Are you suffering from over Influence of others of your life?

This is common story of large numbers of people across the world who suffers from over influence of others on their life. There is tendency of many people to influence others life in such way that they should act according to them. However, it is desire of each individual to remain free and take his own decisions. It is better to let free others so that they can live their life as per their will. 

Many people due to their egoistic approach try to force their own decisions on others because they feel their knowledge is very wide. Due to this approach of others, many people feel trapped and jailed in their homes and surrounding. Slowly, they either start revolting against such people or their frustration levels increases. Under both situations, it results in lots of trouble for person and people around him. 

Why to unnecessary influencing someone’s life? To remain happy with everyone do not try to influence others just leave them free to live their lives as they want to live. Sometimes, they may take wrong decisions and in this way, they will learn about life. Too much of over protection will make them dumb and angry. So enjoy your life and allow others to enjoy their life.
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