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Earn up to 10 Lakh by refering just three friends to CRED (Online Credit Payment system)

Pay Credit Card Bills and Win 10 Lakh rupees I have already introduced you to the CRED (Online Credit Card payment system) that rewards people for paying credit cards dues, rent payment through them. For every payment you make with the help of CRED, you get assured cashback. You can save from hundreds to thousands of rupees yearly by using their service. There is no other service like CRED that pays you back for paying credit card bills or rent payments. Now they have come up with Rupees 1 Lakh reward for referring three friends to CRED. People who will refer their three friends, they will get assured Rs 2250 and in addition, can get rewards of Rs 10,000, 1 Lakh and 10 Lakh etc.  In past also, we can find many such happy customers of CRED who have received big rewards from CRED . To participate in the program, you first need to join CRED for paying your credit card payments. Then visit the refer friend page to refer your friends to CRED. Interested people can easily download the CRED

Why comparison is wrong in life? (Watch Video Explanation Hindi)

 We all came across the pressure of comparison in life when we are compared with others. We know that comparison is evil and we should avoid it because we can't compare Apple to an orange. However, we will live in a world that does not want to think that each individual is different. Every individual is different and they have their different weak and strong points. If we want to make our world a happy world then it is very important to treat every individual as a different being. The comparison creates a lot of unnecessary pressure on the children and they fail to give their best because of this pressure. 

How we can live up to 100 years without any health issue? Watch (in Hindi)

 Here is my video presentation on living a healthy and long life. In this video, I will give you four secrets used by my Grandfather and his villagers to live a long life and that without going to a doctor. The problem with the present generation is their wrong lifestyle and adulterated food eaten by them. The culture of fast and processed food is increasing and causing many health issues among the present generation. Wrong eating habits coupled with the wrong lifestyle increase the health issues many times. The people of the old generation were eating healthy and fresh food. They were also doing hard work to get this food. If we also want to remain healthy then we need to change our eating and lifestyle habits. For more detail watch the video available below. 

Never Lose hope in Life. You never know what tomorrow may bring (Hindi Thoughts VBlog 2)

  Below you can watch the second Hindi Thoughts Videos Blog on the Hindi Quote and Suvichar -  "जीवन में कभी भी आशा को न छोड़े क्योंकि आप कभी यह नहीं जान सकते कि आने वाला कल आपके लिए क्या लाने वाला है I"  Never Lose hope in Life. You never know what tomorrow may bring. In this video, you can understand the meaning of this Hindi Thought with a full explanation of the Hindi Thought. This video explains the role of Hope in our life. It also tells why we should keep hope alive in our life. There are many examples of people in the world who have achieved great success in life by hoping for a great future.  Watch the Video Explanation of Hindi Thought Below-

Watch the Hindi Thoughts Video Blog Episode 1 (To see how beautiful life is? we do not need to go far)

  Recently, I introduced a new Video Blog of Hindi Thoughts to put more light on the Hindi Thoughts and Suvichar. Today, I am sharing with you the first episode of this series and it will cover the Hindi Thought "जिंदगी कितनी खुबसूरत है ये देखने के लिए हमें ज्यादा दूर जाने की जरुरत नहीं है, जहाँ हम अपनी आंखे खोल ले वहीँ हम इसे देख सकते है ।" अरविन्द कटोच You can visit this Hindi Thought by Clicking the image.  Through this video blog, I tried to explain how this Hindi Thought came into my mind and what I was thinking at that time. The main message of this Hindi Thought is that we can enjoy life everywhere and we don't need any specific place. To learn more, you can listen to the video Blog present below.

Movie Review Vidya Balan Starter movie Sherni by Arvind Katoch

 Recently, I got a chance to Sherni movie on amazon prime. This movie is released on the same platform. I liked this so much that I created a video review of this movie. Sherni is a wonderful movie that puts you on the path of thinking. Today, the encounter of wildlife and humans have become very common. This problem is causing a great conflict in society. Unplanned growth is absorbing the land so fast that common people and animals have not left with any vacant land to move freely. This is causing more pressure on wild animals to venture into human territory and vice-versa. To get more on this movie and why you should watch you can watch the video review repaired by me below.  Watch my Video Review of the Movie Sherni of Vidya Balan-

Better Credit Card Management with Cred and Also get some real cashback

  Credit cards are not new to our world and we are seeing an increase in their usage with the youth. Today, credit cards have become an important tool for shopping because they offer many benefits like Easy EMI, Zero EMI, Easy cash, etc. These concepts of credit cards make it easy for people to buy things today and pay for them later in easy installment. However, the management of credit cards is not an easy thing and many people become victims of overspending on the credit card and later finds it hard to pay the remaining balance back.  Recently, I got a chance to use Cred to pay my credit card bills. I am using credit cards for more than 15 years and I have used many of their offers. In these last 15 years, I never found a service that pays you back something when you make a credit card payment through them. When you make a credit card payment through the Cred app then you get the same number of points equal to the amount paid by you. Depending upon the amount of payment made by you

Deadly second wave of coronavirus in India (No lessons Learnt from First Wave)

  Corona Virus is back in India and this time it is much bigger and dangerous than the earlier one. In the post, Is India ready for Coronavirus? I discussed things that give an idea about the preparedness of India and the Indian healthcare system to control the coronavirus. The first wave of coronavirus has already given many bad shocks for Indians and shown to us that how our health care system is overstretched and not up to the mark. Now the second wave of coronavirus is giving trouble to India. Already talked about it in the Last Post on Surge in Coronavirus cases in India .  The second wave of coronavirus is much bigger than the first wave and it is hitting harder the Indians and Indian healthcare system. If we look at the present situation then it looks that we have learned no lessons from the first wave of the coronavirus and never anticipated a stronger second wave of the coronavirus. If we go by national news then our hospitals have no beds and oxygen. Similar situation, we ca

New Surge in Corona Virus cases in India

  Presently, India is seeing a new surge in the cases of Corona Virus, and the number of people dying from Coronavirus is already rising. So far more than 1.5 Lakh people have died from Coronavirus in India and it is a big number. When Coronavirus just entered India then I wrote this post that Is India ready for Corona Virus?  In the post, I discussed many points related to this virus. Two months back, it looked that Coronavirus is slowly going away from India and the active cases of Coronavirus decreased below 10,000 per day. However, now the number of cases in few states of India like Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, etc started to see an increasing trend which is alarming well for India.  Already, we have suffered a big loss from Coronavirus and we can't expect more blow from it. We suffered many ways from the Corona pandemic and many people suffered big financial losses due to lockdown. Therefore, no one wants to see again the time of lockdowns. The newly developed Coronavirus vacc

Benefit of Adding Fastag to the Vehicle (Paytm Fastag)

  Today, India is progressing in every field and we are seeing many new improvements coming to our lives. One such improvement is mandatory to use of fastag on all vehicles in India. With this change, we can see the saving of time of commuters and saving of valuable fuel. As per the Indian transport minister, with the use of fastag on vehicles, we can hope to see a saving of Rs 20,000 crore. I hope that it will improve the management of vehicles on the various toll plazas. I have many bad experiences on various toll plazas due to manual operation and high rush.  Already, toll collectors and people are finding this scheme of fastag very helpful. I have already installed fastag on my both vehicles two years back. So far, Paytm fastag is the most used fastag in India because it is linked to the Paytm wallet which makes it easy to add cash and make payments. I am also using Paytm Fastag on one of my main vehicles and my experience is very smooth with it. It is very easy to buy Paytm Fasta

15-year-old Buddha to Controversial Figure

Fourteen Years Back, I wrote this article that A new 15-year-old Buddha . I wrote this article after reading a piece of news about a 15-year-old boy, Ram Bahadur Bomjon. At that time, people were worshiping him as a new Budhha or as an incarnation of Buddha. In both Hinduism and Buddhism, it is common to find the concept of rebirth or incarnation, and sometimes, these concepts or beliefs are misused by others. The action of meditation under a tree for straight six of a 15-year-old boy Ram Bahadur forced people to believe that he is not an ordinary man and he must be an incarnation of Buddha.  Many such things and articles were written about him and soon, Ram Bahadur Bomjon become a renowned spiritual leader or Guru. However, after fourteen years, I see his life is marked with many controversies like missing devotees.  Ram Bahadur Bomjom came to the limelight when he claimed to have meditated without moving from his place and without eating anything for months under a tree. People start

Election Schedule and Important Dates Assam, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Kerala and Puducherry

Below, you can get the Election Schedule and Important Dates Assam, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Kerala, and Puducherry. These are the first important elections in India in 2021 and they will determine the next state governments in  Assam, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Kerala, and Puducherry. These elections will also give us the trend and mood of ordinary people of India and what we can expect from the next elections.    West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 Schedule  Phases - 8 Total Seats - 294 ( SC and ST) Total Voters - 8.3 crore Important Dates Date of Counting Votes - 02.05.2021 Phase 1 Seats - 30 Date of Notification- 02.03.2021 (Tue) Last Date of Nomination- 09.03.2021 (Tue) Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 10.03.2021 (Wed) Last Date of Withdrawal- 12.03.2021 (Fri) Date of Poll- 27.03.2021 (Sat) Phase 2 Seats - 30 Date of Notification- 05.03.2021 (Fri) Last Date of Nomination- 12.03.2021 (Fri) Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 15.03.2021 (Mon) Last Date of Withdrawal- 17

Unseen Pictures of Aishwarya Rai baby shower

 On this blog, I have covered many things related to Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachan. Many people like Aishwarya Rai and still see Aishraya's Childhood pictures . Today, I will share unseen pictures of the Aishwarya Rai baby shower. Though, Aishwarya's daughter is quite young now. These pictures are new ones and we get a chance to see the unseen parts of the life of Aishwarya Rai. In the tradition silk sari Aishwarya Rai looks very beautiful on her baby shower days. This video is a great addition for the Aishwarya Rai hardcore fans. Below you can watch this video. 

Corona Vaccine - A relief from Corona Virus

  The year 2020 was totally destroyed by Coronavirus and it made the life of millions of people very difficult across the world. The arrival of the Corona vaccine has given some hope to ordinary people that they can now live a Coronavirus free life. Millions of people across the world have already lost their lives because of the Coronavirus. We can't do anything to these people but we can stop more people from becoming victims of coronavirus. When coronavirus stuck in India then everyone was worried that Is India ready for Corona Virus?  However, the response of India was very well targeted and the death rate from coronavirus in India is very less as compared to other western countries.  Corna Virus presented many challenges among ordinary people of India but ordinary Indians fought back very well. People managed to find ways to remain away from the coronavirus. Now Government of India has come up with the world's largest drive to inject ordinary people with the corona vaccine.

Childhood Pictures of Kareena Kapoor

  I want to thank everyone for the love given by them to my post Childhood pictures of Aishwarya Rai . On a similar line, I am going to share with you childhood pictures of one of the famous Indian actresses i.e. Kareena Kapoor. She is the daughter of the Kapoor family and one of the famous actresses of today. She was born to the famous Bollywood couple of Randhir Kapoor and Babita. Kapoor family has given us many famous male stars but Karena Kapoor is a famous female star given by it. Now Karena Kapoor is married to Saif Ali Khan. We know a lot about any star when he is young; however, it doesn't much information about their childhood. With the help of the video available below, you can easily get a glimpse of the childhood of Karena Kapoor. 

What you need to make a successful blogger?

  Recently, I shared with you my 17 years of blogging experience and now I am going to share some tips for new bloggers to create a good blog. With time, blogging has developed as an art and we can learn many things from the experience of other bloggers. I am going to add some useful tips for you that worked very well for me. Some tips are permanent while others may change with time. If anyone wants to create an influential blog then he needs to flow these tips. Many things like hard work and consistency are true for blogging as it is true for success in other works. Without hard work and regular blog posts, no one can create a successful blog. There are many people who come to blogging to only make money and they want it fast with a few efforts only. You can read my earlier post Money or no money in blogging  to get more info on this matter. I hope that the tips I am adding below will make your blogging experience more rewarding. Skills you need to become a successful blogger 1) Crea

Surprisingly real a 3 years old girl flown 100 feet above the ground by a Kite

 Many strange things happen around us and sometimes, it is hard to believe them. Earlier, I shared with you the strange behavior of a wild leopard in India where it came very close to humans. One similar incident from Taiwan came to my notice where a 3 years old girl flown into the air with the kite. This incident took place during the Taiwan international kite festival last year. However, in social media, this video has been highlighted as a video from the Gujarat kite festival that is a fake representation. Though this incident is real, it is not from Gujarat or any other part of India. This incident took place in Taiwan by accident when a three-year-old girl unintentionally came close to a big kite flying during the festival and got stuck with the ropes of a flying kite. When the kite went into the air, it also took with it 3 years old girl. The girl went up to a height of 100 feet above the ground but she was lucky enough to be saved by the people present there. Such big kites are

15 Years of Blogging and still continuing

 I am happy to announce that I have entered the fifteenth year of blogging. In these years, I have seen many ups and downs in blogging. I started blogging when hardly a few people are aware of it and today, it is a common secret. I came to blogging because I wanted to write something and writing a book was not an easy task for me. So I looked for blogging and started with few platforms popular 15 years back. For one and a half years, I tried a number of sites and then joined to make a permanent blog. My experience with bloggers remains nice though with some minor bad experiences. Also read - What you need to make a successful blog? I have learned a lot from blogging and still learning new things with each new blog post. Blogging is an easy option that one can start for free and can  upgrade for just Rs 1000 only. It is easy to get back Rs 1000 or more with the help of blogging by adding monetization options. Some people even earn handsome earning from their blogs but it is

Wild Leopard coming very close to people near Kullu, Himachal Pradesh (Video)

 The video of a wild leopard coming very close to humans has raised concerns among wildlife enthusiasts and according to them, it is not a good sign. You can see a similar video where Leopard is attacking tourists  and Sudden attack by Tiger on the Tourists , therefore, we need to be careful. There needs to be some distance between wildlife and human because it is good for both of them. It is the t of its kind incidence where we see a wild leopard coming so close to local people. Many wildlife experts believe that the reason for such behavior of the leopard is that it must be raised by humans. This incident took place on Kullu-Banjar road in Trithan valley. By nature. leopards are very aggressive and they do not like coming close to humans but this incidence is a very unique one. The behavior of the people in this video was also bizarre because they were not afraid of the ard trying to pet him or taking close pictures with their camera. It is advisable for other people to stay away fro