Soon number portability to become a reality in India

There is good news for large number of Indian mobile phone users that soon they will be able to retain their mobile numbers for ever. This feature will work for both CDMA and GSM based mobile numbers. Therefore, now any person in India will be able to switch operators while retaining the same number (for example any person with existing Reliance (CDMA based) number can easily migrate to Airtel (GSM based) services while retaining his old Reliance mobile number). Hopefully, this feature of number portability will be introduced in India by the fourth quarter of next year.

Initially, this service will be only introduced in the four metros and soon provided to complete India in phased manner. At present most of the GSM operators are opposing this feature by saying that this will increase the cost of operation, while on the other hand CDMA based operators like Reliance, Tata have appreciated this decision of government as a right decision. However, this service will not come as free gift for the users and users will be required to pay onetime fee in the range of Rs 2000-5000 for activating this service; however exact rates will be determined by TRAI on the time of introduction of this service.

This facility will really be a great offer to the mobile users who want to change their mobile operator but are not able to do so because they do not want to change their number. This facility is already available in most of the developed nations and in most of the cases; people are required to pay one time high fee for activating this feature. This service will probably take two to three years before reaching the common mobile users in small cities.

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