BJP winner on final Day in Karnataka

Today’s, victory in Karnataka assembly elections has finally opened a way in front of BJP to make its first government in south without support of any other party. BJP is also very upbeat about this victory and they are now more energetic to face future elections in other states and at centre. This victory in Karnataka has even forced BJP to start dreaming of making their government in centre also; therefore, most of the top BJP leaders were also expressing similar views after the Karnataka election results.

BJP’s chief ministerial candidate in Karnataka, Mr B S Yeddyurappa will take oath on 28th May and form BJP government in Karnataka. Yeddyurappa also emerged as most popular candidate for chief minister of Karnataka in most of the pre poll and exit poll survey. He is also believed to have played key role in this win of BJP in Karnataka. According to final telly of election results, BJP got 110 seats in this election and it requires support of 3 more independents, which it is likely to get from 6 independents.

Congress which was hoping to win this election only succeeded in winning 80 seats. JD(S) which looks to have got major hurt from these elections and it managed to win only 28 seats against 58 seats last year. Therefore, we can say that BJP is clear winner in this race, while congress and JD(S) are blaming each other for this defeat. These election results of Karnataka assembly polls could have long lasting effects on the future political structure of Indian politics.

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