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Experimental pictures- Photographer’s Eye (Pictures Around us)

Below, watch pictures taken during an evening walk. These are pictures of ordinary objects taken in ordinary manner so that they look special. These pictures of part of experiment pictures category and many more such pictures will follow in future. Below you can watch picture of two trees with same roots that they are made for each other. Also watch picture of a leftover farm hut and tubewell who are calling for attention. Hopefully, you will like these pictures.

Wish You Very Happy and Prosperous Happy New Year 2012......

आप को और आपके परिवार को नव वर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनाए .  Wish you and your family Very Happy and Prosperous Happy New Year 2012......   May God Complete all Dreams of You and Your Dear Ones.  Thought on New Year - "New Year presents a great opportunity in front of us to forget past bad time and search new happiness." Arvind Katoch

World’s smallest Teen Jyoti Amge (Video)

Below watch world’s smallest woman Jyoti Amge. 8 Years old, Jyoti Amge lives in Nagpur city of India. She was born on 16-12-1993. Her height is just 62.8 cm (appx. 2 feet) and she holds both Guinness World Record and Limca Book of Records. At 15 years of age, she held world record for smallest teen. Now at her 18th Birthday, she officially became smallest living women on earth.

Exclusive Interview with Shahrukh Khan for Don 2: The King is Back

Below, people can watch exclusive interview with Shahrukh Khan just before the release of his film “Don 2: The King is Back”. Presently, Shahrukh is busy in promoting his sequel film of Don Series. In this interview, Shahrukh is telling more about his new venture. Shahrukh Khan shared his tour experiences in this film and told about unique parts of his film. According to Shahrukh Khanm, it is great experience to meet people across the world and learn their views. This film is directed by Farhan Akhtar and it is sequel of 2006 film Don: The Chase Begins Again. In this film, Shahrukh Khan has done many amazing stunts and he shared his experience about these stunts in this interview. This film is going to release on 23 Dec, 2011 and it will be available in both 2D and 3D.

Creating best music

We all love to hear great and good music because good music providing a soothing effect on our senses. Music listening is favorite pass time of most of us and we all love to listen great music. However, we all know this fact that it is very difficult task to create a wonderful music. Musicians are required to work very hard to create a good music. Today, we give thanks to numbers of advance music production software available in market which has made it much easier to create a wonderful music. With the help of such software, a musician can do numbers of experiments with his music to create a totally new style of music. Many new musicians have become very successful because they are creating new style of wonderful music which new generation likes very much. Future also belongs to such new experiments in music industry.

My Most Favorite pictures from

Below, watch slideshow of my favorite pictures from my own collection of pictures on These pictures are taken by me and part of my collection on I below, these pictures as my best take and hope you will also like these pictures. This slideshow will start automatically. Click on any picture to see it on and add comments. Comments and Suggestion are welcome.

Pictures of Beautiful Sunset

Below, I am going to share some of beautiful pictures of Sunset taken by me. Many times, sun creates beautiful images and pictures in sky during sunset; therefore, I love to capture such moments. Slideshow of picture is embedded below and it will start moving automatically. Hopefully, you will enjoy watching these pictures of sunset. These pictures are mainly from Hoshiarpur and around Baijnath.

Video of slapping a protesting Women teacher During Harsimrat Kaur Rally

Yesterday, many people socked to hear this news that local sarpanch and ruling party member slapped a protesting women teacher when she tried to hand over her protest letter to MP Harsimrat Kaur. This is very socking incidence and it is very wrong on the part of any parson to use such violent ways against women. Elections are very near in Punjab so this issue has become very loud and many people are protesting against it. Below, people can watch complete video of this incidence and understand whose fault was this.

Watch Picture Tour of Taj Mahal (Beautiful Taj Pictures)

Below people can watch pictures of Taj Mahal and around it with the help of picture tour created by me. This video is serial wise collection of my pictures from recent Taj Mahal visit. With the help of this video, people can get some glimpse of amazing beaty of Taj Mahal. These pictures step by step lead a person from entry point to Taj Mahal. This video is great tool to discover Taj.

Video: How a person got saved in Road accident?

We all know this fact that driving on Indian roads is very dangerous act and here many people do not obey traffic rules while driving. For two wheeler drivers risks increases many times because direct impact of a heavy vehicle with a two wheeler can cause fatal injuries to a two wheeler driver. Below, I am sharing similar incident where a car smashed a bike rider though luck favored bike rider and he succeeded in saving his life from this fatal accident. In this accident, total mistake was of car driver who was driving very fast and taking wrong cut. 

Selfishness at the core of Human existence

Many times, we blame many people around us for being selfish with us; however, with time, I have realized in life that selfishness is present at the core of human existence and it shapes human existence. It is very difficult for us to imagine a world without having selfish people in it. Selfishness of each person motivates him or her to achieve specific goals and accomplishments in life. At core every person is a selfish being and we first look for our welfare first than for the others. We expect from others to behave selflessly; however, in reality when we ask for this then we are behaving ourselves in selfish manner. Our world is unique and moves forwards because selfishness motivates people to move forward leaving behind what is not important or not related to them. Selfishness is attached with human ego and it helps a person in shaping his or her own identity. In this world, every person is motivated by his self ego to do numbers of selfish acts to get what he feels important

Beautiful Happiness Quotes

Below, people can watch beautiful presentation of some interesting happiness quotes. These are very interesting quotes and we can learn to remain happy with the help of these quotes. I found this presentation very interesting so I am adding it here. Today, large numbers of people are finding it hard to remain happy; therefore, we can find positive motivation by watching this video.

To Live Happy Life

As per psychology, main desire of every person is to get happiness; therefore, we see a race in this world to find happiness. However, biggest question in front of all of us is that where we can find true happiness or do we truly know to distinguish between true happiness and temporary happiness. Large numbers of people in world fail to distinguish between true happiness and false happiness; they run behind false happiness and waste important time of life. Finally, these people land as sad people because they chased wrong things in life. To find true happiness in life, it is very important to chase right things in life so that we can find right happiness in life. Many times, life creates so confusing situations in front of us that we fail to see trueness of life and make wrong decisions. However, with some patience and wisdom, we learn to see true things in life and make right decisions related to life. Initially, we are required to struggle hard to get true happiness; however, true

Does Government of India is making life difficult for common Indians?

When we see at high prices of eatables and other essential products like petrol then we can understand that it has become very difficult for poor and middle class people to live comfortably in India. However, Government of India is totally blind to such difficulties of common people and it is further increasing prices of these essential items. Inflation has remained in double digit from the time of Congress government in centre. Today, it has become near to impossible for a person earning Rs 10000 to manage his household expenses in proper manner. Price hike is not restricted to some products only; however, prices of all essential products have gone up by 50 top 200 % in last few years. Though, earning potential of common people has not increased in similar proportion. Moreover, many experts believe that price hike to continue in similar manner in near future too; therefore, it will be very hard for common people to see any relief from this ghost of inflation. The biggest problem wi

Advantage of getting discounted products online

Today, internet has emerged as great tool in front of us to get great discounts and offers on many products. We can easily buy many products at good discounts by shopping online. Many online stores offers mega deals and discounts on major products which we do not find on regular retail stores in our neighborhood. For example, if you are looking for discount shoes then you can visit websites like where you can get amazing discounts on all major brands of shoes. Moreover, from time to time online stores offer many schemes and discounts to attract customer; therefore, we can save good money by getting advantage of these schemes. Online shopping has become very trustworthy and enjoyable experience in present world and we all can get advantage of this new trend.

Watch HD trailer multi starrer Hindi Film “Players”

Below, people can watch High definition official trailer of mega starrer Hindi Movie Players. It is an action thriller movie directed by famous director Abbas-Mustan. The main cast of film includes Abhishek Bachchan, Bobby Deol, Bipasha Basu, Sonam Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Omi Vaidya and Sikander Kher. Story of this film is based Hollywood hit film the Italian Job. This film is expected to release across the world in early 2012.

A Beautiful Sun Set from my Village Kanarag (Baijnath, Himachal)

Below, enjoy pictures of beautiful sunset over Palampur/Baijnath Valley in Himachal Pradesh. I have taken these pictures at end point of my village because from here we can easily see Baijnath Valley and Palampur Valley. This point makes very good sunset point because of its location and valley view. I hope to bring more pictures from this location in near future till then enjoy these pictures of beautiful sunset from my village Kanarag which is present in Baijnath Tehsil of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. 

Stress is Modern age silent killer

Today, we may boost of modernization in every sphere of life; however, sad part of this modernization is high level of stress in every part of life. The major side effect of stress is that it is a silent killer. Today’s life style has made us very busy that we hardly have few peaceful moments in our life. This busy and fast life leads to stress in life. This level of stress can vary from mild to intense depending on life conditions.  Condition of stress puts extra pressure on human mind and body; thus increasing chances of various ailments in body. Blood pressure is one common example of ailment caused by high level of stress in body. Similarly, high levels of stress in body increases chances of many deadly diseases many times. High levels of stress or constant stress can be very deadly because it causing major health problems; therefore, it is very important to work in direction to eradicate or reduce stress from our lives if we want to live a healthy and happy life.  There

Benefits of Beautiful Postcards Printing

Post Cards are present in our society from the early days of postal service. Large numbers of people across the world use postcards for various needs. Post cards can be used for sending personalized notes, greetings, invitations, marketing products or for many other things. Few years back, my aunt went Tanzania and from there, she sent me a beautiful postcard with picture of local scenery and wild life . I liked this postcard so much that it is still part of my collection. Post cards may look very simple and small; however, they have power to convey many strong messages. Today’s postcards have changed significantly and people can create personalized post cards with the help of numbers of online postcard printing websites. It just takes few seconds to create a personalized post card as per the salutation and need of a person. Powered by online postcard printing solutions, it has become very convenient and simple to create stylish and innovative post cards related to several o

Trailer of Forthcoming Film Desi Boyz

Below watch trailer of forthcoming Hindi Comedy Film “Desi Boyz”. Main lead star card of film includes Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone and Chitrangda Singh. This film is directorial debut of famous director David Dhawan’s son Rohit Dhawan. This film is expected to release on 25 November 2011.

Pictures Chamunda Devi Temple Himachal Pradesh

Below people can watch some Pictures of Famous Chamunda Devi Temple situated in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. Recently, this temple has gone through renovation and work is still on. This temple is famous for Maa Chamunda Ideal and Shiv Temple below hill. This temple is situated at the foot steps of Dhauladhar hills and people can watch snow filled hill in background. This temple is just 25 KM away from Kangra and it takes just 40 Minutes to reach it from Kangra. Many cheap hotels and Dharamshalas are situated around Temple; therefore, people can look for comfortable stay here. Famous Himani Chamunda Devi Temple is also situated nearby at hill top though, there is no road to reach it and people are required to travel by feet to reach it.

Beautiful Kangra Valley Toy Train (Pictures)

Sadly, very less numbers of people are aware about beautiful narrow gauge small train running between Pathankot and Joginger Nagar which passes through Kangra Valley. This small train is also known as Kangra Valley Toy Train. Like other famous narrow gauge toy trains in India, journey on this train offers many spectacular views of Kangra Valley. If any person want to see beauty of Kangra Valley then this train journey can complete his wish because this train passes through many high bridges, grass lands, fields, rivers and hill tops etc. This train connects Kangra Valley to Punjab. However, in recent years this train has lost its popularity and very less numbers of commuters travel through it. This train offers great tourism potential; however, government is still not promoting it. Below, people can watch pictures of one such train passing through railway crossing at Baijnath.

Everyone is an Actor in this world

Mostly, we believe that artists who work in movies are skilled in acting; however, in life every person is an actor because everyone is acting in some manner to influence others. Large numbers of people become good actors so that they can get help of their acting skills to influence others and manipulate their behaviors. When we become of no use to them then they come to their original role. In life, there are very less numbers of people of who express their true fillings and behave in true manner; mostly everyone manipulates itself according to the situation. Numbers of times, we start believing a good actor as true person because he convinces us to believe it through his strong acting skills. These people act so well that large numbers of people never came to know about their real feelings. These kinds of actors are available in every part of life from small kids to elder ones. To some extent, we all get help of acting to present ourselves differently in different situations; ho

Beautiful Expressions (Pictures of a Small Girl)

Recently, I got chance to take some pictures of a small girl. These pictures surprised me because in her innocence, I got chance to see some beautiful human expressions. Below, you can watch her pictures to see yourself these innocent expressions. Mostly, today we are missing such rich expressions because we have become very conscious human beings with lack of energy. On the other hand, this small girl looks to be full of energy and full of expressions which remind me about vital life energy. If you like these pictures then you should try to become an expression rich human being with plenty of energy passing through you.

Read Beautiful Hindi Thoughts (Video)

Below people can watch Hindi Thoughts videos presentation to read some beautiful Hindi Thoughts. These Hindi Thoughts are written by me. This video is made with background pictures of Gobind Sagar Lake. These Hindi thoughts highlight some of learning experiences from life. This video is part of efforts to add more Hindi Thoughts and promote Hindi Language online. I hope you will like this video presentation.

Pictures/ Video of Pregnant Aishwarya Rai Bachan

All fans of Aisharya Rai who are very excited about pregnancy news of their favorite star can watch pictures cum video of Aishwarya in pregnancy. In this video, people can clearly watch pregnant Aishwarya attending a function. She looks to be in proper health and we can expect a healthy junior Bachan from her soon. Watch video below.

Experimental Photography (Pictures)

If any person wants to become a successful photographer then it is very important for him to get help of experimentation because sometimes, we get amazing pictures when we are experimenting with locations, effects, angles etc. It is not necessary that we should visit a very attractive location to capture stunning pictures because many times, amazing pictures wait us just outside our homes. Therefore, it is very important for any photographer to experiment with his photography. Below, I am sharing few pictures which I got after making some experiments.

Video of Eight Thoughts of Day with Pictures

Below, people can watch video presentation of 8 Thoughts of Day written by me with background pictures taken by me. With the help of this video, people can read these 8 different thought with picture effects. These all eight thought in English and contain high quality pictures in background. Hope people will like this video presentation of daily thoughts and make their day a wonderful day.

Video of Beautiful Dance by Dadiji on Himachali Folk Songs

Below watch video of Beautiful Dance by Dadiji on Himachali Folk Songs during my marriage lady sangeet. It is always love of elders which attracts us towards them. Elders are great examples in any family of true love and sacrifice; and we can learn lot from them. This video shows happiness and love of dadiji on my marriage.

A comfortable Sleep (Beautiful Pictures Video of Sleeping Puppy)

Today, insomnia has become major problem of common world with large numbers of people finding it hard to sleep at night. Even many children and young people are suffering from this disorder. Metal tensions and corrupted life style are two main reasons behind this outcome. Below, people can watch a video presentation of beautiful pictures of a sleeping puppy where he is sleeping comfortably without any worries. I pray every person should get such comfortable sleep and no one should suffer from insomnia.

Indian Stock Market Bleeding

In last two days, Indian stock market has lost more than 900 points and presently, it is near 16000. As per analysis, stock market can move further down because of weak signals from world stock markets, negative industrial growth, high crude oil prices, economic uncertainties etc. At present, there are more numbers of negative reasons as compared to positive news for Indian stock market; therefore, we can see worst performance from stock market in coming future. Indian currency has seen major deep and it has touched almost Rs 50 mark against dollar which shows weakness of Indian currency. This negative currency fluctuation with high inflation is likely to accelerative negative industrial output in upcoming times except some benefits for export industry. So this is time for investors to remain cautious while investing in stock market because market outcomes to remain uncertain in near future. At this point, people can opt for options like systematic investment plans so that they sh

Economy which makes rich more rich and poor more poor

Today, we state many tall claims about high GDP growth and ever increasing economy of world. However, we all miss to interpret negative effects of this economy bubble. Does any one have answer to this question that despite many fold increase in economy, the number of poor, hungry and unemployed people have increased.  Does anyone can justify the massive damage done to nature on the account of economic growth? Today, we are part of blind economic growth story which is like a bubble ready to burst any moment. This economic growth is making people poor in every term by converting people in to puppets. People are sold dreams of happiness and richness which actually makes them poor and weak.  In this system, more people try to become rich and happier; more poor and unhappy they emerge because people earn money and on other side value of their money got decreased. Fluctuating world currencies create a world of uncertainty where some people make billions from thin air while billion

Why Multiple Taxation on Petroleum Products in Bad ?

Recently, I read a study on petrol prices in India as compared to other nations of world. This study compared petrol prices across the world as per the purchasing power of people. Surprisingly, this study revealed that petrol prices are very high in India as compared to most of nations. As per study, petrol prices in India are much higher than many developed nations like USA. In many developed nations where people have more purchasing power than Indians, petrol prices are in the range of Rs 35 to 45. Only few Europeans nations have higher petrol prices than India though people living in these countries have higher purchasing power thus it doesn’t effect them much. In many nations around India, petrol prices are in the range of Rs 35 to Rs 45. Why this difference in petrol prices? Why petrol prices are constantly increasing? Why there is two to three times difference in prices of crude oil purchased and final petroleum products. The main reason behind higher prices of petrol in Ind

Watch Traditional Himachal Wedding Folk Song from my Marriage

Below watch a traditional Himachali Wedding Folk song from my marriage. In past, it was tradition to sing lots of wedding folk song during a wedding; however, slowly people are going away from this tradition. I am lucky that my marriage memories are filled with few such traditional folk songs. In world of DJ and film music, this talent is slowing dieing. With this video, I hope to preserve some part of it for future.

No More Spam Emails from Facebook

One of biggest problem which sometimes, I encountered with facebook is that it sends too much notification emails; though, there was option available to turn off these notifications; however, there was no single button to do so. Now facebook has made recent change and it has turned email notification of most of individuals on facebook; though people can turn it on if they want by visiting settings.  From today, Facebook will only send summery of notification and important updates; thus number of emails received from facebook will decrease considerably and I will not be required to delete these mails. The major problem with facebook notifications was that we used to get many unwanted notifications. In recent times, facebook has made numbers of efforts to improve user experience and this step looks one in this direction. 

Which one is my priority?

The biggest reason of failure in life is inability to set priorities in life. Many people waste their life in doing ordinary things while they miss opportunity to do a productive works. When we wake up in the morning then we may have numbers of works present in front of us to do today. Some of these works may be more important than rest of other works.  Now, it is our duty to set our priorities for finishing most important works first and not waste our time with ordinary works. However, due to laziness and lack of goals, people remain busy with ordinary schedules while miss many golden opportunities. Any person can become highly successful in life by setting right priorities and working as per priorities.  It is important to set goals and have clear idea of priorities to achieve success in life. For example, during an exam it should be priority of a student to study and not waste his time. People with set priorities and goals achieve success much easier way than others who drag he

Life is Beautiful

We read this line many times; however, largely we fail to discover this truth. Mostly, we remain unhappy with life. Why we fail to see beauty of life? Are we victims of life? Do circumstances not favor us? There may be thousands of reasons available with person to remain unhappy with life because we all give importance to bad side of life and generally, allow good side of life to pass by.  Many small things happen around us; which can add considerable amount of freshness and happiness to life: however, mostly we ignore these things and worry about situations or things which are not in our control. Life’s beauty lies in its simplicity and present. No one can find ultimate happiness in past or future; we just drag ourselves in past and future to enjoy an imaginary happiness which does not exist in reality.  Due to this habit, we mostly miss many beautiful gifts of life. We all need freedom from past and future to see beauty of life because we have become prisoners of our past life o

Watch Trailer Movie The Blueberry Hunt

Below people can watch trailer of Naseeruddin Shah’s forthcoming film “The Blueberry Hunt”. This is film is expected to release across India on September 16, 2011. The main cast of film includes Naseeruddin Shah, Vipin Sharma, Aahana Kumra, PJ Unnikrishnan, Yadu Sankalia, Vinay Forrt, and Kartik Elangovan. This film is directed by Anup Kurian and it is mostly shot in Kerala.

Watch Kali Ka Tibba Temple Chail Himachal Video

Just 8 KM away from famous hill station of Himachal Pradesh, people can visit Kali Ka Tibba Temple which is situated on top of Hill. People can enjoy extraordinary and beautiful view of surrounding hills from this temple. There is concrete road to reach temple; therefore, people are not required to climb stairs. Below, people watch video captured from this location and after watching this video, they can themselves make their own opinion.

Video of My Marriage Memories with Punjabi Song Maa Meri Nu Milan Badhaiyan

Below, people can watch a recent video created my with title song "Maa Meri Nu Milan Badhaiyan Sona Bada Jawai". In this video, people can watch some videos and pictures of my marriage life. This song is sung by Surinder Shinda & Gulshan Komal and it a classic hit Punjabi song. In this song both hero and heroine are parsing each other. It is a rare hit Punjabi song which represents rich culture of Punjab. Hope you will like this song and my video presentation.

Watch Trailer Hrithik’s Agneepath

Below watch trailer of Hrithik Roshan’s forthcoming Hindi movie “Agneepath”. This movie is remake of 1990’s Amitabh Bachan starer movie with same name. The main cast of movie includes Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Sanjay Dutt and Rishi Kapoor. This film is directed by Karan Malhotra and produced by Karan Johar. Sanjay Dutt will play role of main villain in this film. This film is expected to release in January month of 2012.

A Smile can make all difference

Mostly, we all like to live a very complex life and in this complexity, we miss many ordinary attributes of life which can make our life wonderful. One of simplest secret of life to remain happy and to make others happy is to smile unconditionally. When we see world around us in day to day activities then we hardly encounter smile because large numbers of people find it very hard to do this simple act. We generally look for suitable moments to smile and we put many restrictions on our smile. We smile occasionally with lot of efforts like our smiles are going to end if we over smile. This is wrong perception of us which stops us from smiling. The main secret of smile is that it produces smile back in 99% cases; therefore, when we smile at others then mostly we are greeted back with a smile. It does not require much effort to smile and we are only required to free some of face muscles. With this simple act we create a happy surrounding around us and people associated with us. Smile a

Anna Hazare Vs Government. Who will win?

At present biggest question present in front of us is that who will win battle between Anna Hazare and Government of India. Both Anna Hazare and Government are adamant on their stands and they are using all tactics to put pressure on other side. So far, government looks to be losing this battle because it tried autocratic measures to suppress Anna Hazare’s struggle like it crushed Baba Ramdev’s agitation; however, this time government underestimated support behind Anna Hazare. He looks to enjoy much wider and bigger support of common people as compared to Baba Ramdev; therefore, we are seeing massive protests by ordinary people across the world. Not only, we are seeing protests in India; however, there is also news of protests from abroad. At present Anna Hazare enjoys a great support of common people of India who see him as their savior from corruption. Government of India has so far failed to take any concrete action against widespread corruption present in country; therefore, many

Beautiful Video Presentation on Earth (She is Alive)

Below watch beautiful presentation on earth which tells us that our earth is alive and she is very beautiful; however, we human beings are killing earth for our benefits. This video clearly shows earth breathing in different forms. In present time, human selfishness is killing earth and if we do not stopped this massacre then soon our earth will die. If earth dies then surely we will die; so it is up to us to think and act.

Watch Anna Hazare’s Message to Nation

Below people can watch Anna Hazare’s message to nation after his arrest. This message looks to be created in advance by civil society anticipating arrest of Anna Hazare. In this massage, Anna Hazare is asking people to join this fight. He is saying people to give arrest and use non violent means. This message looks to have worked well because millions of people supported Anna Hazare today. In this 6 minute message, people can understand what Anna Hazare wants from them.

Massive Support for Ana Hazare

Today, we saw power of a common Indian, Anna Hazare. He was to start his agitation for strong Lokpal bill; however, Indian government and Delhi police didn’t allowed him to do so. Delhi Police arrested Anna Hazre in morning and later sent him to Tihar jail. However, all these actions of police and government failed to stop Anna Hazare from starting his fast. According to news, he started his fast in jail and many inmates came to his support. Outside jail and across the nation millions of people came for the support of Ana Hazare. Support of common people was so high that government decided to release Ana from jail today itself. Today, millions of Indians are angry with increasing corruption in country; therefore, they want strong Lokpal bill to put some control of widespread corruption. Government and its leaders tired everything to stop Ana from agitating; however, Ana faced all these challenges boldly. If this agitation continued for more time then we can see massive increase in

Beautiful Pictures of Gobind Sagar Lake

Below people can watch some beautiful pictures of Gobind Sagar Lake which is a man made reservoir came in to existence due to the construction of famous Bhakra Dam (which is one higgest gravity dams of world and India). Construction of Bhakra Dam on Satluj River near Bhakra leads to submerging of many nearby villages, forests and free land. Gobind Sagar Lake mainly falls in Bilaspur and Una districts of Himachal Pradesh. Today, this lake offer many beautiful views and people can enjoy peaceful time around it.

Anger is biggest enemy of Health

Health is most important part of human life and it is very hard for any person to live a good life without strong health. To attain good health, we need peace of mind which is slowly disappearing from present time. Today, we live a very stressful life which causes many frustrations in us. One of side effect of this stressful life is increase in anger. Mostly, we feel angry when circumstances and situations of life do not go in our way. Present world is very much ego oriented world where every person is busy in his or her own ego boosting. Mostly, people do not give importance to other people’s emotions and expectations. Our world has become a big market where everything is for sale including human expectations and emotions. However, in reality no person finds real satisfaction in these greed oriented surroundings. Therefore, we see increase in anger among people who find themselves being let down by others. Long term anger and frustration leads to hypertension, increased blood pres

Pictures of Garib Nath Mandir Androli Distt. Una HP

Recently, I got chance to see beautiful Garib Nath Mandir (Temple) situated in village Androli Distt. Una (HP). This Temple is situated on the bank of famous Govind Sagar Lake created by Bhakra Dam. Many times, this temple partially get submerged in lake water when water level at Bhakra Dam increases then people are required to get help of boats to reach this temple. People can reach this temple by crossing Bhakra Dam though they need to get permit first for visiting Bhakra Dam or alternatively they can visit it from UNA link road. On the top of temple, people can see big Shiva Statue and inside they can see Vaishno Devi temple. People can enjoy delicious food in langer organized at temple.

Watch Trailer Hindi Film Rascals

Below watch trailer of forthcoming Hindi film “Rascals”. This film is directed David Dhawan and produced by Sanjay Dutt. The main cast of film includes Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt, Kangna Ranaut, Arjun Rampal, Chunky Pandey and Lisa Haydon. This film is expected to release on 7 October 2011 during Dussehra festival. Rascals is a comedy Hindi film and we can hope to see good comedy through this film.

Fear is great enemy of Human Growth

It is great desire of every human being to grow in life and become successful; however, large numbers of people fail in achieving desired goals of their life. One of major reasons behind human failure is human fears. Different people have different kinds of fears in life and thus fears stop people from taking challenges in life. To succeed in life, we all are required to take some calculated risks and venture in to many unknown territories. However, our fears pull us back and we leave our ambitions and goals. Fear is present in every person because uncertainties of life create many fears. It is near to impossible to image a life without fears because our fears grow with us. We all can control our fears to large extent by facing our fears. When we start defeating our fears then slowly our fears start disappearing and we emerge as strong human beings. Some people take the reverse method of running from fears which throw them further deep in to fear circle. Fears are great enemy of hu

Pictures of Yadavindra Gardens, Pinjore

Below watch few of pictures from my recent visit to Yadavindra Gardens situated at Pinjore. This Garden is also popularly known as Pinjore Garden. This Garden is present on NH 22 which connects Shimla and Chandigarh. Yadavindra Gardens or Pinjore Garden is 20 KM away from Chandigarh and it is 15 KM away from Panckula. Constructed in Mugal style, Yadavindra Garden offers a great view. People can easily spend few peaceful moments in this garden. Every day millions of tourists visit this garden to see its beauty and take some rest. This place is very famous picnic spot because of its proximity to famous city of Chandigarh. In Envening, this place looks very beautiful because of lighting effects and the flowing fountains. This place is must watch garden because of its extraordinary beauty and it takes few hours to visit it.