Acute Cold Wave in India

Finally, cold has intensified in North India and it is affecting millions of people. This cold wave has restricted lives of people to their homes only. Trains and flights are running behind their schedule thus causing lots of trouble to travelers. Intense Fog at several placing is making life further difficult. Most of crowded markets are missing crowd and only people who have important work to do outside are moving out.

It is tough time for millions of office goers because they are required to face morning and evening sharp cold. It is very risky to drive on these cold and foggy days and this risk increases many times when a person is driving a two-wheeler. According to weather department, this situation is unlikely to improve in coming days and temperature may deep further. Therefore, it is advisable for common people to take all cares while moving out.

Already, there are reports of 50 plus deaths due to cold wave across India which shows intensity of cold wave. It becomes duty of government to take some steps and provide basic relief to poor people living on roads. In such weather, everyone should help such needy and poor people who can not afford basic comforts. At end, I will say enjoy this romantic weather but also remain alert and cautious.
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