Shift From Traditional Life Style to Modern Life Style

Earlier, India was known for its traditional values; however, today people are accepting western and modern life styles by leaving behind their traditional life styles and values. Therefore, we are seeing fusion of modern and traditional life styles across the world. Many old traditions have almost died in present world and in the place of these traditions; people have adopted new modern traditions.

Due to it, we are seeing a mixture of cultures. The major disadvantage of this shift is new generation forgetting its old roots and death of such traditions and values. Now we are becoming an India, where everyone speaks same language and everyone has same tradition. However, all this is killing basic and true Indian look for which once India was known across the world.

I believe that there is nothing wrong in adopting new things; however, simultaneously, it our responsibility to keep our old traditions alive. There are many unique and useful points present in our old traditions. If we forget them then we will be forgetting a true wisdom. Let’s develop and become modern; however do keep our roots fresh and alive.
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