dream of home in early age. Moreover, boom in construction industry has also made many options of cheap houses available in front of us. After getting a home, next thing which plays a very important role in making our home a real home is furniture. Without good furniture, it is very difficult to imagine a good house, therefore, every house also need good furniture to look like a place to live. Art of making good furniture is present across the world from many centuries. We can find different specialities of furniture construction in different parts of world. Thanks to globalisation, every person can access most of these furniture styles from his home market. Today, people have huge variety of latest furniture o

Karnataka Election Exit Poll Results

For results visit- Karnataka 2008 Assembly Election Results (Live Update) From 10th of May assembly elections will start in Karnataka. These elections will take place in three phases on 10th, 16th and 22nd May, 2008. These elections are very important in the national politics because these elections can tell some expected trends in next year Lok Sabha elections. For BJP, these elections are very important because BJP want to complete its dream of making first time BJP lead government in any southern state. Congress also wants to regain back their political control over Karnataka once again, whereas, JD(S) wants to play a role of king maker in Karnataka assembly. Now to know exactly which party will be able to complete its dreams, we need to wait till 25th May when counting of votes will start for elections held on 10th, 16th and 22and May. At present, there are few pre poll exit poll surveys results from various TV channels and News papers available in front of us which indicate some

Videos and Pictures of Batt Puja Kangra Himachal

Kangra Belt of Himachal is known for number of festivals. Batt Puja is also one of it. This Puja is believed to be must for every married couple in this belt and mostly performed by every married couple. Recently, I also got chance to visit one Puja. This Puja is believed to help people by clearing their way to Heaven and help in acquiring credit of other fast and religious rituals. Though, slowly these traditions are dying and new generations are going away from these traditions. Therefore, I thought of uploading videos and pictures of this Puja so that next generations can watch our rich tradition. Video is not very fine still it provide a good watch. Video 1- Video 2- Video 3-

Reliance to Offer GSM based Mobile Service

Reliance has already made a good presence in India through its CDMA based service. Today, Reliacne’s CDMA based mobile service is available in 15000 towns and 4 lakh villages across India and 40 million people are using their service. However, Reliance chief Anil Ambani is not satisfied with this growth and therefore, now he also wants to enter GSM based mobile phone market in India. The major reason behind this shift of Reliance is to reduce their dependency on the CDMA based technology and also getting advantage of fast growing GSM technology. Worldwide GSM based mobile market is growing at faster speed as compared to CDMA based technology. Therefore, Reliance also wants to catch with the global trend. Second reason behind this shift is license fee associated with use of CDMA based technology because reliance is required to pay some revenue to the CDMA based technology innovator company every year. By going for GSM technology, Reliance will have more options available in front of it.

Latest Trailer “The Incredible Hulk”

Famous Hollywood character “Hulk” is again back on big screen with his second film “The Incredible Hulk”. After the success of film Hulk last year, there are many chances that this film will also do well on box office. This time hulk is many times stronger and doing never seen before actions. Below are two videos of new film “The Incredible Hulk”. Trailer 1 Trailer 2

Karnataka Election Battle

For latest results visit- Loksabha Election 2009 Results (Live Update) Live update Orissa/Andhra Pradesh Assembly election 2009 results Karnataka assembly election is the next big battle in Indian politics and these elections will decide the fate of many political parties in Karnataka and centre. Elections in Karnataka will held in three phases on 10, 16 and 22 May. There are total 224 seats in Karnataka assembly and polling for 89 seats will held on 10 May, polling for 66 seats will held on 16 May and finally, polling for rest of the 69 seats will held on 22 May. The results of these polls will be available on 25 May when counting for votes will start. After Gujarat, Karnataka is the next big election battle in the Indian political world. There are three main parties contesting in these elections and they are Congress, BJP and JD(S). Earlier, JD(S) headed BJP-JD(S) combine government was present in Karnataka which failed midway due to power sharing crisis between BJP and JD(U). In las

Need of Exercise and Meditation

Today, we all are living in a world which is full of many mental and physical tensions. Every person has only 24 hours in his hand; however, he is required to perform many jobs in these hours. Moreover, work pressure is only becoming more and more with new generation. Due to this reason, we see people suffering more from various mental and physical disorders. Some of these illnesses are even taking fatal approach and making life miserable for large number of people. One of the major reasons behind the increase of these physical and mental illnesses is lack of physical and mental exercise. If some people do some physical exercise then they still lack in doing proper mental exercises like meditation. Present life is becoming very difficult to live mentally because of the increase in mental stress. Therefore for living a healthy life and fighting these problems it is very important for any person to add habit of regular physical and mental exercise. Any person can easily make his life mor

Thoughts on Mother’s Day

It is very difficult to define real purpose of Mother in this world; however, every person will agree with one thing that mother provide a great service to mankind and without mother it is very difficult for us to consider this world. Life Mother is clearly an example of great selfless service in this world which is very difficult for the others to copy. In this world, every person go through number of relations but relationship with mother is one of the most respected and remembered relation in any person’s life. For showing respect and regard to this great relationship with mother, whole world celebrate Mother Days on 11 May. On this day, children try to make their mothers happy by sending them with gifts, flowers, greeting cards or by organisation parties or get-together for them. In simple words, children try their best to let their mother feel happy about motherhood and they also thank their mother for great selfless service done by her to them. Therefore, with the help of Mother’

Success Story of IPL

Today, hardly any person in world will have any doubt over the success of IPL. IPL has really created a big history in the cricket world by revolutionising 20-20 cricket and Indian domestic cricket. Earlier, ICL also tried to make this concept popular; however, IPL took this concept many steps further. Initially, when BCCI announced about forming IPL then many people have doubts in their minds over the success of this game. Today, IPL is a big success and most of these people have no doubt left in their minds about the IPL. IPL has not only registered a big name in the Indian cricket world but it has also established itself firmly in the world cricket. Money wise also IPL is the biggest draw for many players and provide an option of earning huge amount of money which is not present in the other forms of cricket. Today, every big player of the world wants to become part of the IPL. With more advertisers also lining up to sign and sponsor IPL games, therefore, in future also there will b

Acute Shortage of Electricity and Water

Mostly by seeing impressive figures of growth people start believing that things are very fine in India and everything is only growing here. However, there are certain basic things which are actually going in the reverse direction like availability of electricity and fresh drinking water. Hardly, summer has knocked the doors of north India and people here have started witnessing long electricity cuts and shortage of drinking water. Every year, our centre government and state government’s claims number of breakthrough in solving these two basic problems, however, next year situation only become even worse than the actual situation last year. At certain places, these situations have already started showing alarming signs with electricity and water not coming for even days. Problem of water is more alarming than the shortage of electricity because of the depleting ground water levels and ground water getting polluted due to industrial waste. In some parts, ground water is no longer safe f

Adding dose of Excitement to Life

It is very important for every person to add some dose of excitement in his life because even a small dose of excitement has the potential of making our life many times full of energy. Mostly, people claim that there life has become very dull and lack essential energy and main reason behind this lack of energy is none availability of any strong sense of doing a work. By adding small dose of excitement in life people can transform their simple work in to very attractive and enjoyable work. Once a work is converted in to exciting and enjoyable work then chances of extraordinary success in this work increases many times. We all can easily find many examples around us in which people have achieved extraordinary results with ordinary works. Therefore, it is not important that which work we are presently doing but it is more important how much we are enjoying our work. Excitement also helps any person in providing missing dosage of energy for doing the particular job with perfection. Mostly,

Overdependence on Page Rank

In recent times, we all are hearing lot of news related to Google Page Rank and how Google punished few bloggers with page rank removal or decrease in page rank for selling paid advertisements. In recent times, Google tried its best to give a strong message to all these bloggers and web owners to refrain from such activities and to some extent Google also achieved its goals as many people stopped using paid advertisements on their blogs and websites. This is for the first time in the history of internet when paid advertisements created so much hype and reaction. This episode also highlighted the motives of Google that they do not want to let go their control on paid advertisements because Google earn billions of dollars through its own adwords program. If anyway Google fail in controlling this market then this will mean huge losses for the Google. Mostly, bloggers and web owners get paid advertisements depending on the page rank of their website, which means higher the page rank higher