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A new India-Pakistan Love story - Anju Nasrullah (Reverse one)

  In the last post on Seema Haider and Sachin Meena , I put this question forward that does love is really blond as it is said. The love story of Sachin and Seema became a world sensation when a Pakistani Muslim woman with her four children reached illegally India to meet her Hindu Boyfriend. This story is still in very much news and so far, the Indian government has taken no decision on the fate of Seema. The love story of Seema is taken as a wrong action by many people in Pakistan and they even talked of killing her if she returned to Pakistan. Now, a reverse love story has emerged where an Indian mother of two has reached Pakistan to meet her boyfriend. The name of the woman is Anju and she is from Alwar, Rajasthan.  The name of her boyfriend is Nasrullah from Lahore. She meets Nasrullah on Facebook and falls in love with him. This news is presented in some Pakistani media as revenge for Seema Haider. Anju gave a statement through the Facebook video that she came to Pakistan on a le

Update on the Ganga Expressway (A important highway through heartland of UP)

 The main focus of Narendra Modi government is to improve road and rail connectivity in India to the world level. India is still far away from the huge network of expressway and fast roads as we see in the developed nations. In the US and Europe, roads are so good and safe that people love to travel long distances on their own vehicle. India is also becoming ready to join these nations with the formation of multiple expressways, four lanes and fast roads. Last time, I introduced you to the Amritsar Jamnagar expressway project and how it will ease the travel from Punjab to Gujarat. I also shared with you my experience of driving on the newly constructed Kiratpur - Mandi four lane and how it is easy to drive on this drive while saving time and petrol.   Today, we will talk about another important expressway constructed in the heartland of Uttar Pradesh which will connect Meerut town of UP to the Prayagraj city of UP. It is the longest expressway so far constructed in Uttar Pradesh and

About Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board results, recognition and Authenticity

  I posted about the Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board (BSSB) earlier too because I found many people struggling to find the results of their exams. Many frauds have been done in the name of this school board and there is news of fake certificates sold for Rs 10,000. For the first time, I have found a school education board whose website changes so fast and we can find multiple websites online. Initially, the first question which came to my mind was that Is Bihar Sanskrit Shiksha Board is a fake one or a real one because it is very hard to find the real and current active official website of this board.  In 2008, the website of this board was and then changed to In the 2020 official letter of the board, the official website was written In an earlier 2019 official letter, two websites are mentioned and  Online I found the mention of as the official website. There is a website n

Breaking Free: Redefining Success Beyond Money

In today's world, countless individuals aspire to pursue their passions and dreams, but the harsh reality is that many are forced to prioritize earning a living over fulfilling their true potential. This has led to a widespread feeling of being enslaved by the pursuit of money. The constant need for financial stability compels people to dedicate their days to work, often without having the opportunity to pursue their true passions. It is disheartening to witness so many hardworking individuals struggling to make ends meet despite their dedicated efforts. Their hard work often does not result in enough money to afford the essential things they need, let alone allow them to enjoy the life they have always envisioned. This cycle of financial dependency persists throughout life, and many individuals never get the chance to truly live the life they desire. Money has become an omnipresent force that dominates every aspect of our lives, including our sense of happiness and fulfilment. Thi

18.8 million fine on the Johnson and Johnson for cancerous content in Baby Powder

 For many people, this news will be a shock in India that the famous Johnson and Johnson company is fined 18.8 million dollars for the cancerous substance in its powder. The company is already struggling with a similar lawsuit in which it has to pay billions of dollars to the victims who have used baby products, especially baby powder. The company has already decided to shut its baby powder business worldwide but the company says that it has no plans to remove it from the Indian market. The Johnson and Johnson baby powder is blamed to contain asbestos which is known to cause cancer but the company denies it.  In India, Johnson and Johnson's baby powder have enjoyed supremacy in the market for last many decades. Indians have trusted this brand blindly for their new brons kids. Despite all the acquisitions around the world, Johnson and Johnson still enjoys a majority share in the Indian market. Many new brands of baby products have emerged in the market but Johnson and Johnson is sti

After the death of 8 Cheetahs will be able to save the others

The Indian government tried to relocate the Lost Cheetahs in India from African countries but in recent past 8 of these cheetahs have died. When this project from initiated with the arrival of 8 cheetahs from Namibia then the hope of revival of the Cheetah population in India become significantly bright. India once enjoyed a big population of Cheetah but due to reckless hunting in 1952, we lost all the Cheetahs from India. So last year, India decided to reintroduce them to India at the Kuno national park situated in Madhya Pradesh. Later this year, India brought 12 more Cheetahs from South Africa.  If we combine the number of total cheetahs then 20 Cheetahs (including male and female) have come to India but 8 of them are no more. Therefore we are left with 12 cheetahs at present. It is a very important project for India to re-introduce Cheetahs back into Indian forests. From the initial stage, it was clear that this project is not going to be a smooth ride because introducing a specie

Life is a big Joke (Why we should not take life seriously)

Life is like a brilliant joke, a source of joy and amusement most of the time. However, the unfortunate truth is that many people take this joke far too seriously. God has gifted us this life to revel in its beauty and create moments of fun. Yet, it is disheartening to witness the pervasive sorrow and unhappiness around us, much of which is either self-inflicted or a reflection of the flaws in our society. Our actions are often driven by greed or societal pressures, causing us to miss out on the many exquisite moments life offers.   As we enter this world as innocent souls with no thoughts or desires, all we truly desire is to bask in the joy of living. However, we burden these innocent souls from childhood with a barrage of expectations and desires, initiating a cycle that continues throughout life. Eventually, we may become egoistic individuals who struggle to adapt to change and find ourselves leading unhappy lives. The art of truly enjoying life seems to elude most of humanity, as

Seema Haider a Friend or a Foe (A new India-Pakistan love story)

 हिंदी में पढ़ें Recently, Seema Haider has become a big news in India and we often find her the topic of prime time. The story of her is also very interesting because when a 30-year-old Pakistani married woman with four children reaches India to meet her boyfriend then this news is likely to grab the attention of everyone. The name of her boyfriend is Sachin Meena who lives in Greater Noida. They both meet on the famous online game PUBG in 2019 and through this game their love took shape. Seema was living in Karachi city of Pakistan and she was the wife of Gulam Haider who currently works in the Gulf. Sachin is 5 years younger than Seema. Now this story has become very highlighted because of the tension between India and Pakistan.  Anju Nasrullah Love Story 2 (India Pakistan) Some people and senior police officers believe that it is not possible for an ordinary Pakistani woman to reach India with her four children so easily. To reach India, she sold her Karachi house for Rs 12 Lakh an

Heavy damage in Manali in recent flash floods

 In the last few days, I have written many posts on the flash floods in Punjab and Himachal . These floods have done huge devastation in both states. In Himachal Pradesh around 100 people have died and many are missing. The water level in Baes River crossed previous records and caused damage to the roads, houses and hotels. The flow of water was so that many strong bridges were swept by the water. Two days back, I showed you the pictures of Panchvaktra Temple (Mandi) after the floods . Today, I am going to share with you some videos uploaded by the locals of Manali which showed the level of devastation in Manali.  After watching these videos, we get to know about the horror of floods in Manali. For kilometres, roads have vanished by the water. In some places, the Baes River has changed its path and entered the markets. These floods have cut off the Manali region from all other parts of India. People of Manali are living without electricity and internet connectivity. It will take a long

Importance and Significance of Krishna Janmashtami for us

  हिंदी में पढ़ें Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna, is a widely celebrated festival in India, cherished by people of various religions. It holds immense significance as it marks the birth of Lord Krishna, who is regarded as the complete avatar of the Supreme God Vishnu. The festival is observed with great fervour and enthusiasm across the country. Janmashtami brings about a delightful sight on the streets as one can witness countless children dressed as little Krishnas and Radhas. This charming spectacle is a result of schools organizing Krishna Janmashtami celebrations, where children are encouraged to come dressed as Lord Krishna and Radha.  It is a joyous occasion that captures the attention and participation of youngsters, fostering a sense of cultural unity and spiritual connection. My own family has a deep-rooted tradition of celebrating Janmashtami, with dedicated fasting and grand festivities. This personal experience has instilled in me a profound reverence for this

Pictures of the Panchvaktra Temple (Mandi) before and after the floods

  Last year, I took some pictures in front of the 300 years old Panchvaktra Temple in Mandi.  It is one of the ancient temples made from stones by Shikra-style architects. This temple is situated on the confluence of the rivers Beas and the local river Suketi. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva like  Bhoothnath Temple  in Mandi. Mandi is also known as Choti Kashi because of 80 plus temples in the city. Recently this temple came into national news because of the floods in Mandi - Kullu region . The flow in the Beas River was very fast and high during the floods. The water reached almost near the top of the temple. This temple is more than 35 feet tall and is almost 30 feet above the beas river during the normal flow.  The water level almost reached the top of the temple but this temple stood firm on its ground which shows the strength of the age-old stone temple building technique of ancient India. These floods did heavy damage in the towns of Mandi, Kullu and Manali. Earlier also t

School Bus coming on Wrong side killed 6 on Delhi-Meerut Expressway (Video)

 A few years back, it was the bad Indian roads which were responsible for most of the accidents on the road but Indian road systems are becoming quite advance with time. In India, 15K people die because of potholes in just five years. But the Narendra Modi government took all this very seriously and we see a great focus on the roads in the 9-year rule of the Modi government. Many world-class expressways and highways have come into the place which not only reduces the total distance of commuters but also makes the journey safe for the people because on one side people only drive in one direction. This thing was also true for the Delhi-Merrut expressway. The expressway was so good that it took only 45 minutes for people to reach Meerut from Delhi.  The family of 7 members from the Merrut also thought so and started their early morning journey on this expressway. But a foolish Bus driver came fast from the wrong side and collided head-on with their jeep. The accident was so bad that the

Tom Cruise back with Mission Impossible 7 (Dead Reckoning) Watch Trailers

 Tom Cruise's famous movie franchise "Mission Impossible" is back with 7th movie Dead Reckoning part one. In this field of action, the mission impossible series of movies have created a special place for themselves and people many fans of these movies love for the next part. This movie will be released in theatres on 12th July. In this movie. Tom Cruice (Ethan Hunt) and his team get a new mission to get and destroy a new deadly weapon. Some powers in the world want to control the world with the help of this weapon. Therefore, he needs to finish his work. Most of the enemies of Ethan are known and hidden so the whole mission becomes very deadly and risky. Like the earlier, Mission Impossible movies we can hope to enjoy great action in this movie too. From the trailer of the movie, we can get some idea of the deadly stunts done by Tom Cruise for this movie. The trailers of the movie are available below, we can find some glimpses of the movie's story and action scenes. 

Do I enjoy this weather or wait for heavy rain challenges

  In heavy rains, I am sleeping and dictating this article to my phone. Everyone loves to sleep when it is raining. It is raining heavily outside for the last two days in Punjab . Electricity is also cut to damage to the electrical wires or to the safety of people. Roads are closed due to damage or flood water on them so people do not have many options available. The situation is also the same for me in this Mausam, I love to eat pakodas or some fried stuff and later sleep during the rains.  But the situation is not so good because if the rains continued in the same way then Punjab may face floods like in 1988. Already many low-lining areas of Punjab are facing flood waters up to 7 feet deep as the rains are continuing. We can see more damage from the rains and flood waters. The weather department also predicted that heavy rains may continue for the next two days. That’s causing a threat of heavy floods. Water from the hilly states is also reaching Punjab because they are also facing h

Heavy monsoon rains in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh (Videos)

I have already written in the previous post on con condition of Indian cities in the heavy rains . This time it looks like the monsoon is early active in the states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. In just two days 15% of the total monsoon rain fell in the two states. This heavy rain has caused much damage to the low-lining areas of the two states. There are still forecasts of more rain for the next few days which can make the situation even worse. Many people in both states have settled near the rivers and small water outlets. In the rainy season, these rivers start overflowing thus creating problems for the people living near them. When the floodgates of dams are opened due to surplus water then it creates more problems for the people.  Under these situations, the administration evacuates the people living near the water bodies. Water entering the houses causes damage to the many essential items of people. In the Mohali district of Punjab, many people were evacuated from the societies

Jamnagar Amritsar Expressway - A boom for people of four states

  Today, If anyone tries to travel to Gujarat from Amritsar than it takes more than one day but soon people will be able to travel to Jamnagar in Gujarat from Amritsar in 12-13 hours when the Jamnagar Amritsar Expressway will be complete. This expressway will complete in December 2025 and it will reduce the travel distance from 1450 KM to 1256 KM. However, the significant thing is the reduction of travel time from 26 hours to 13 hours. Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the 500 KM green section of this road coming into Rajasthan. The stretch which is open to the public starts from the village of Jakhdawali in Hanumangarh district to the village Khetlawas in Jalore district.  Why Kiratpur - Mandi four-lane is not open to the public ? Narendra Modi's lead government is working on many highway projects so that it becomes easy for people to travel and also ease the supply of goods. People who have driven on the expressways know that it is much easier and safer to drive on

Why Indian Cities fail to handle few hours of heavy rain?

It is common to see Indian cities struggling to handle a few hours of heavy rain. All this happens due to a combination of factors. These problems vary from city to city, however, we can find this problem in most of the cities of India. Sometimes, the situation is so bad that it leads to the death of a few people. Water enters the home of people and destroys property worth millions of rupees. The bad thing about all this is that this happens every year and we don't learn the lesson each time. There is a huge problem in the  Inadequate planning of Indian cities.  Many Indian cities have experienced rapid and unplanned urbanization, resulting in inadequate infrastructure and drainage systems. Due to this reason, existing infrastructure is not able to handle heavy rainfall, leading to flooding and waterlogging in low-lying areas. Every year many illegal and unplanned housing colonies appear on the map thus causing more pressure on the  Insufficient drainage systems of the cities. Drai

The Pursuit of Happiness: Overcoming Barriers to Finding True Joy

Happiness is a universal desire, something that we all strive for in our lives. We envision a life filled with contentment, joy, and fulfilment. However, for many of us, this elusive state of happiness seems to be just out of reach. We find ourselves constantly searching for it, only to come up empty-handed. But why is it so difficult to find true happiness? What are the barriers that prevent us from experiencing the joy we long for? In this article, we will explore the top reasons why people fail to find happiness in their lives. We will delve into the psychological and emotional factors that contribute to this dissatisfaction, as well as the societal pressures and unrealistic expectations that can hinder our pursuit of true contentment. By understanding these barriers and learning how to overcome them, we can pave the way to a happier and more fulfilling life. 1. Setting Unrealistic Standards Having high standards can be a positive trait, as it motivates us to strive for excellence a