Final Prediction of Exit Poll Karnataka

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Finally, third phase of elections are also over in Karnataka and now people all over India and Karnataka are waiting for the counting of voting on 25th May. From these elections, people of Karnataka want a government which can give them full five years of governance and they are opposed to any political arrangements like one seen in last elections. Therefore, win of a single party in this election is very important for providing a stable government in state otherwise political greed can again weaken the new government in state.

So far, most of the exit polls are providing lot of hopes in the form of BJP emerging as single largest party in state; however, there could be shortage in seat numbers from required numbers of seats for making a government. Thus BJP may again require the support of other parties and independent in this case. In worst scenario, they may again required to approach JD(S) for making a new government OR JD(S) and Congress can make new government despite BJP emerging as single largest party.

As per the latest predictions, BJP is expected to get seats between 95-115, Congress to get around 60-75 seats, JD(S) to get seats between 35-50 and others between 10-20 seats. In this case, any kind of possibility can arise and we are required to wait till 25th May for knowing the exact position. Few exit polls are also showing reverse results like congress emerging as single largest party OR BJP and Congress getting almost same number of seats.

Therefore, it is very confusing to predict actual results on the basis of these predictions; however, chances of BJP emerging as single largest party are very prominent. In less than 48 hours actual position of new Karnataka assembly will be clear in front of us, for time being all the best to all parties concerned.

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