Why Rs 900 Gas Cylinder is unacceptable to Common Indians?

By restricting quota of subsidized gas cylinders to only six, center government has left no option in front of common Indians except buying rest of Gas cylinders of Rs 900. This is almost double price of a gas cylinder which people were paying few days back. At an average, a common family in India needs 12 gas cylinders (single cylinder a month). Moreover, there are many joint families in India which need even more numbers of cylinders.

This action of government has clearly affected almost all households in India. The biggest concern is average income of less than 10 thousand of half of Indian population; thus it is nearly impossible for all these family to pay this increased cost. Secondly, cost of most of essential food items have increased by 35% in last three months. On the other, there is hardly any increase in salary or income of such people, thus common people are suffering from all sides with no hope from anywhere.

 Government of India is only involved in giving thousands of crores of subsidies and cheap coal to corporate. It is looks that government is not for the common people; however, it is for corporate world. Government is doing work of making rich more rich and poor more poor. This is very very wrong policy of government of India where common people can not get 12 subsidized gas cylinders and on the other hand, in UPA parties Rs 8000 worth of plates are served to guests. If India is going through difficult economic conditions then why only poor people have to suffer who are already suffering maximum. This is worst performance by Government of India, I hope that government of India will wake up soon.
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