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Overdependence on Page Rank

In recent times, we all are hearing lot of news related to Google Page Rank and how Google punished few bloggers with page rank removal or decrease in page rank for selling paid advertisements. In recent times, Google tried its best to give a strong message to all these bloggers and web owners to refrain from such activities and to some extent Google also achieved its goals as many people stopped using paid advertisements on their blogs and websites.

This is for the first time in the history of internet when paid advertisements created so much hype and reaction. This episode also highlighted the motives of Google that they do not want to let go their control on paid advertisements because Google earn billions of dollars through its own adwords program. If anyway Google fail in controlling this market then this will mean huge losses for the Google. Mostly, bloggers and web owners get paid advertisements depending on the page rank of their website, which means higher the page rank higher is the money offered for paid advertisements.

While the problem with the page rank is that page rank does not guarantee any quality of the website, for example one website with 200 visitors can have page rank of 3 and simultaneously, a website with 2000 visitors can also have page rank 3. Therefore, page rank does not guarantee any good deal. However, due to none presence of any other good alternative page rank is governing this system. Google also further tried to manipulate this system by removing the page ranks of bloggers and web owners and therefore, tried to retain more control of paid advertisement in their hands.

However, in future situations will be much different and Google may not be able to behave in the similar fashion because already numbers of alternatives are emerging in the online world. Moreover, there is news in media that Google itself can go away with the page rank with more sophisticated rank systems as the recent changes done by Alexa in its system for taking care of present trends and earlier shortcomings. Therefore, my advice for the bloggers is to do not worry about the page rank and only concentrate on the blogging. If your blog content is fine then it will attract visitors even without Google.


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