Does BJP heading for win in centre?

Yesterday’s win of BJP in Karnataka has opened many new speculations among the people and experts. One of such speculation is that does BJP will make next government in centre? Up to last year, many experts believed that BJP may be going for slow death and there is no future for BJP in India. However, election after election BJP has proved everyone wrong and even put strong claims on the centre politics.

If anyhow elections of centre take place today then we should not be surprised to see BJP emerging as largest party in centre and forming government with their allies. With Karnataka win, now BJP has full or partial government in 11 states of India which is highest number ever by any political party other than Congress. The good news for the BJP is that many strong state leaders have also emerged in BJP like Narindra Modi, Yeddyurappa etc, who also hold great charismatic influence in their states.

Whereas Congress party is only becoming a party of big names without any solid base at ground level. Moreover, people of India are also worried about the increasing prices and failure of congress lead government on many fronts. Therefore, they are looking for some new alternative and BJP looks to offer one such alternative in front of people of India. Though, at this stage it is difficult to predict future and how it will go, however, present trends looks favouring BJP very much and going against congress. People of present generation want results from the governments and they do not like to restore again and again corrupt politicians.

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