Edge for BJP (Exit Poll Karnataka Elections)

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Yesterday, voting for second phase of elections took place in Karnataka. With this, elections for majority of seats have already taken place, after second phase of election it is further easier for expects to predict outcome of Karnataka elections. Most of exit polls after first phase of election gave BJP a clear edge over other parties and this trend also looks to be continuing in second phase of election too.

In Second phase of election, out of 66 seats BJP is expected to get 33-40 seats i.e. 2 to 9 seats more than it got in last assembly elections, where as Congress is expected to get 15-20 seats, JD(S) getting 10-15 seats and others 2-5 seats. With this prediction, it has become clearer that BJP is going to emerge as single largest party in Karnataka and there are good chances that BJP will get absolute majority in Karnataka elections.

BJP already has a good hold in seats where third phase of elections will take place, therefore increasing hopes of BJP. Exact position of seats held by each party will only be available in front of us 25th May; however, chances of BJP making next government in Karnataka are very prominent. This news could be a big setback for both congress and JD(S), who are hoping for big success in this election.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I went through the article and the exit poll pattern. It is Cleary evident that the BJP will emerge as a SINGLE LARGEST PARTY and form the Govt. It is still a pity the GOWDA FAMILY preying (with all GODS) for the fractured mandate, and hoping that they will be KING MAKERS. Parallely THE ENTIRE KARNATAKA is preying the GOWDA family’s ouster including me. In this bargain poor DHARAM & KHARGE will also be ousted.

    Let's prey again for the ouster of GOWDA, DHARAM & KHARGE.


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