Making Money with is easy and real is unboundedly number one video sharing site is world and millions of people from around the world watch millions of videos on it on daily basis. Now I want to share with you an option to make some money with Though, I want to clear it early that to make significant money, you need lots of original content like original videos, original presentation, Picture slide shows etc. 

Moreover, simply uploading hundreds of videos to does not guarantee money for you, as some of your videos need to become popular. First step to make money with is sign up with it and start adding good quality videos to it. Promote your videos with the help of different tools. Join Google adsense and combine your Youtube and Google adsnese account. 

If you are lucky enough and your videos become popular, Youtube will allow you to run ads along your videos. After that you can make money on all of your videos. More numbers of popular videos you have on youtube, more are chances of making money with youtube videos. However, to make any money you are first required to be approved for Google adsense account and Youtube revenue share. 

You need lots of patience because this process may take some months. To make money on simply focus on adding quality and not focus on adding large numbers of unpopular videos. 
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