Success Story of IPL

Today, hardly any person in world will have any doubt over the success of IPL. IPL has really created a big history in the cricket world by revolutionising 20-20 cricket and Indian domestic cricket. Earlier, ICL also tried to make this concept popular; however, IPL took this concept many steps further. Initially, when BCCI announced about forming IPL then many people have doubts in their minds over the success of this game.

Today, IPL is a big success and most of these people have no doubt left in their minds about the IPL. IPL has not only registered a big name in the Indian cricket world but it has also established itself firmly in the world cricket. Money wise also IPL is the biggest draw for many players and provide an option of earning huge amount of money which is not present in the other forms of cricket. Today, every big player of the world wants to become part of the IPL.

With more advertisers also lining up to sign and sponsor IPL games, therefore, in future also there will be no shortage of money for the IPL. Today, we can say that IPL is ready for creating a new history in the cricket world, which was not believed possible earlier. At present, only half of the IPL matches are finished and there is still lot of entertainment left in future games. Already, there are many chances of semi final and final game tickets going out of stock soon.

IPL is also good news for all cricket lovers because IPL has provided an opportunity to see different set of rival players in different sets of games in front of all people. Moreover, success of IPL has also highlighted the power of cricket and how cricket sell like hot cakes in India.

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