Decisions taken in anger are mostly wrong

 Anger is one state of emotion where we lose control on our mind. More we are angry, less control we have on our mind. We get angry because of numbers of events or circumstances which we do not like in life. Here we need to understand one important thing that most of decisions which we take in anger are wrong.

Therefore, it is better to avoid taking any decision in life when you are angry because there are chances that you may not take a right decision. In state of anger, our body releases many hormones like adrenaline which affects proper functioning of brain. Under anger, our mind loses control over most of its functions; therefore, mind can not take right decisions under such circumstances.

Many people regret their decisions taken during anger later in life because they believe that they would have taken some other decision if they were not angry. Every person passes through this situation because anger is common part of our life. Make it important point in life to not take any decision when you are angry.  
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