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Difficulty of buying in stores near us

Recent demonetization move of the government has made it difficult to buy many things from the local stores near us because most local stores only accept cash and after demonetization, there is a huge shortage of currency notes of small denomination. I was looking to buy a few accessories for my electronic guitar; however, i don't have the small denomination currency notes to give at the stores open near me. So I decided to buy the music accessories from the online store because they accept payments by the card. I hope that soon local stores will star accepting payments by cards. Already, many stores in India have started this facilities and after demonetization move more local stores are added this facility so that they don't lose the business.

Power of Positive Thoughts

Positive thinking always has a great power to transform our life; therefore, people are always advices to think positively. There are many studies available in front of us which suggest the effect of positive and negative thoughts on the people. Therefore, if a person wants to become successful in life, then he must think positively. When thinking positively becomes a habit for us, then most of life problems don't make big troubles for us. Positive thinkers pass through the life struggles with much ease as compared to negative thinkers. You can also develop a habit of positive thinking to become successful in life and to make your life happier. Our thoughts play a major role in our lives, so it is always important to think positively. Positive thinking increases hope in life and it encourages us to take on my difficult things. With positive thinking, we not only earn success in the outer world, but always enjoy an internal peaceful life. With positive thinking, we enjoy health

When we will stop Polluting our rivers

When I see the current condition of Indian rivers, then I feel very sad because day by day condition of such rivers is becoming very bad. Some of small rivers have already died and other's condition is so bad that it is difficult to distinguish between a river or a sewage waste. Already, we are facing an acute shortage of quality water in India; however, still the awareness level among people is very low, about the increasing pollution in rivers. Even the condition of one of a big river of India, Yamuna is not fine. When Yamuna crosses through Delhi, then It loses its shape and flow, here it has only turned into a rainy river with only Delhi's waste flowing rest of the year. It is the duty of every Indian to not pollute our rivers and increase awareness among common people about the increasing pollution in Indian rivers. In some of the places, the condition of the Indian rivers is so bad that aquatic animals can't survive in them. The impurity level has gone so high in wa

Simple and Pure Music of Wind Bells

I enjoy listening to the music of the wind bells because I find this music very simple and pure. Large numbers of people love to put wind bells on their windows and doors. Some people even put them in their gardens. The advantage of putting wind bells is that the whole surrounding becomes musical when wind starts flowing. Wind bells are musicansfriend  because they provide them new ideas related to music. One of my musician friends has many wind bells at his home and when the  wind starts blowing then, the whole of his house become, a music player. It is very easy to buy a wind bell and put it in a suitable place.

Demonetization to clean Black and Fake Money

At present, we are seeing a huge rush of people in front of banks to change or deposit old currency notes because the Indian government has announced that all old currency of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 value is not a legal tender any more. This situation has caused some panic in the general public and we are seeing hurry in them for changing the currency. This situation has slowed down most of businesses in India because of the unavailability of hard cash. Most of the market and cinema halls look waiting for the customers; however, very few of them turn to them. Government of India is assuring people that the situation will be fine soon and they are additional efforts to ensure enough cash with general public. Many people have filed cases in various courts across India and the Supreme Court said that the Government of India was ill prepared to handle this situation and they must have made adequate arrangements before announcing Demonetization,

Lack of Knowledge of Safety Rule among ordinary people

Today, traffic is constantly increasing on the roads and simultaneously the numbers of road accidents are also increasing. The main reason behind the increase in road accidents in lack knowledge among people about the safety and traffic rules. To ensure proper road safety, it is very important to educate people about the road safety and traffic rules. When people who don't know the safety and traffic rules drive on the road; then they cause a threat to many lives. This is the main reason why millions of people die every year in the road accidents. Government of India is making many changes to ensure driving license only be given to those people who know all traffic and safety rules.

Craze in Military Accessories

Recently, I saw a news in the newspaper that military grade accessories like night vision binocular, are available on the leading online store amazon . in. It was quite shocking to know that such items are available free online which are still not available with the Indian army. This thing gives a big shock and creates a big security risk. Already, we see many terrorist attacks in India and most of the militants have advanced weapons and sometimes, even better than our army. Militaries/ armies play very important role in every part of the world. They make us safe and comfortable with securing our borders. They also help us during emergency conditions like natural calamities. Therefore, many people remain fascinated with military accessories; however, this doesn't mean that they should be made freely available because no one know that how they will be used in future. In foreign countries can find good collection of such military accessories with people; however, in India such g

Learn Guitar with Loog Guitars

Lots of people in this world have a love for the musical instruments; however, they fail to find the right instruments for learning. But, thanks to the many innovations, it is becoming easier for us to learn music. Loog guitars can be very useful for all guitar lovers who want to learn guitar. Learning Traditional guitars may not be an easy task for beginers. Therefore, such people can use loog guitar  , which has just three strings and a narrow neck. These guitars are much easier to learn for beginners as compared to traditional guitars. After becoming comfortable with loog guitar, people can easily learn the traditional guitars. We can buy loog guitars with the instructions so it becomes even easier for beginners.

Habit of unplanned spending

I see lots of people running into financial crisis because of their habit of unplanned spending. As it is important to earn good money, simultaneously, it is important to spend it in a right manner. I have heard examples of many people who, despite having lots of money landed at brankrupcy. Having money is an important thing; however, how you spend it is even more important. Lots of people don't the read art of wisely spending money. The best way to use money is to create more money with it and then spend only a comfortable amount. This simple art of spending money is not even known to many aged persons and they destroy most of their money in a few days only. You need to be wise in spending money if you look for financial problems free future. Otherwise, you land on many financial troubles and your life will become very hard because everything in life comes with money. Without money it is very hard to live a good life. So, we wise and spend your money with care so that you face

Shameful video of Daughter-in-law beating her helpless Mother-in-law

Thanks to the CCTV footages, we can see the brutal face of society. Some of the videos which came out are so brutal that we can't believe our eyes that some people can go to this extent. Below, I am sharing with you a cctv footage where a daughter-in-law is beating her mother-in-law. In this video, we can clearly see that the old woman is helpless and ill, but her daughter-in-law showed no sympathy to her. Such videos show the shocking face of a society which has many ugly faces hidden inside it.

Need for right Power Supply

Today, we are using many electronic devices which work on the different power supplies. To solve this problem we need help of right adaptors because we get the main supply at a constant voltage. Recently, I needed a  9v power supply  for one of my device; however, I failed to find an adaptor with such specifications in the local market. So I bought one from the online store. These small essential adaptors are very useful to run a number of electronic  devices. Small electronic devices like eye massager , broadband modem etc run on 9v power supply.

Changing Relationship dynamics with time

Time is a great teacher and we all learn many valuable lessons of life from the time. As a child, we see relationships differently; however, as we grow, we find that relationship dynamic totally change with time. People or relatives who were once our best friends become our biggest enemies, In the present world, money is taking the main position and it is directing the dynamics of the relationship. People have started giving more importance to money than the relationships. Today's relationships don't enjoy same strength which they used to have once . Due to the weakening of relationships, people are becoming alone and finally suffering from various psychological disorders. Love and truth have almost disappeared from every relationship, leaving behind many doubts. It is common to hear news where a relative kills other relative for the money. This is the saddest part of present world which is not good. This selfish world also leaves no option in front of you than to take many

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput celebrated their First Anniversary (A Filmy Styled Real Love Story)

Shahid Mira Marriage Pic Last year on the same date, Shahid Kapoor married to 22 years old girl from Delhi. It was a love cum arrange marriage. Now they have completed one year of marriage and to celebrate this occasion, Shahid posted on twitter his picture with Mira where they are kissing each other. This picture is clear to show the love and affection between the new couple. From time to time, Shahid shares many pics of him and Mira on his official Twitter account. Many stars from the Bollywood prefer a partner from the Bollywood; however, Shahid Kapoor did the opposite and choose a girl who is not from the industry. Shahid Kapoor's and Mira Rajput's families are followers of the Radha Swami sect and they got a chance to meet each other through their function. When they started liking each other and love enters their life, then they approached their parents for marriage. Shahid-Mira Anniversary Pic The age difference between Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput is 12

Foolish Act - 22 year old boy dies after jumping into Gang Canal Haridwar

The Life of a person can go within few minutes due to a single negligence; however, many people don't give importance to this point and lose their life. Here is one such example where a person loses his life for an unnecessary show off to his friends. In the video below, it is clearly seen that it is his own foolish act which is responsible for his death. During the rainy season, it is always advisable to avoid venturing into water bodies; however, many people ignore this warning and take risks. My advice to everyone is that life is precious and one should not act so foolishly. I hope that after watching this video, many people will avoid such mistakes.

Height of Cruelty - An innocent dog thrown from the roof of a four story building

It looks that the numbers of people with psychological problems are on the rise in our world. Here is another example which proves this. Yesterday, a video, become viral on the social media in which a person through an innocent dog from the roof of a four story building. Luckily the dog was saved with few fractures. Many animal lovers after seeing this video started a campaign to identify the person and arrest him. Today, police arrested two person, one who through the dog and others who shot the video. The vetarny doctors say that dog is now safe and he will recover in a few days. The sad part is that the person who through the dog is also a medical student. This act of crime on an animal is very horrible and we need strict punishment for people doing such acts. Below, you can yourself watch this video to see the height of cruelty in this act.

A childhood dream of buying a Harmonica

From the my childhood days, I used to see a beautiful golden colored  harmonica  with my uncle. Whenever, there was a family get together, my uncle used to play his harmonica. He was very good at playing many great musics with it. We all always waited for his performance; however, he died at a very early age with him, and we lost the chance to hear him playing harmonica anymore. Due to him, I also got attracted towards the harmonica and always wanted to have one for me. I searched in many places, but didn't find the perfect piece for me. However, now in the times of online shopping it as become an easy search for many products at reliable rates. I do hope to complete my this dream soon.

If you are facing tough time then do remember that everyone's time changes

Life is a journey in which we go through many phases. Sometimes, we face good time and sometimes bad time in life. During the bad or tough time, life starts looking very hard and under such situation many people even restore to things like suicide. The toughest time in life is that time when life tests us and only strong people can pass this test. All people pass through different tests of life during their lifetime. Some people pass in these tests and while some fail. The tough times in life are great learning lessons for us and we can learn many things during this time. We come to know about our real friends and well wisher during our tough time. This time also helps us to see our strengths and weaknesses. During such times, we all need to remember one that time changes and good time do come back. So never lose heart and face the tough time with courage.

It takes time to reach your Goals

Mostly, we see a great rush in people to reach their goals faster. In general, we all want to achieve our goals as fast as possible; however, the real fact is that it takes some time to achieve big goals and sometimes, this time can be big. So it is duty to remain ready for all the hard work and time, it may take to achieve the goals. We may be living in a world where life is very fast, however, it is a fact that we need time to reach our goals. So you should never hesitate from giving time to your goals. All goal achievers are the people who have given a good time to achieve their goals. Therefore, you should also keep in mind that hurry can't yield anything and you are required to spend some hard time for achieving your goals.

To create music from Heart we need right instruments

Though, we all know that music is created from heart because then only it can touch hearts. However, it is also totally important to have the right kind of instruments to play a good music. Every good musician knows this thing that he need many good music instruments like Ramirez guitars to play good music and other accessories. People can easily buy such items from the guitar center Roseville  . A wrong choice of music instruments can affect quality of music. Therefore, no musician will like to damage his reputation because of wrong instruments. Today, it is very easy to buy quality instruments online and there are many sites from which you can buy all instruments needed for good music creation. So get help of right instrument to play a good music from your heart, which touches the heart of people.

Power of Ayurveda - A wonder from India

After the huge success in the IT field, India has one more USP to sell to the whole world. This is nothing new but age old Indian wisdom of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has great potential stored in it which is required to be exploited in the near future. Already Indian Ayurveda has started showing the signs of great acceptance among the Indians and people from the outer world. The main advantage with the Ayurveda is that it comes directly from the nature and all the medicines and therapies used in the Ayurveda are made from the natural ingredients. Today in the time when more and more people are moving towards natural products due to their larger safety profiles, future of Ayurveda looks brighter. Today’s Ayurveda has gone more global and is getting lot of acceptance and publicity from the people of various cultures and societies. Ayurveda is also getting the help of modern technologies, many Ayurvedic medicines research centers have emerged in India to provide the accuracy and effectivene

Rich becoming Rich and Poor becoming Poor

Recently, I read a report which says that only 68 people in the world have more money than the 3.5 billion people of the earth. I totally got surprised after reading this news that how a big difference in rich and poor is present in the world. This report clearly states that the rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer. All this clearly indicates that our policies are more favorable for the rich as compared to the poor. There are billions of people around the world who don't even get two time good meals and on the other side few have so much that they can't eat in many lives. Today, the time has come when we need to make some changes in the system and improve the situation of the poor. Without doing so, we can't create a better world for all. Today, our world is good for some and bad of many. I am not against the rich people; however, I want that everyone should get the basic comforts of life. However, everywhere we see more focus on the policies related to r

Love for Band and Orchestra

Bands and Orchestra are very popular among the people because people can enjoy good music through them. There are many examples of popular bands and Orchestra in the world which enjoy great fan following. Today, it has become easier to buy musical instruments and as  electric cello for sale at Such solutions have made it very easy for the bands to buy the quality instruments. People can easily buy all latest and branded musical instruments. With musical instruments, it becomes easy to play wonderful and fine music. Music is a source of great entertainment and it loved by everyone.

Need to stop increasing Pollution

Today whole of the world is facing acute problem of increasing pollution throughout the world. India and China are worst suffering countries when it comes to pollution. Many big cities of both these nations are among the most polluted cities in the world. The pollution in these cities is so high that it has become difficult to breath in the air of these cities. Every year, thousands  of people die because of the air pollution. This thing points out that we need to make a balance between development and the environment. We can't keep on destroying the nature in the name of development. It is not necessary that every person should move out in his big car everyday . People can learn to use environment friendly medium of transport like public transport, cycles etc. Today time has come when we should work seriously to save our environment and increase air quality. 

Failures and Successes of Pathankot Terrorist Attack

India saw the start of 2016 with Terrorists attack on the Pathankot Air Force station. Whole nation got surprised with news because how terrorists can reach such a sensitive place with such a high level security. First off it appears that there were many inputs available with the security agencies that some terrorists are trying to sneak into India and attack the airbase. However, still the security of the airbase was not strong enough to stop the entry of these terrorists. Moreover, police and security agencies failed to take timely actions on the information given by the abducted Gurdaspur SP that few militants have entered India and they are planning the attack the airbase. The sad part is that there was enough time available with the Indian security agencies arrest these terrorists before entering the airbase. Another failure was with the BSF which failed to stop entry of these terrorists into Indian border. The Indian border with Pakistan is guarded by thousands of BSF persone

To find the real love

Love is an important ingredient to live a happy life in this world. Without love, we can't think of a happy life. Many people miss love in their life and some even don't find it for the whole life. Most people fail to find love because they don't approach love in the right manner. To find the love, we need to move out of our comfort zone and do certain things which we may or may not like. You can see this difference in many people. While some people enjoy the abundance of love on the other hand, other's fail to get the glimpse of love. The first lesson for attracting love into your life is to start giving love to others. I will share a story of one of my friends who made many efforts to find the love of his life. He gave his girlfriend a beautiful personalized promise ring  and soon, he found that she has become more careful about their relationship. I don't advocate giving gifts; however, sometime mix of gifts and your emotions make your love relationship str