Memories of Old Sofa

I still remember about one of old sofa in our ancestral home in Himachal. This sofa is still present in our old home and its age is two-three years more than mine. The main thing about this sofa is its simplicity as compared to present form of available sofas in the market. Though, this sofa is not much smooth and has become slight hard with time. I love it because it shares number of beautiful memories with me. Today’s markets are really full of many designs of Sofas. Some of these sofas are very good looking and eye catching. Trend of modern leather sofas again reminds about the old trend of leather sofas, though present designs of sofas are very different from the earlier designs. Sofa is one thing which we can easily find in every household and in future also this trend will remain as such. However, despite so many new stylish sofas, I still love old sofa present in my ancestral house and hope that I can retain it for long time.
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