Are we “Mango people in Banana Republic”? Wake up Robert Vadra

Are we Mango people or India is a Banana Republic? Well someone believes this. Robert Vadra son in law of Congress Supremo Sonia Gandhi believes so. He posted this statement on his facebook profile which he has now deleted. He posted his statement in remark to team Kejriwal’s remarks on his and DLF deals. This statement has created lots of controversy because he used banana republic in reference to India.

Banana republic term is used for Latin Amercian country where there is no law and order; and high levels of corruption exist. If he really means that India is a banana republic then this is very shameful because in this way, he is putting image of country down. Though, there is no statement by Robert Vadra in Public related to this statement or allegations against him.

On the other hand, whole of Congress ministry has come forward to his shelter. Now here arises a big question that does Vadra is above everything and even country’s pride does not mean anything to him. So far, I have nothing say about team Kejriwal’s allegations on him; however, I am very very upset over his poor statement where he believes all of us as Mango people and India as Banana Republic.

Now, if truly India is a banana republic then who is responsible behind it? Not congress party which has ruled India for most of time. Time has come for Mango people to show their power to Indian politicians who believe themselves above all laws.
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