Karnataka Election Exit Poll Results

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From 10th of May assembly elections will start in Karnataka. These elections will take place in three phases on 10th, 16th and 22nd May, 2008. These elections are very important in the national politics because these elections can tell some expected trends in next year Lok Sabha elections. For BJP, these elections are very important because BJP want to complete its dream of making first time BJP lead government in any southern state.

Congress also wants to regain back their political control over Karnataka once again, whereas, JD(S) wants to play a role of king maker in Karnataka assembly. Now to know exactly which party will be able to complete its dreams, we need to wait till 25th May when counting of votes will start for elections held on 10th, 16th and 22and May. At present, there are few pre poll exit poll surveys results from various TV channels and News papers available in front of us which indicate some mood of people of Karnataka.

According to most of the pre-poll surveys, Congress is going to emerge as single largest party in Karnataka and will get seats equal to or slight less than majority. Congress is expected to get 100-115 seats in these elections, while BJP is expected to get 55-65, JD(S) 30-40 and others 10-15 seats. There are total 224 seats in Karnataka assembly and therefore, any party can make government by getting 113 seats.

Therefore, chances of Congress making next government in Karnataka are very high as per these exit polls. It looks that people of Karnataka want stability and they look congress as an alternative to provide them with stable government. However, these are only expected results and these results can vary significantly after results.

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  1. What a joke.... BJP is sure to emerge as the single largest party.. it needs to be seen whether it can gain majority or not

  2. Thanks Aravind for your view. But actual poll results are expected as follows:

    BJP: 95-110
    CONGRESS: 60-75
    JDS: 20-30
    OTHERS: 20-30

    Lets see how things goes on 25th may.

  3. yeah , Prashanth is right ! ... Most of the people in Karnataka have voted for the BJP including minorities in some parts too !!!

    Hence BJP would be emerging as the single largest party. But will they get absolute majority isn't sure. There also rumours of Congress-JDs-SP coilation govt coming into rule. And lots of compromise needs to be done by Congress & JD-s ... will this mean Bangarappa being the next CM ??? Well , if this becomes true , then it will be the worst thing ever happened to KARNATAKA.

    Hopes these stay just as rumourers and BJP emerges victorious with absolute majority. People of KARNATAKA are tired of coliation govts.

  4. If there is Hung assembly with involvement of JD(S) then even "God Cannot help Karnataka & Karnataka People".
    Karnataka Image is at stake now, it will go to rock bottom if people choose Hung assembly again.

    Let us Pay god that this should not happen for the sake of Karnataka Interest & image through out the world.

    Shanthu Gummaraju

  5. Udupi: Centre crossing all limits -BSY--
    The Central government was taking politics to a morbid level where it does not even care for the state’s security, according to the Chief Minister B.S.Yeddyurappa.

    Speaking here today at a religious function Mr.Yeddyurappa said the Union Home Minister P.Chidambaram had gone almost all states for holding meetings on security at the state level, but he had not honoured the invitation sent by the Karnataka government which shows that the union home minister had shown disregard to the problems of Karnataka especially when the Karnataka was facing security threats on several counts. He said Mr. Chidambaram was taking party politics to a new level.
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