Increasing numbers of rape cases in Haryana

Today, I saw really shocking news on TV that numbers of rape cases are increasing alarmingly in Indian state of Haryana. As per news, in last 25 days 10 rapes took place in Haryana. One of victim of such rape case today committed suicide by burning herself alive. Before, dying she gave her statement to police and media. However, biggest worrying sign is lackluster approach of Haryana police which does not look serious in catching culprits.

It looks that criminals are totally fearless in Haryana. Haryana state is already blamed for poor female sex ratio and bed behavior with women. Such incidents further tell women are not safe in Haryana. On the other hand state machinery feels that such issues are very miner in nature and it is hype created by media. It is duty of Haryana government to act fast and catch all those culprits so that women can feel safe in Haryana.
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