Your negative behavior can create negativity around others

Negative behavior is one of most bad things which exist in human behavior. A negative behavior is a behavior which spreads negative energy in universe and it is mostly done to harm one self or others. Therefore, it is very important to remain away from negative behavior. 

Moreover, your negative behavior not only creates negativity for you but it also affects all people in your surrounding. It sends negative energy to them and also put them in negative direction. Due to it, chances of other people in your surrounding doing negative behavior increases many times. For example, you are a father with two kids then your negative behavior will create negativity for your children too. 

There are good chances that your children may develop negative behavior in future. Therefore, you should either improve your negative behavior or move away from it if you want your surrounding filled with positive energy. Do it early; otherwise, it could be very late to take back step. 
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