Bajaj’s one lakh rupee car

Tata’s Nano has forced many big car and auto manufacturers of world to make alternative of Nano, so that they can also successfully face the competition given to them by Tata’s Nano. Tata’s Nano has already created lot of curiosity in the mind of people even much before its official launch. Not only people in India are eagerly waiting this car, however many people in other parts of world are also eagerly waiting for the launch of Nano in their country. The main reason behind the hype created by Nano is availability of this car for just 1 Lakh rupees ($2500). Due to this reason, now many people can easily complete their dream of car in India. On the other side, this move can severely affect the sale of motorbikes and scooters in India. Therefore, big auto manufacturers of India like Bajaj are seeing entry of Nano as big threat for them. Due to this reason, top motorbike manufacturer of India, Bajaj has also decided to make their 1 lakh rupee car. This car will be jointly made by Bajaj-Renault-Nissan with 50-25-25 share respectively. Total cost of this project is expected around 1000 crore rupees and this car will be available in mid 2011 only. Bajaj’s one lakh rupee car can definitely increase competition in this segment and offer new options for people. These one lakh rupee cars will definitely completely change the car market around world and make cars more in the reach of people.

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