Indian Stock market saw highest gain in Single day

Today, Indian stock market rose by around 893 points, which is the highest jump by the stock market in a single day. Stock market finally closed at 19,987 with 4.69% gain. NSE also saw push of 242 points during the day and closed at 5937 points. Therefore tomorrow, we can expect BSE and NSE crossing 20000 and 6000 marks respectively. There are number of experts who believe that BSE will cross 21000 within few days and NSE will stabilise around 6500 points.

However, one of the big thing which emerge out of these ups and downs of the stock market is that it is very difficult to find the next moves of market. Today, major surprise came from the IT stocks which showed major gains after seeing their 52 week low values. Other attraction of the today’s show remains Banking, oil and gas, metal sector shares. Biggest attraction of the market remains shares like Rashtriya Chem&Fert. HMT Ltd. National Alumini, HDFC Bank, Finolex Industri, ICICI bank, Punjab National bank, Wipro etc.

HDFC Bank was the biggest gainer in BSE today with 10.81% or 170.60 rupees rise. Today’s increase in the stock market of India is also linked with the increase in stock markets across the world and increasing political stability in India. From the last few months, Indian stock market is making and breaking one record after the other and moreover, this trend will remain in continuation for couple of more time (hopefully forever).

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