Thoughts on Mother’s Day

It is very difficult to define real purpose of Mother in this world; however, every person will agree with one thing that mother provide a great service to mankind and without mother it is very difficult for us to consider this world. Life Mother is clearly an example of great selfless service in this world which is very difficult for the others to copy. In this world, every person go through number of relations but relationship with mother is one of the most respected and remembered relation in any person’s life.

For showing respect and regard to this great relationship with mother, whole world celebrate Mother Days on 11 May. On this day, children try to make their mothers happy by sending them with gifts, flowers, greeting cards or by organisation parties or get-together for them. In simple words, children try their best to let their mother feel happy about motherhood and they also thank their mother for great selfless service done by her to them. Therefore, with the help of Mother’s Day, children across the world get a great opportunity to show their love for great mothers of world.

However, love for mother should not be restricted only for single day because mother really does a great service to mankind which can never be equated even after celebrated all days of year as mother’s day. It is not possible for any person to put any price tag on the love of Mother and love by mother is priceless. Therefore, mostly people find it hard to forget about the love given by their mother to them for whole life.

Mother’s Day provide a great opportunity in front of people to provide some happiness to their mother and show respect for her great service. Today, many people are not showing due respect for their mothers which is really a worrying sign and a big crime. On this mother’s day, every child is required to make a resolution that he will provide every possible comfort to his mother when she will require it.

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