Karnataka Election Battle

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Karnataka assembly election is the next big battle in Indian politics and these elections will decide the fate of many political parties in Karnataka and centre. Elections in Karnataka will held in three phases on 10, 16 and 22 May. There are total 224 seats in Karnataka assembly and polling for 89 seats will held on 10 May, polling for 66 seats will held on 16 May and finally, polling for rest of the 69 seats will held on 22 May.

The results of these polls will be available on 25 May when counting for votes will start. After Gujarat, Karnataka is the next big election battle in the Indian political world. There are three main parties contesting in these elections and they are Congress, BJP and JD(S). Earlier, JD(S) headed BJP-JD(S) combine government was present in Karnataka which failed midway due to power sharing crisis between BJP and JD(U).

In last election, BJP surprised everyone by becoming the single largest party with 79 seats. In these elections, congress got 64 seats and JD(S) 58 seats. This time all three main parties are trying their best to increase number of their seats. BJP is very desperate to make a first BJP government in any southern state of India, while congress wants to get back power. JD(S) is also trying to consolidate its position so that they can make good bargain if nobody gets exact majority.

Exact situation of Karnataka assembly will only be clear in front of us on 25 May when counting for the votes will start. So far, all the parties are trying their best to influence more number of voters towards their party and increase their seat numbers. While people of Karnataka look more interested in stable government and do not want to see again political drama of last year.

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