How justified is Death Sentence for Rape?

Presently, whole of country is aggressively on streets to demand death sentence for Rapists. In last five days, whole country saw huge protest at New Delhi which totally derailed government machinery and police. This whole protest started after last week gang rape of a para-medical student in running bus by five people. This incidence took place in heart of Delhi which agitated most of people and specially women. Therefore, millions of young women and men marched towards President House to get answers.

These protests worked and government decided to act on whole matter in a fast way. One of demand of these protestors was to implement death sentence for rape. However, there are many points against and in favor of this law. One of major reason is failure of Indian judiciary in completing such trails on time. Moreover, conviction rate in rape cases is very low and most of rapists go free after long trails. Now by just awarding death sentence to rapists, Can be remove this crime from our society?

Incidences like last week come under the rare of rarest matters and in these cases, it is right to award death sentence. However, in every rape case it is not justified because there are good chances of misuse of this law. The major problem in our country is failure in implementation of law and wide spread corruption. First step would be to address these problems and make corrections in judiciary system so that victims can get justice in fast way.
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