Sachin Tendulkar’s Retirement from One Day Cricket – Shock for Cricket Lovers

As anticipated from few months, Sachin Tendulkar finally took retirement from one day cricket. There was lots of pressure on Sachin Tendulkar to quite one day cricket as his performance was below expectation from last few years. Moreover, he was criticized by many big guns of cricket for continuing cricket game despite having bad performance. 

However, this news has come as big setback for millions of his fans who still believe that their star cricketer has lot to offer. Though, Sachin Tendulkar is leaving behind great legacy behind him which hardly any new player can think to break. Sachin is truly a great legend of one day cricket; therefore, his exit from one day create is great loss for Indian one day cricket. 

Sachin will be always loved for his great innings for Indian cricket. At present Sachin is aged 39 and this age is not considered physically fit to play cricket. Therefore, technically it was right decision by Sachin Tendulkar to say good bye to one day cricket. However, simultaneously his loss is so great that we will always miss his great play. 
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