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Why it is important to correct mind to live a Good Life?

Here is small video “If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place by Dr. Wayne for you. In this video, we learn about controlling our ego and become a human being who is above ego. This video highlight us importance of putting our mind in to control and not allow it control our behaviors and life. Freeing ourselves from ego can free us from many worries of life and thus we can enjoy a great blessed and full life. Simply watch this video to learn this simple secret as explained by Dr Wayne.

A Beautiful Happy New Year Card for you

New Party Starts, Lets Rock. May New Year Brings much more excitement and fun to your Life.  Happy New Year    Simply Leave behind bad memories of past year to make new Happy memories in coming Year.

RIP Damini – You will always remain alive in every Indians Heart

Yesterday, Damini 23 years old Delhi gang rape victim died in Singapore . She suffered one of worst pains of world for 12 days; however, she was not alone in this fight as whole of country stood with her. After her death, whole of nation looks even more united and strong. She died but she united all of us towards the pain of common Indian women.  Therefore, everyone is saying one thing that enough is enough and they will not tolerate more. Today, we saw peaceful protests across India and many such protests will continue in future too. All Social media networks remained filled with news related to her painful death and they all wanted strict punishment for all culprits as early as possible. It is first time in India that common people across all classes look so united and fighting for same cause.  These all protests and her death will only get real justices when we will get strict laws against rape with strict implementation of laws. It is now responsibility of top political c

To get Best quality Audio Recording

Many times, we want to capture best audio recording of a sound or music; however, mostly we do not have desired equipment with us to do us. Today, it is become much easier for us to do best quality audio recording . Even my iphone 4s do a great recording. Professionally many innovative and sophisticated mics are available and they help in recording best quality original sharp clear sound. Many brands in mics  offering such products. People can easily such mics online because many online stores are now selling them. With such advance devices, people can enjoy very high quality audio recoding . Professionals can also find great discounts of such products under different offers

Steps for Women Safety in India

Delhi Gang rape has opened eyes of governments and society about the safety of women in India . No one wants that Delhi Gang Rape like brutal incidences should happen again therefore; we are seeing numbers of activities on the front of governments and women. Women are equipped themselves with personal safety measures available in market so that they can increase chances of safety during a difficult situation.  Governments across India have also come in to action and all governments are recruiting more numbers of women police personals. Delhi Gang Rape like incidences are not acceptable in India under any situation and it is duty of every Indian to fight such incidences. We need clear change in male thinking where they can learn to respect women.  Women enjoy great respect in Indian society; however, such incidences highlight Indian name in wrong context and make us shameful. Today, women are aggressively taking part in progress of India and if they do not feel safe the

Delhi Gang rape victim’s heath is critical

Two days back, Indian government sent Delhi Gang Rape victim 24 year girl to Singapore for better treatment. However, as per the latest news her situation has deteriorated to further. Her most of vital organs have stopped working and her brain is also not functioning properly. As per the Hospital bulletin, her situation is very critical. Moreover, many doctors have criticized government’s decision to send girl to Singapore because under such condition air travel was not good for girl and AIIMs Delhi is equipped with all facilities to handle her case. First this girl becomes victim of brutal act on the hands of six people and now, she is suffering from acute physical pain. Whole of country is standing with girl and all people are praying for her early recovery. This incidence is total shame on Indian society where such cruel people live and shows how weak is our system. This incidence united whole India and everyone is saying one thing that enough is enough. Hopefully, everyone wi

Tour of Pakistan Cricket Team to India

Presently, Pakistan cricket team is in India to play two 20-20 and three one day cricket matches. So far, Pakistan has won one T20 match and both teams will play second T20 match today at Ahemdabad. Three ODI matches will take place on 30th Dec at Chennai, 3rd Jan at Kolkata, and 6th Jan at Delhi. At present Pakistan cricket team looks much stronger as compared to Indian cricket team because Indian cricket team is missing its senior and experienced players. Any visit of Pakistan cricket team remains full of protests; therefore, we are seeing great security around all stadiums. In both countries , people love to watch matches between India and Pakistan; therefore, we can hope for great excitement in this series. With the absence of senior players like Sachin Tendulkar, Zaheer Khan and Virender Sehwag, we can miss some charm from Indian cricket.

Video of Radhe Radhe Baby

Here is video cute baby Arnav Katoch doing Radhe Radhe. In t how quick laerners are babies. his video, you can watch reactions of baby on saying Radhe Radhe. He raises both his hands upwards when someone says radhe radhe. All this show that how quickly babies learn and how fun it is when you have a baby at home.

Shift From Traditional Life Style to Modern Life Style

Earlier, India was known for its traditional values; however, today people are accepting western and modern life styles by leaving behind their traditional life styles and values. Therefore, we are seeing fusion of modern and traditional life styles across the world. Many old traditions have almost died in present world and in the place of these traditions; people have adopted new modern traditions. Due to it, we are seeing a mixture of cultures. The major disadvantage of this shift is new generation forgetting its old roots and death of such traditions and values. Now we are becoming an India, where everyone speaks same language and everyone has same tradition. However, all this is killing basic and true Indian look for which once India was known across the world. I believe that there is nothing wrong in adopting new things; however, simultaneously, it our responsibility to keep our old traditions alive. There are many unique and useful points present in our old traditions. If we

Acute Cold Wave in India

Finally, cold has intensified in North India and it is affecting millions of people. This cold wave has restricted lives of people to their homes only. Trains and flights are running behind their schedule thus causing lots of trouble to travelers. Intense Fog at several placing is making life further difficult. Most of crowded markets are missing crowd and only people who have important work to do outside are moving out. It is tough time for millions of office goers because they are required to face morning and evening sharp cold. It is very risky to drive on these cold and foggy days and this risk increases many times when a person is driving a two-wheeler. According to weather department, this situation is unlikely to improve in coming days and temperature may deep further. Therefore, it is advisable for common people to take all cares while moving out. Already, there are reports of 50 plus deaths due to cold wave across India which shows intensity of cold wave. It becomes duty

Freedom with online printing

Today, online printing solutions are very popular and large numbers of people are utilizing their services. These online printing solutions are equipping people with great freedom to take printing to new heights. One of such example is online business cards. Now people can easily design business cards online and get business cards of their choice. Online people can find so many designs and options that they may find on local stores. Moreover, people can find great discounts and offers online which makes online printing a great fun. Slowly, online printing is gaining acceptance and people are using these solutions to get new and innovative printing experience.

Watch Video of a Very Cute Pahari Shepherd Puppy

Here is video of very cute and beautiful Pahari Shepherd puppy. I liked this puppy very much and spent some time with him. I made a short video of this small puppy which you can find below. In this video, you can find this puppy making many funny movements.

Sachin Tendulkar’s Retirement from One Day Cricket – Shock for Cricket Lovers

As anticipated from few months, Sachin Tendulkar finally took retirement from one day cricket. There was lots of pressure on Sachin Tendulkar to quite one day cricket as his performance was below expectation from last few years. Moreover, he was criticized by many big guns of cricket for continuing cricket game despite having bad performance.  However, this news has come as big setback for millions of his fans who still believe that their star cricketer has lot to offer. Though, Sachin Tendulkar is leaving behind great legacy behind him which hardly any new player can think to break. Sachin is truly a great legend of one day cricket; therefore, his exit from one day create is great loss for Indian one day cricket.  Sachin will be always loved for his great innings for Indian cricket. At present Sachin is aged 39 and this age is not considered physically fit to play cricket. Therefore, technically it was right decision by Sachin Tendulkar to say good bye to one day cricket. H

Increasing Protests against government- A Failure of Indian Government

In Last two three years, we can see great increase in numbers of public protests against government. Recent protests against the gang rape of Delhi girl in Bus saw supports from whole of India and it showed power of general public. Government also found itself on back foot on this issue and Delhi police failed in controlling these protests despite using all means.  From Anna Hazare’s Lokpal movement to present protest, all these protests are getting good support of general public. It looks that general public in India has lost all faith on Indian government and police system; therefore, they have themselves decided to come on road. Within passage of time support for such issues has increased among common people irrespective of their casts, religions and creeds.  It looks that time has come when government should think about positive measures to regain faith of common people. Today’s common Indians are much educated and they do not want to tolerate such incidences. Most o

Get Daily New Hindi Thoughts Picture Messages in your Mailbox

Here is great option for you to get daily dose of Hindi Thoughts Picture Messages in your mailbox. This is very simple step and to get daily dose of Hindi Thoughts follow steps written below. You will get these Hindi Thoughts in the form of HD Pictures with Hindi Thoughts written on them. This is free service and it will not cost anything to you. You email address will always remain safe as it is mentioned in "Katoch Solutions" Privacy policy.  To Join Hindi Thoughts Subscribers List and Get Daily Dose of Hindi Thoughts. Send Email with Subject Line "Add" to email - You can any time remove your email from this list by Replying to any message with Subject Live "Remove". 

Fun of Adventure Bike Ride

There is great fun in going for adventure bike rides. Many people love this adventure and they never miss any such opportunity. People can easily reach to a place on their car and from their , they can use bike to find real adventure around. You can easily fit good quality bike rack on your car to take multiple bikes with you. Many good bike racks  are easily available in market and you can even buy many such racks from online stores. The main advantage of these bike racks is freedom to take multiple bikes to any place where you go. Therefore, you can enjoy full bike adventure at any place. It is always a great fun to explore a place on bike because in this way, we can discover a place even more beautifully .

Eagle Picks Up Baby Video Fake or Real?

At present, one video titled "Eagle Picks Up Baby" is very popular on all kind of medias. In this video, an eagle is shown picking up a baby and then dropping it when father of baby runs behind it. Many people believe that this video is fake because earlier no one reported such incidence where an eagle attacked a human baby. In this video, you can find some flaws which clearly tell that this video is generated with computer editing. First flaw in this video is upward movement of baby even after it was thrown by eagle. Second flaws is to record this video, anyone needs a high resolution camera which is mostly available with professionals only. You can find some more flaws in this video by watching video report available below. 

Time for Punjabi Cinema

Few years back, Punjabi Cinema was almost struggling to revive and there was hardly anyone interested in watching Punjabi movies. At that time, it looked that Punjabi Cinema is going to die. However, thanks to multiplexes many new Punjabi Movies are making good money. Standard of today’s Punjabi movies is much higher than earlier Punjab movies and they are no way less than Bollywood movies. Viewers are also loving these new movies and therefore, we are getting many new Punjabi hit movies. Many Punjabi Pop stars have become heroes in these movies and audience loves their acting skills too. Punjabi movies are not only liked in Punjab but they are also liked across the world. Therefore it is making Punjabi language popular across the globe. This new trend is great news for all Punjabi cinema lovers who were missing good Punjabi movies from long time. Punjabi music is already hit and even many Hindi Bollywood movies add Punjabi tracks in their movies. Similarly, Punjabi movies are likel

Give a Look to Traditional Himachali Water Flour Mill

Recently, I got chance to visit only working water flour mill in my village. In ancient times, our ancestor develop this method to get wheat with power of running water energy. Many health experts believe that wheat obtained from Water Flour mills is much healthier than modern electric power mills. However, people are slowly moving away from this ancient wisdom and adopting new means. Within few years, this water mill will also disappear like many other leaving behind its ruins.

How justified is Death Sentence for Rape?

Presently, whole of country is aggressively on streets to demand death sentence for Rapists. In last five days, whole country saw huge protest at New Delhi which totally derailed government machinery and police. This whole protest started after last week gang rape of a para-medical student in running bus by five people. This incidence took place in heart of Delhi which agitated most of people and specially women. Therefore, millions of young women and men marched towards President House to get answers. These protests worked and government decided to act on whole matter in a fast way. One of demand of these protestors was to implement death sentence for rape. However, there are many points against and in favor of this law. One of major reason is failure of Indian judiciary in completing such trails on time. Moreover, conviction rate in rape cases is very low and most of rapists go free after long trails. Now by just awarding death sentence to rapists, Can be remove this crime from ou

Music Is Religion of World

Music is true religion of world because it is understood through the world. We do not need any knowledge of a particular language to understand music. Good music is enjoyed by everyone and it is same throughout the world. Today, we can enjoy music in great way and in true voice thanks to good quality music instruments available in front of us. We can buy all major music instruments and their parts with ease. Many solutions are available in front of us to get good quality music output. People can even buy many such parts and instruments online on numbers of stores. Many online stores are offer many such items as discounted price. Therefore, now everyone can enjoy good music.

Creating Influence with Facebook

Today, it is tendency of many teenagers and adults to influence others with the help of their facebook profile. Therefore, they use all tactics like attractive picture and wrong information to make their facebook profile look attractive. To some extent, these people succeed in attracting lots of friends; however, they do not understand that such practices only work for short time only. Sooner or later, people come to know about them they lose all credibility. However, many people do not give any thought to it and they just go on using false methods to influence others. Moreover, these people do confuse real life with online life and they try to search real friends in virtual world. Facebook provides an option to connect with millions of people in few minutes; however, these connections are mostly not real connections like connection in real world. Therefore, it is important for all of us to know this difference clearly and not just waste time on facebook.

Ever increasing Popularity of Small Screen

Twenty years back, no one would have imagined it that small screen (TV) will become so much popular. The main reason of this popularity is due to availability of so much variety on small screen. Small screen has entered every home in India and there are TV channels available in every regional language. Today, small screen has lot to offer to everyone; therefore, we see so much love for small screen. Now big screen stars use small screen to promote their movies because small screen enjoys wide reach. Small screen engages people very deeply and on daily basis. Some of Soaps on small screen are so popular that they are watched by millions of people. Many international hit concepts of TV shows are now available in Indian versions and small screen audience loves it. With time, we can only see more increase in popularity of small screen because still new channels are adding to this list.

Why World will not end on 21st Dec, 2012 Nasa Findings?

There is good news for all us that world will not come to end on 21st Dec, 2012 as it was earlier believed by many. This has come up in latest NASA study. According to this study, Maya Calendar does not end at 21st Dec, 2012 and it was just misconception. Moreover, there was no prophecy by Mayan’s about end of world. You can find complete report will all logics in video presentation embedded below. This is great news of all people who were fearful because of this rumor.

Need of Empathetic Civilization

Below you can find extremely educational video telling about need of Empathetic Civilization. This video tells how we are connected with each other through empathy and how we can create a better world by using it. In this video, you can learn how empathy is growing in people and how it is connecting different people together. This is a great informative video and we can learn lot from it.

To Keep Mind at Peace

For Happiness in Life, it is very important to keep our mind at peace because if our mind is not at peace then we can not find enjoyment in anything in life. Without peace of mind, it is nearly impossible to do anything productive in life and live a good life. A disturbed mind leads to many problems in life which only increases with time. On the other hand, a mind at peace opens many doors of success and happiness in life. A peaceful mind is a great bless; however, it is very hard to attain it in this world because there are many situations in life which constantly disturb our peace of mind. To attain peace of mind, we are required to reach higher state of awareness so that matters of world should not affect us. Today, we live in a very fast world where everyone is busy with his fast life thus increases chances of disturbance in life. Due to all this, we find more numbers of disturbed people with disturbed mind in present world. With healthy body, we also need healthy mind to stay

Watch Popular Chanakya Hindi Thoughts in HD

Here is HD Video presentation of famous Chanakya Thoughts in Hindi. Chanakya was a great thinker and visionary who put forward many useful thoughts in front of us through his great work of Chanakya Niti. His work is full of many useful thoughts for all of us. Below you can find some of his thoughts in the form of video presentations of chanakya thoughts.

We are music lovers

We are truly music lovers because music is loved across the world in many different forms. Music is present in our world from ancient times and it has always entertained human beings. Music is great option present in front of us to decrease our stress and to enjoy life. Today we can find help of many musical equipments  to get best quality music. We can enjoy live shows with great clarity of voice simply thanks to these equipments. It is hard to find a single person who does not like music, though, different people may life different kind of music. We can find great variety in music from classical to pop music. Today, fusion music is becoming very popular because it is taking music to new heights.

Making Money with is easy and real is unboundedly number one video sharing site is world and millions of people from around the world watch millions of videos on it on daily basis. Now I want to share with you an option to make some money with Though, I want to clear it early that to make significant money, you need lots of original content like original videos, original presentation, Picture slide shows etc.  Moreover, simply uploading hundreds of videos to does not guarantee money for you, as some of your videos need to become popular. First step to make money with is sign up with it and start adding good quality videos to it. Promote your videos with the help of different tools. Join Google adsense and combine your Youtube and Google adsnese account.  If you are lucky enough and your videos become popular, Youtube will allow you to run ads along your videos. After that you can make money on all of your videos. More numbers of popular videos you have on yo

Are you suffering from over Influence of others of your life?

This is common story of large numbers of people across the world who suffers from over influence of others on their life. There is tendency of many people to influence others life in such way that they should act according to them. However, it is desire of each individual to remain free and take his own decisions. It is better to let free others so that they can live their life as per their will.  Many people due to their egoistic approach try to force their own decisions on others because they feel their knowledge is very wide. Due to this approach of others, many people feel trapped and jailed in their homes and surrounding. Slowly, they either start revolting against such people or their frustration levels increases. Under both situations, it results in lots of trouble for person and people around him.  Why to unnecessary influencing someone’s life? To remain happy with everyone do not try to influence others just leave them free to live their lives as they want to liv

Pictures of Paragliding Fun from Bir-Billing Baijnath (HP, India)

Here are some pictures from my recent Bir - Billing Visit which is international destination for paragliding near Baijnath Town in Himachal Pradesh. Every year, paragliding world cup take place at this place. Many paragliding enthusiast from around the world reach this place during paragliding season to enjoy paragliding fun. During my visit, I got chance to take many pictures of paragliding and some of best para gliders at Billing. With the help of these pictures, you can also see how much fun and adventure is present in paragliding.

Decisions taken in anger are mostly wrong

  Anger is one state of emotion where we lose control on our mind. More we are angry, less control we have on our mind. We get angry because of numbers of events or circumstances which we do not like in life. Here we need to understand one important thing that most of decisions which we take in anger are wrong. Therefore, it is better to avoid taking any decision in life when you are angry because there are chances that you may not take a right decision. In state of anger, our body releases many hormones like adrenaline which affects proper functioning of brain. Under anger, our mind loses control over most of its functions; therefore, mind can not take right decisions under such circumstances. Many people regret their decisions taken during anger later in life because they believe that they would have taken some other decision if they were not angry. Every person passes through this situation because anger is common part of our life. Make it important point in life to not t

Stylish Men’s Hats

Men’s hats have always remained in fashion. Today, we can find many styles and designs in Men’s Hats and caps. Around the world, we can find huge variety in it segment. Men’s hats are used by men across the world from last many centuries and they have changed with time. Some of popular styles of men’s hats are Mens Fedora Hats. People can easily buy many such stylish men’s hats online from various online stores. There are many dedicated sites for men’s hats and on these sites, we can find huge variety of hats. Online shopping can provide great help to find the hats or our choice which we may not find in local market.

Pre-poll surveys give BJP edge in Himachal and Gujarat Assembly Elections 2012

Recently, IBN news channel conducted pre poll survey in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat to see pre poll trends in both these states. Both Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat are going through Assembly elections. Assembly election in Himachal Pradesh will take place on 4 th Nov, 2012 while Assembly election in Gujarat will take place on 13 th Dec and 17 th Dec. Results of both state assembly elections will be declared on 20 th Dec, 2012.  In both these states, BJP has present government; therefore, lot is on stake for BJP. As per pre-poll survey BJP has clear edge in Gujarat and Narendra Modi is likely to win Gujarat for third time. While in Himachal Pradesh, it has given marginal edge to BJP over congress. If we go by this survey then BJP can emerge winner in both states. This is truly great news for BJP and a bad news for Congress. However, it is still too early to say anything because many times reports of surveys and exit polls go wrong. For actual outcome, we are required to wa

Extraordinary things are done by ordinary people only

It is common perception of people that extraordinary people do extraordinary things while ordinary people can achieve ordinary things in life. However, I will like to say that it is a myth because most of extraordinary achievements in life are done by ordinary people like us. It is only matter of trust and confidence on one self. It does not matter that you are an extraordinary person or an ordinary person, only thing which matters is your determination towards success and achievement. Extraordinary people are not born; however, they become so with lots of hard work and practice. Therefore, next time do not give this excuse that how you can achieve big in life when you are just an ordinary person. Simply increase your confidence level and faith on yourself. Take a task and put whole of your energy in it. If you keep on doing your work with full faith and determination then there is no power in this world which can stop you from achieving success in life.

Fun in collecting coins

There is great fund associated with collecting coins. All people who collect coins or who have collected coins in past know this secret. Coins are used across the world as a smaller currency option. Coins are very much popular among collectors because it is easy to collect them and they can be stored for many years. With the help of coins like sacagawea coin, we can learn lot of history and culture of a country. Today, many sites sell coins online; therefore, if you love to collect coin then you can easily buy them from these online stores. Coin collection has always remained very famous from old times and still it is very famous. There is great fun in collecting coins and you can experience this fun by starting your own coin collection.

We can not reach to the levels of bad people

We find many bad people in our life and mostly, they hurt us. Under such situations, we feel like hurting them too. However, here I want to state that we can not reach to their level. If we indulge in reciprocation then we also become like them. Now if we also start acting like them then how we can justify our actions or how we can say them bad. It is better to avoid such people and leave them to their fate.  Such people are already highly frustrated from life and this frustration stops their mind from seeing what is right and what is wrong. Such people are biggest enemies of themselves only and they create many problems from themselves. Therefore, we should not worry about them or think about it. We should not waste our energy on such people because they are highly useless creatures beyond any rectification.  Though, for sometime we get hurt and we feel very unhappy about all this. Still we can not go to their level otherwise we will also become one like them which we a

Three Smart ways to Recharge Mobiles Online

I have been using various online mobile recharge websites to recharge my mobiles from last four years and in these years; I have learned lot about these sites. Mostly, my experience with these sites have remained good except wrong recharge two three times. There are few sites which are not good at providing accurate recharge or their offers do not work. For example, If you want to make Rs 100 recharge then a site may do top up for it. Therefore, it is very important to choose best site for mobile recharge; otherwise we can lose our money or recharge value. From my experience, I am adding three option which have worked very fine. 1) - It is one of best alternative for mobile recharges. This site is totally dedicated to mobile recharge only and there is no other non-sense like advertisements. They make perfect recharge as desired by you. For example, if you ask for Rs 100 recharge then it will do Rs 100 recharge and not Rs 100 top up. They refund money immediatel

Watch Satellite pictures/Video of Hurricane Sandy

Recently, we all saw great devastation by Hurricane Sandy. It was one of worst hurricane in US history. It left behind lots of damage to human life and human settlements in US. Below you can watch satellite picture of Hurricane Sandy These picture clearly show that how big it was. These pictures are taken from world space centre.

Your negative behavior can create negativity around others

Negative behavior is one of most bad things which exist in human behavior. A negative behavior is a behavior which spreads negative energy in universe and it is mostly done to harm one self or others. Therefore, it is very important to remain away from negative behavior.  Moreover, your negative behavior not only creates negativity for you but it also affects all people in your surrounding. It sends negative energy to them and also put them in negative direction. Due to it, chances of other people in your surrounding doing negative behavior increases many times. For example, you are a father with two kids then your negative behavior will create negativity for your children too.  There are good chances that your children may develop negative behavior in future. Therefore, you should either improve your negative behavior or move away from it if you want your surrounding filled with positive energy. Do it early; otherwise, it could be very late to take back step. 

Living with a Good person makes your life beautiful

One of great way to make our life beautiful is to live with a good person. It is very hard for a single person to achieve it. However, two people together can achieve it. It is our choice to add a person to our life or not; therefore, we should always add good people to our life only. Marriage provides a great opportunity to add a good person permanently to our life. If you are lucky enough to find right partner for yourself then you will slowly see your life becoming more and more beautiful. It is power and sweetness of togetherness which unites us together. Moreover, this bond becomes stronger and stronger with each passing day. Mostly because of our ego we do not accept this truth that other person can make our life beautiful. For a stronger relationship, we need to decrease our ego significantly. Ego is biggest enemy of a relationship and two egoistic people can not stay together for long. So only think about the goodness of other person and allow him or her to make your life

Beautiful Presentation of Beautiful Quotes to Remember in Life

Here is simple and beautiful presentation of some of beautiful quotes to remember in life. Quotes are great way learn lot about life and become motivated. There are millions of quotes present with us and we can easily get great help from them. However, lots of people do not give importance to this wide wisdom available in front of us. Most of quotes are nectar of great people’s life experiences; therefore, do get their help to make your own life beautiful.

Increasing popularity of Sports in India

After good show of Indian sportsmen on various big sports events popularity of such games have increased many times. Today, more and more numbers of youngsters want to join sports. Many new sports academies have emerged with good facilities to train athletes. However, still lots of more work are required to be done to create world class players. At many places basic facilities like good wrestling mats are missing. Therefore, our government should look in to such matters for providing best facilities to sportsmen. If facilities are not good at ground level then how we can think about making world class players. India has great potential and with good infrastructure, we can top in all sports events of world.

Everybody is in Hurry Today

Today if we ask someone that he has some time then most obvious reply of that person is I am busy. This is common story of today’s human beings who are highly busy sometimes even without work. One of main reasons of this hurry is lack of direction is life. Most of people hardly plan their life and goals; they just sail with blow of wind in whichever direction it blows them. Due to this, mostly people fail to achieve anything in life.  To achieve success in life, we need a direction, a goal in life and we should only follow it. Second important thing is right planning and third important things are executed our planning in right manner. When we follow these three steps then we achieve goals in life and also have enough time for ourselves and others. There is no need of hurry in life, only we need to find direction in life and then work on it properly.

Relaxation is very important for health

Today we work in a hectic environment where we hardly get any time for ourselves. Due to which we suffer on the point of health and many diseases attack us. Relaxation can be a best answer to avoid side effects of hectic life schedule. We should manage some spare time daily for relaxation so that our body can feel relaxed. When body becomes relaxed then side effects of hectic work environment decreases significantly and we get lots of energy for next day work. However, today large numbers of people do not give importance to relaxation or they do not find time for it. Later they suffer from many health problems because our body can tolerate pressure to some extent only. After some time, our body starts becoming tired and slowly it becomes ill. Therefore, you should always manage some time for relaxation so that your body can recover from daily work pressure. Meditation can be a great option to relax our body and mind. We can find many activities for making our body and mind relaxed

Human Potential can be very high

Biggest problem with most of humans is that they never reach their true potential in life. They never realize how much power exactly exists in them. True potential of a human being is very high and with some knowledge and practice everyone can learn to use it. Due to numbers of weaknesses, people find it hard reach their true potential.  While some people realize this secret on time and emerge as true winners in life. First thing is to trust this information that every person has great power stored in it. This true power does not depend upon our physical power; however, it is much bigger power than it. We get this power directly from higher energy source (we may say it God).  When we get birth on this world then god add this invisible power to all of us. However, as this power can not seen so many people fail to realize it through out their life. This power can only be felt by all of us and we need to trust this power. Soon, we can learn to use this power to realize our true pote

Become shopping smart

It is very important for all of us to become shopping smart in present online shopping world because we can find huge variation in rates of products in our local market, shopping malls and online stores. When we become shopping smart then we can buy products at best economical price. Every seller claims in today’s world that he is selling products at very cheap price; however, reality can be very different. If we remain alert then we can emerge as smart shopper; otherwise, we can be cheated by these smart shoppers. Mostly, seller present their products in such packages or with offer that we feel attracted towards them but sometimes, these offers only look attractive and lack real value for money. Online shopping is great option to check prices of many items. We can compare prices immediately available on different sites with local market . Many shoppers first increase prices of their products then give discounts but in reality we get nothing. Therefore, it is important

Eat Oats Dosa in Breakfast

Slowly, Indians are becoming aware about healthy diet and they have started to avoid oil rich diet. In last few years, Heart problem has become very common in India and numbers of people suffering from it from increasing constantly. Oats are rich in fibers which help in cleaning blood and making it less thick. Therefore, it is important to add such healthy food to our diet. We can easily it in India foods by adding it to conventional foods. Below you can watch video to make Oats Dosa for healthy diet.

Does strong Opposition is missing in India?

Arvind Kejrewal raised this question first that both Congress and BJP leaders are involved in corruption. Later, he gave some proof regarding corruption by influential people of both parties. For any political system to become successful; there is strong need of a strong opposition because a strong opposition stops ruling party from making anti people decisions. Today, one of major reason of success of Congress is also failure of other opposition parties. Corruption is so much present in today’s political system that people finds it hard to select a right option for them. India faces high level of corruption because there is no control of ruling politicians. They mostly think themselves above law to do corruption. If we give look to previous corruption cases against many top political leaders in past then we will find that hardly anyone got any punishment. Due to this, confidence of politicians and ruling leaders increases many times to do corruption. Here a strong opposition can

Making Profit with Real estate business

After seeing a major crash, real estate business is again becoming stable. Therefore, it is providing a great opportunity to make some profits in it. There are many stories in which real estate agents have made huge profits because of rise in property prices. Rate of properties have increased around the world like Oak Island real estate. Moreover, in coming times we can expect much better returns in this business. Therefore, if you are in this business then it is right time for you to get some incentives. Real estate business requires a lot of patience because a single deal can earn them millions of rupees. A real estate agent needs to have good contacts for being successful in this business because in this way, he can make lots of sales.

Pet are integral part of our life with pictures

Pet are truly an integral part of our life and there is no one who can challenge it. From many centuries pets have remained with us and helped us in many ways. We can use a pet for protection, company, entertainment or fun, they always make us proud on them. I have several pets in last 3o years and my experience with all of them was extremely wonderful.  As a child, they were my best friends and taught me many valuable lessons of life. I am truly thankful to them for their unconditional love towards me. The great thing about pets is that we can not find a single trace of selfishness on their face. They return our love many times more than we give to them. If you do not have a single pet so far then I will suggest that you should have at least one because in this way, you can learn lot about life and its beauty through these innocent creatures.  However, sometimes I feel very sad when I see wrong treatment with pets by their owners. This is great sin, if you can not

Human Ego is major of all human failures

In life, we all face many failures because we do not have enough expertise to win over those situations. To become successful, we need full knowledge of work and we should prepare well to complete tasks in hand. However, mostly people depend on luck more than their own abilities.  Instead of preparing for more difficult tasks or increasing knowledge, people prefer to remain with same old knowledge which they got many years back. To be successful, we need new knowledge and preparation because competition increases with time if we go on depending on old methods for winning new situations then we are certainly going to fail again and again.  Here human ego is biggest culprit because it stops many people from gaining new knowledge or increasing their skills. Because of ego, people believe that their old knowledge is perfect and they do not need any new knowledge. In this way, ego plays a crucial role in human failure. If you want to succeed in life then do not allow your eg

How justified is 15 years of age for marriage?

Sometimes, it become difficult to judge that we are going forward or backward. Yesterday, Khap panchayats of Haryana suggested that girls in Haryana should be married at age of 15 years to save them from increases incidences of rape cases in Haryana. Unfortunately, few local politicians also supported this decision. In recent times, numbers of rape cases have gone up very high in Haryana and so far, Haryana police has failed to stop such incidences. Therefore, Khap panchayats believe that by marrying girls at early age of 15 will save them from such incidences. However, I totally see this decision as unfortunate where instead of stopping criminals more restrictions are being put of girls. It is total responsibility of Haryana government to insure safety of girls in state and if it fails then it needs to be punished. Haryana still looks to be living in old era where every fault is of women/girls. I do not see any merits in this decision because it simple failure of law and order si

Are we “Mango people in Banana Republic”? Wake up Robert Vadra

Are we Mango people or India is a Banana Republic? Well someone believes this. Robert Vadra son in law of Congress Supremo Sonia Gandhi believes so. He posted this statement on his facebook profile which he has now deleted. He posted his statement in remark to team Kejriwal’s remarks on his and DLF deals. This statement has created lots of controversy because he used banana republic in reference to India. Banana republic term is used for Latin Amercian country where there is no law and order; and high levels of corruption exist. If he really means that India is a banana republic then this is very shameful because in this way, he is putting image of country down. Though, there is no statement by Robert Vadra in Public related to this statement or allegations against him. On the other hand, whole of Congress ministry has come forward to his shelter. Now here arises a big question that does Vadra is above everything and even country’s pride does not mean anything to him. So far, I

Increasing numbers of rape cases in Haryana

Today, I saw really shocking news on TV that numbers of rape cases are increasing alarmingly in Indian state of Haryana. As per news, in last 25 days 10 rapes took place in Haryana. One of victim of such rape case today committed suicide by burning herself alive. Before, dying she gave her statement to police and media. However, biggest worrying sign is lackluster approach of Haryana police which does not look serious in catching culprits. It looks that criminals are totally fearless in Haryana. Haryana state is already blamed for poor female sex ratio and bed behavior with women. Such incidents further tell women are not safe in Haryana. On the other hand state machinery feels that such issues are very miner in nature and it is hype created by media. It is duty of Haryana government to act fast and catch all those culprits so that women can feel safe in Haryana.

Why Rs 900 Gas Cylinder is unacceptable to Common Indians?

By restricting quota of subsidized gas cylinders to only six, center government has left no option in front of common Indians except buying rest of Gas cylinders of Rs 900. This is almost double price of a gas cylinder which people were paying few days back. At an average, a common family in India needs 12 gas cylinders (single cylinder a month). Moreover, there are many joint families in India which need even more numbers of cylinders. This action of government has clearly affected almost all households in India. The biggest concern is average income of less than 10 thousand of half of Indian population; thus it is nearly impossible for all these family to pay this increased cost. Secondly, cost of most of essential food items have increased by 35% in last three months. On the other, there is hardly any increase in salary or income of such people, thus common people are suffering from all sides with no hope from anywhere.  Government of India is only involved in giving thousand

Live your life what do not make other’s life Heal?

Everyone wants to live his life in his own style because in this way, we enjoy life to its fullest. However, it is also important to consider that you are making others lives heal by doing so. Today, numbers of such individuals are growing fast who want to complete their own dreams; however, they do not care if such acts are making harmful effect on others. We all live in a social world where we all are related. Here action of one person can affect life of other person. Therefore, we all share a social responsibility to make our society a good place for all. Sometimes, few individuals for their own gain took such decisions which put negative effect on people around. These individual justify these acts as freedom of life. I do agree with freedom and I respect freedom of everyone but with freedom, we all also share a moral responsibility to use right of freedom with care. If your freedom is creating troubles for others and making their lives tough then in true sense you do not deser

Watch HD Trailer of Shahrukh Khan's Hindi Movie "Jab Tak Hai Jaan"

Below watch Shahrukh Khan's upcoming romantic Hindi movie "Jab Tak Hai Jaan". This film is direct by Yash Chopra and wriiten, produced by Aditya Chopra. The main cast of movie includes Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. With this film Yash Chopra will return as director after a gap of eight years. By watching trailer, Jab Tak Hai Jaan looks very promising movie. This movie is expected to release on 13th Nov, 2012 near Diwali.

Does 80/20 rule has all solutions for our problems?

This is one of oldest principles which says that 80 percent of positive outcomes in life comes from only 20% of work whereas we get only 20% output from other 80% of work. Therefore, if we go by this principle then we can clearly increase output of our work by focusing on 20% of work which is giving us 80% results. Mostly, people fail in life or remain frustrated or complain that they have no time then mostly they are not giving proper focus to 20% of important work which is giving them most of output. Mostly, people remain struggling with 80% of useless work and finally waste lots of time. If we waste our most of valuable time on useless things then how we can expect to get good results. Only, we are required to change our mental attitude and learn to focus on tasks which give us maximum results. We need to get rid of negative emotions like hatred, fear, gilt, anger which waste our lots of time and energy. Many times, we get so much occupied with negative emotions that we waste l

Bilawal Bhutto Love affair with Hina Rabbani Khar – A Rumor or A Reality

Few days back, I observed on social media that some obscene pictures are circulated and below them it was written that they belong to Bilawal Bhutto son of Pakistan’s President Asif ali zardari and Pakistan’s Foreign Affair Minister Hina Rabbani Khar. Though, I did not give any attention to these pictures as they were neither clear picture nor there was any such news. However, in last few days such news have started coming on print media with lots of big news papers publishing stories related to this matter. There are many stories circulated on internet and most of them tell same story that Bilawal Bhutto is in strong love with Hina Khar who is 11 years older than him and mother of two children. Age of Bilawal Bhitto is 24 years and his date of birth is September 21, 1988 whereas age of Hina Rabbani Khar age is 35 year and her date of birth is 19 November 1977. Even husband of Hina Khar millionaire businessman Firoze Gulzar has rubbished all these news. According to some news i