State sponsored terrorism

State sponsored terrorism is not a new thing for India. In many states across India, every year number of innocent people got killed by their own governments. Biggest example of this kind was seen during the Gujarat riots and same thing is again happening in Nandigram (West Bengal). There is confirmed information available in the media, according to which police helped the armed communist worker to first enter in to Nandigram, second killing innocent people for establishing the control and finally returning back safely. This is really a shameful incidence and is also a clear example of state sponsored terrorism.

Every person in this world has a right to demonstrate against its own government but this does not mean that state government itself starts killing its own people. Today, large number of people in India and West Bengal are coming forward in the support of innocent people in Nandigram, who have become the victim of state sponsored terrorism. Today, life in West Bengal came to almost stand still due to the bandh call giving by the opposition parties against the killing of innocent people in Nandigram.

This incidence become more shameful when we consider the past protests raised and organised by the communist parties against the Gujarat government during the Gujarat riots for killing innocent people. Moreover, ruling CPI (M) is totally ruling out any such episode happening in Nandigram and even putting the blame on the Nandigram people for getting the support from rebel groups. After Singur, Nandigram has emerged as a biggest social order problem for West Bengal government which if not treated with proper care can affect the future communist government hopes in West Bengal.

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