Karnataka Exit Poll After first phase of election

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In first phase, election took place for 89 seats including many seats in strong hold of JD(S); therefore, this phase was very important for the JD(S). After the 10th May elections, many TV channels and news paper presented their revised exit polls. Earlier, most of the pre-poll exit polls were favouring Congress lead government in Karnataka, however, after first poll analysts and experts are predicting good performance from BJP, while congress and JD(S) looks losing their hold.

Most of the exit polls have expected 12-17 seats increase for BJP in this phase of election, while number of congress seats can decrease by 8-12 and number of JD(S) seats by 3-5. Now from these 89 seats, BJP is expected to win 29-34, Congress 21-25 and JD(S) 28-32. Overall, there are now expectations that BJP can also improve its performance in other two phases also by 15-25 seats. Therefore, BJP can expect around 27-42 seats over last assembly total of 79. If these predictions become right then BJP can get 100-125 seats, Congress 70-80 seats, JD(S) 35-45 seats and others 5-10 seats.

This news can really excite BJP and increase their hope of making first government in any southern Indian state. On the other hand, this news can be a major setback for the Congress and JD(S), who are hoping some major gain in these elections.

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Karnataka Election Exit Poll Results
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