How justified is 15 years of age for marriage?

Sometimes, it become difficult to judge that we are going forward or backward. Yesterday, Khap panchayats of Haryana suggested that girls in Haryana should be married at age of 15 years to save them from increases incidences of rape cases in Haryana. Unfortunately, few local politicians also supported this decision.

In recent times, numbers of rape cases have gone up very high in Haryana and so far, Haryana police has failed to stop such incidences. Therefore, Khap panchayats believe that by marrying girls at early age of 15 will save them from such incidences. However, I totally see this decision as unfortunate where instead of stopping criminals more restrictions are being put of girls. It is total responsibility of Haryana government to insure safety of girls in state and if it fails then it needs to be punished.

Haryana still looks to be living in old era where every fault is of women/girls. I do not see any merits in this decision because it simple failure of law and order situation in Haryana and even if girl are married at 15 years of age still such incidences will continue as they are today. Whole of world has changed on women but still there are many parts of world where women are culprits and victims. Time has come to change this man oriented thinking and provide more freedom and justice to women.
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