We can not reach to the levels of bad people

We find many bad people in our life and mostly, they hurt us. Under such situations, we feel like hurting them too. However, here I want to state that we can not reach to their level. If we indulge in reciprocation then we also become like them. Now if we also start acting like them then how we can justify our actions or how we can say them bad. It is better to avoid such people and leave them to their fate. 

Such people are already highly frustrated from life and this frustration stops their mind from seeing what is right and what is wrong. Such people are biggest enemies of themselves only and they create many problems from themselves. Therefore, we should not worry about them or think about it. We should not waste our energy on such people because they are highly useless creatures beyond any rectification. 

Though, for sometime we get hurt and we feel very unhappy about all this. Still we can not go to their level otherwise we will also become one like them which we are not.
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