Providing all comforts to a baby

It is very important for any parent to provide all comforts to their baby because their small one totally depends on them for all cares. It is not possible for any small baby to decide about anything he need most; therefore, he looks towards his parents to provide him with these essential comforts. Today, it is very much possible to find many such attractive solutions and products in market which can easily make life of any small kid very comfortable. For example, today’s dippers are so revolutionary that small baby hardly feels any discomfort in them.

Similarly, we can find many attractive Baby Carriers in market which makes it easy and comfortable to carry a baby from one place to other. Today’s technological advantage has made it much easier to take care of babies and provide them all necessary comforts. Markets are full of many such products which help us to become good parents. Small babies with all comforts sleep and play well thus reducing numbers of worries of parents. New parents can easily get helps of numbers of courses, online resources and video tutorials for becoming good parents.

Many people find it very hard to take their small babies from one place to other; these people can easily get help of Strollers. Strollers are small baby carriers in which baby can sleep very comfortably while his parents can push strollers with the help of tyres present below it. It is generally very comfortable and suitable to take a kid in strollers. New parents can easily search all essential products for their kids online by getting help of shopping search engines like

This site helps people in finding products from across the web. Therefore, people can find a good product at reasonable price without visiting all web stores. For example, If any person is looking for Lightweight Strollers then he can write lightweight strollers in search box present on this website or they can visit page through links available on first page. Immediately, people can see results from all major web stores like ebay, Amazon etc on this search engine. This shopping search engine is very useful for all people who want to save their money and time.

Hrithik Roshan to be waxed for Madame Tussuads

After Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachan and AIshwarya rai know its turn of other popular Indian Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan to feature on world famous Madame Tussuads museum. This is very famous wax museum situated in London where we can find wax sculptures of famous world personalities. It is a great thing to have one’s wax sculpture being displayed in this museum. Below, people can watch video to see how Hrithik will be waxed for Madame Tussuads museum.

When Religion become more important than humanity

Religion is great institution available in front of us to learn about spiritually and good conduct in life. All religions guide us to discover hidden potentials stored in us and power of god. However sadly, many times people become so much influenced by their religion that they start killing humanity. Today, we can find widespread hatred and tension among people of different religions because they do not want to understand and appreciate each other’s ideologies.

Therefore, we see many tortures and killings on the name of religion. It is good to be a religious person; however, it is very very sad to be a religious person who criticise other religions and work in direction to create problems for people of other religions. I am a Hindu by religion; however, I have studied many religions because I find many unique points in every religion. Though, every religion points towards same kind of strong spiritual force whom we can give many names of Allah, God, Jesus, Ram, Nanak etc.

I put humanity above religion because when humanity dies all religions die in this world. However, very less numbers of people in this world consider about humanity because they are highly influenced by hatred for other religions. I again want to clarify that love for one’s religion is not bad thing; however, hatred for religions of other’s is most bad thing in this world. New generation slowly understands this fact and they are giving more importance to humanity over religion; therefore, we can hope that our world will also become friendly for humanity as it is friendly for religion.

Time from Ayodhya Verdict

Finally time has come when whole nation will get verdict on most controversial issue in Indian history. Ayodhya land dispute case is 60 year old case mainly between Sunni Central Waqf Board and Nirmohi akhara. These parties have filed this case to claim their ownership on this land. This is same land where Babri Masjid was once situated and many believe that it is birth place of Lord Ram. Today, Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court will decide on many of such issues by giving their verdict on this controversial issue.

This verdict will be announced to respected parties at 3:30 PM today. This whole issue took very bad shape on 16 December 1992 when we saw demolition of Babri Masjid believed to be constructed on disputed land by Babar after demolishing Lord Rama Temple. After this incidence, whole country saw widespread Hindu Muslim riots with death of many innocent people. Centre and various state governments do not want same kind of tension again; therefore, they have already put on high alert various paramilitary and police forces across communally sensitive areas.

So far, all political parties and successive government have failed in solving this matter; therefore, a good hope is present in front of us in the form of High Court Verdict. Though, this Court order will not be final one in this case as losing party can approach Supreme Court. It is important for people of all communities to respect this verdict and avoid doing things which can spoil peace.

Does your medicine causing injury?

Today, we can find many medicines in market about which we hear numbers of claims however; upon their use we find many significant side effects with them. Many times, pharma companies do not guide people about these side effects and due to this ignorance people suffer from such side effects and injuries. These medicines can cause many illness and disease like some of side effects recently got reported with accutane, a form of vitamin A. Many such patients filled Accutane Lawsuit to get compensation from accutane manufacturer. Numbers of such people even won these law suits. It is very important for pharma companies to launch medicines which have good safety profile. Otherwise, people suffering from side effects of such medicines can sue their pharma companies to get compensation from them.

Does life a woman/girl changes after marriage?

A woman’s life see many changes after marriage as she become part of a new family and generally, she is required to adjust well with her new family. Numbers of responsibilities and level of work also increases significantly for any woman after marriage. We can divide these changes as positive changes or negative changes. Some women face very difficult time after marriage and their life becomes very tough; on the other hand life of many other women becomes very easy after marriage.

Though, still mostly life of women become tough after marriage in India because Indian society put more restrictions on any woman as compared to her husband. Therefore, life of many such married women become very restricted and controlled by others. In some family, we see no respect for women and they are treated as servants who have no right speak on any matter. Though, today’s Indian women have progressed in every phase of life and they are not behind men in anyway still we see world more biased towards men.

It is very important to provide all necessary comforts to a women/girl who is entering a new family and finally accepts this family as her own family. I hope that all men will understand their responsibility and provide good comfortable atmosphere to their wife so that she should not feel that her life has changed significantly or became difficult.

Which social networking site is better facebook or orkut?

At present two social networking websites are very popular in India facebook and orkut. Up to last year, Orkut was ahead of facebook in terms of usage and numbers of registered users; however, from the start of this year orkut has lost its first position to facebook and we have seen major jump in popularity of facebook from the start of this year. Though, facebook was present in India from long time; however, it has seen sudden burst in popularity in just last two years only.

Many active orkut users are now shifting to facebook because of its advance features and its popularity. After seeing this shift, Orkut has also done many changes and added many new features; however, it now looks too late because facebook has already stolen the show. Today, if you are not on facebook then you are not present socially on internet. Facebook opens up opportunity in front of any person to meet online half billion people from across the world. On the other hand, Orkut is restricted to India and some countries only. Features, applications and scope of facebook are much better than orkut; therefore, at this point it is better to be on facebook. I am using both facebook and orkut from last four years and I have done numbers of social interaction online through them.

Both sites provide different experience; however, facebook looks more open space to interact socially. With facebook, we can do numbers of things simultaneously but this feature is not available with Orkut. Lately, orkut has waked up to competition and added new features and it is trying to give similar facebook like look to itself. At present, I will rate facebook much better and useful over orkut by analysing features of both of them and from my personal experience.

Watch trailer of Hindi film Golmaal 3

Third film in Golmaal series is all set to hit cinema halls across India and we can hope that this film will break box office records of previous Golmaal films which were hit. This film is produced by Rohit Shetty like two earlier Golmaal movies. This film is expected to release on 5 Nov, 2010. The main cast of film includes Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Arshad Warsi, Tusshar Kapoor and Shreyas Talpade. Shooting of this film is done in Mumbai and Goa. Hopefully, Golmaal 3 will force us to laugh in same way as Golmaal 1 &2 did in past.

You can be exposed to cancer

Recently, I read about malignant mesothelioma, a form of cancer, which occurs on exposure to asbestos. Asbestos are set of six naturally occurring silicate minerals which are used commercially in various factories. People can get this cancer when they are highly exposed to this substance. Therefore, it is very important to take all precautions and avoid getting exposed to asbestos under any circumstances because it can cause malignant Mesothelioma. Thus a small precaution can save lives of people from this deadly disease. Generally, people do not have any information on asbestos and risks associated in their exposure to it. Therefore, many times people learn very late about this disease when it is too late. Precaution is main solution for avoiding this disease and remaining healthy always. If you are working in any such factory which put you risk of getting contact of asbestos then you can ask your employers to provide you with better working environment.

Watch HQ trailer Hrithik Aishwarya movie Guzaarish

Below, people can watch high quality trailer of Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai starrer forthcoming film “Guzaarish”. This film is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan are playing lead roles in this film. This film is expected to release across world on 19th Nov, 2010. There is news that Hrithik and Aishwarya have sung together for this movie. Hrithik will definitely have lots of hopes from this film after flop show of his much hyped film Kites.

No solution for Kashmir problem ?

From last few months, we are seeing whole of Kashmir burning over freedom struggle. Recently, these struggles become so violent that whole Kashmir got paralysed. In 2007, I wrote this article Are we justifying our self in Kashmir?. In this article, I asked this question that why innocent people of Kashmir are suffering between the struggle of India and Pakistan. After three years, situation in Kashmir has become even tenser and life of people has got halted.

In the place of providing solution to people of Kashmir successive governments have just mislead them. Recent government of Omar Abdullah has become total failure and people of Kashmir do not look to have any faith on him. From last 25 years, we are seeing violent struggle in Kashmir which caused death of lakhs of civilians and arm personals. Still people are dying every day in Kashmir making situation tense in already tensed Kashmir. Today’s Kashmiri youth revolutionaries are using new and modern mediums like Facebook, twitter, flicker and orkut to spread their messages to world.

However, in all this I do not see any solution for Kashmir because both parties are just trying to justify each other’s stand. Indian government treat Kashmir as its integral part which cannot be separated from it whereas many Kashmiris want total Azadi (freedom) from India. Simultaneously, some parties are floating solution of more autonomy. But no one looks for a solution which represents everyone. It is very difficult for Kashmir to enjoy same kind of progress and growth after getting independence from India because main culprits are local corrupt government officials and corrupt politicians.

Azadi is no solution and doesn’t guaranty any improvement in lives of people; however, good governance can solve many problems of ordinary Kashmiri people. Hopefully, in future all parties will look towards a solution which represents all concerned parties involved in this dispute; otherwise, this problem will linger on as such in future too.

Why Walking is best exercise? (Benefits of Walking)

Generally, we ignore many good alternatives and solutions present in front of us and run behind many difficult things. Same is true about walking, as walking is great and simple exercising solution available in front of us. With regular walking, we can enjoy many health benefits which we cannot get with numbers of hard exercises. Walking is so simple exercise that we do not need to learn anything and do not need any special exercising instruments. A simple or brisk walk of 2 to 5 KM on regular basis can reduce chances of many illnesses and health problems significantly. People who cannot do heavy exercises or they do not have time to join a gym then they can get help of walking. Below, I am adding few benefits associated with walking.

1) Increase in blood circulation
2) Reduction is stress, fatigue
3) Reduction is chances of various illness and diseases.
4) Control on diabetic.
5) Strengthening of bones and muscles.
6) Improvement in digestive system.
7) Strengthening of respiratory system.
8) Maintain Good hormonal balance
9) Intake of higher quantity of oxygen
10) Good Sleep
11) Normalisation of blood pressure

There are many such benefits associated with simple walking for few Kilometres and many physicians recommend people and patients to go on regular walk. People can themselves see benefits of walking by walking for some days.

Great help of insurance

Many times, we buy lots of expensive items and then we look for some kind of solution so that we can put safety around them. Insurance is one such attractive solution available in front of us which helps us is in increasing safety of such items. For example, if you recently bought an expensive iphone 4 and you are worried about its safety then you can buy a iphone 4 insurance to reduce your worry because this insurance will cover all damages related to any sudden risk. There are many good insurance plans available in market which covers large numbers of expensive items. It is important for people to get help of such insurance plans for reducing their worries. These insurance plans can provide lots of help under the bad circumstances where our expensive item can get lost or stolen.

Watch trailer of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Below, people can watch trailer of forthcoming Harry Potter film “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. This film is based on seventh and last novel of Harry Potter series. This part of Harry potter novel was very successful and so we can expect same success for this movie. This film will show final fight of Harry Potter with evil forces. This film looks to be best action packed film made in Harry Potter series. All harry potter fans were waiting for this film from long time. This film will be released across the world cinema halls on Nov 19, 2010.

Enjoyment of cooking food

Sometimes, I enjoy cooking food and I know to cook numbers of food items; though, I am not a very good cook and cooking everyday can be very cumbersome job. Still cooking at certain occasions provides a great enjoyment and pleasure to me. We can achieve relaxation and satisfaction by cooking good food. It is important for every person to have knowledge of cooking so that he can cook food for himself and other in emergency conditions.

In India generally male do not cook food and job of cooking food remains with women. Therefore, we see less numbers of male so perfect in cooking. Overall, I feel that it is very easy to cook food at least simple dishes and it take just 15 to 30 minutes to cook such items, though, we need good hard work and higher cooking skills to cook more stylish dishes. I rate myself as average cook because I know how to cook most of general eatable items like Dal Chawal. With this cooking skill, I can remain assure that I will not remain hungry if there is nobody to cook food for me.

Despite all these facts, cooking provides a great enjoyment at numbers of time and I use cooking for relaxing myself. It is good for every person to have basic knowledge of cooking so that he can explore great secret of enjoyment and relaxation present in cooking. Cooking provides a great satisfaction as we feel good about quenching hunger of others. So discover your own enjoyment of cooking.

Time moves fast

Generally, every person thinks in life that he has lots of time in this world; however, after few years he realises that he has lost his golden time. This story is true for large numbers of people who spent their most of life in work or earning money so that they can enjoy their rest of life peacefully. However, when they enter their old age or middle age then they realises that they have failed to enjoy their life in a way in which they always wanted to enjoy it.

It is very important to understand that time moves fast and old times never come back. At some time in life, we look back at old time and think about beautiful opportunities missed by us. Money, success and achievements are also important in life; however, we should never achieve them on the cost of our life and time. It is very important to have some time for our self, enjoyment, vacations, family and friends. Otherwise, we just became a machine who produces money and success.

Enjoyment should take front priority is life because we hardly get chance to enjoy same kind of time again in life. We may achieve lots of money and success in life; however, all this is in vein if we do not have enough friends and family members to enjoy these golden times. Life is great opportunity present in the hands of any person and now, it only depends on us that we explore this opportunity with enjoyment or not.

Look for quick results

Recently, one of my cousins told me that she is working hard to reduce her weight because she feels that she is slightly healthy. Therefore, she is walking a distance of 7 KM everyday to see some reduction in her weight. Walking is very good and effective exercise present in front of us to lose weight quickly and any person can use this simple walking exercise. However, it is very important to walk regularly to see good results in short time. Generally, people do not walk regularly; therefore, they fail to see any changes. Moreover, there are many good solutions available in market which can provide good reduction in weight. However, all these methods only work when we stick to them. Every person needs quick results but it is also important to have some patients because it always takes some time to see results. Leaving any activity before seeing all it's results is just waste of time.

When stomach is fine everything is fine

In India, stomach infections are very common because of availability of unhygienic food and unclean drinking water. Every year, large numbers of people suffer from water born diseases and infections caused by eating unhygienic food. Many of stomach infections like Gastritis even take deadly look and millions of people lose their lives every year because of these diseases. Whole body system can become paralysed due a stomach infection because we cannot eat or drink anything healthy due to these infections; therefore, we face strong weakness and inability to do anything.

It is very important for our stomach and digestive system to work well if we want our whole body to work well. Our body gets all energy from the food digested by our digestive system and any infection in this system stops supply of energy to whole body. It is very important for all of us to take these infections very seriously; otherwise, these infections can take very deadly look. It is important to eat healthy and hygienic food for the good working of our stomach. Simultaneously, it is very important to drink lot of clean water because water flushes out all dirt from our digestive system.

People can use many portable water filters available in market to clean their water before drinking it. It is better to avoid unhygienic and very oily food sold on streets because one of main reason of many stomach infections is intake of unhygienic food sold on streets in open. Good stomach and digestive system means good health, so it important to eat and drink only food and water which can maintain good health of our stomach and digestive system.

Aamir falls in love again with Kiran

We all know this fact that Kiran is wife of Aamir Khan and he loves his love very much. Aamir Kiran love story is very famous and everyone knows that they love each other greatly. However, recently Aamir Khan said in front of media that he has fallen in love with his wife again. This happened because Aamir discovered more talent in his wife and he is very impressed with her work. Below, people can watch complete report on this matter. It is good news for Aamir and Kiran’s fan that they falling in love more deeply with each other with passage of time.

See effects of Drawing Illusion

Below, people can watch great video which create many drawing illusions and here we get chance to understand power of illusion. Before completion, all these images look very different however, after their completion they emerge totally different. So I will only saw that one should wait for completion of picture before making any view point about these images. This video is good fun and exercise for our mind.

Advantage of Electric Fireplace Insert

We all love to enjoy warm heat of fireplaces; however, we also know it that it is very messy and difficult to manage and clean these fireplaces. Therefore, we need good solutions which can provide same comfort and warm heat to us while minimising discomforts associated with general fireplaces. One of good solution is available in front of people in the form of electric fireplace insert. Here you insert electric log Set in your fireplace in the place of wood logs. This operation is totally clean operation and it operates on electricity. Moreover, people can get advantage of remote controlled operation to manage temperature of room. It is a great solution for people who love fireplaces but want them to be clean and easily maintainable. People can watch video embedded below to learn more about electronic fireplace inserts and how beneficially they are.

Watch three Rajinikanths in Movie Robot

As per news, Rajinikanth will be seen in three roles in his upcoming movie Robot. This Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai starrer movie is expected to release next month. There are three roles of Rajinikanth in film, he is playing role of scientist, good robot and bad robot in this film. Hopefully, people will like this triple bonanza of Rajnikanth in this film. People can watch trailer and full report of this story.

Top destinations for Honeymoon or Romantic vacations in India

Every person wants to make his honeymoon or romantic vacation very memorable; therefore, people look for good places which can make their honeymoon or romantic vacation unforgettable. In India, we can find many such places which are famous for their beauty; however, some of these places provide more appeal when it comes to decide a good destination for a honeymoon or a romantic vacation. Below, I am providing a general list of places which have all ingredients for making our vacation a memorable for whole life.

1) Manali – Manali is a famous hill station of India and it is situated on the bank of river Beas. Altitude of Manali is 1,950 m or 6,398 ft; therefore, we find a very pleasant weather here around the year; though, it becomes very cold in winters. Honeymoon couple generally look for quite and good place where they can learn more about each other. Manali is 315 KM from Chandigarh and nearest airport is Bhuntar about 50 KM from this city. People can find many budgets and luxury hotels in Manali as per their budget. (Total Package cost from New Delhi - Rs 7500 to Rs 30000)
2) Goa- Goa is very popular among lovers and new couples because romance is present is very part of Goa. Every year millions of honeymoon couples and lovers visit this place from around the world. People can reach Goa through train, Bus and Air route. It is very easy to find a good hotel in Goa as Goa has many hotels because of large numbers of tourists visiting it every year. Beautiful beaches of Goa make it further romantic place. (Total Package cost from New Delhi Rs 10000 to Rs 50000)
3) Ooty- Ooty is calm and attractive hill station present in TamilNadu. This hill station is situated deep in Nilgiri Hills. This place is also known as Udagamandalam. Altitude of Ooty is 7,500 feet (2, 286 m) from Sea which makes it a very attractive hill station. People can find very pleasant weather in Ooty throughout the year. People can reach Ooty by Train, road and Air route. Nearest airport to Ooty is Coimbatore which is approximately 100 KM away. (Total Package Cost from New Delhi Rs 10000 to Rs 50000)
4) Jaisalmer- People who wants to discover beauty of Rajasthan then Jaisalmer is perfect place for them. In the calmness and beauty of Jaisalmer people can look for a perfect and memorable Honeymoon or romantic vacation. People can reach Jaisalmer by road and rail route. Though, they can reach Jaisalmer through air route through Jodhpur which is nearest airport. (Package Cost from New Delhi Rs 10000 to Rs 50000)
5) Munar- Munar is hill station of Kerala and it is situated in Annamalai hills. Munar is tea plantation hub of South and people can find many beautiful tea gardens in Munar. Its height from sea level is 1600 meters. Nearest airport is Cochin Airport and nearest railway station is Ernakulam Railway station.
6) Khajuraho- Beautiful temple town of Madhya Pradesh offers a very romantic atmosphere because of its erotic sculptures. Millions of tourists visit this place from across the world and we can find many good hotels in Khajuraho. Flights are available to Khajuraho from New Delhi by Varanasi. Nearest railway stations are Harpalpur (94 km) and Mahoba (61 km). (Total Package cost from New Delhi Rs 1000 to Rs 30000)
7) Gangtok- Gangtok is capital of Sikkim and it’s height from sea level is 1437 metres (4,715 ft). Gangtok and its nearby places offer many beautiful and romantic locations. People can enjoy beautiful view of Kanchenjunga peak from Sikkim. Nearest airport to Gangtok is Bagdogra Airport which is 120 KM away and nearest Railway station is New Jalpaiguri which is 124 KM. (Total Package cost from New Delhi Rs 15000 to Rs 35000)
8) Darjeeling- Darjleeng is tea hub of West Bengal and it is known across the world for it’s The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (Toy Train). It height from Sea level is 2,200 metres (7,218 ft). Darjeeling is connected through rail, road and air to rest of India. Nearest airport is Bagdogra Airport and nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri. (Total Package cost from New Delhi is Rs 15000 to Rs 40000)
9) Shimla- Shilmla is capital of Himachal Pradesh and it is very popular hill station across India and world. Every year large numbers of honeymoon couples and lovers choose this destination because of its beautiful weather and many attractions present around it. Being popular hill station and capital of Himachal Pradesh, it is very easy to find good and budget hotels in Shimla. People can easily reach Shimla through rail, road and air route.

In future, I will update more destinations in this article.

Salman Khan will be new Bodyguard of Kareena

As per news, Salman Khan will play role of bodyguard of Kareena Kapoor in forthcoming Hindi Film. This film is remake of Malayalam hit film Bodyguard. Producers of film wanted to take Katrina Kaif in this film but due to busy schedule Katrina was not able to give dates. Soon shooting of this film start and this film is expected to release next year near Eid. Below, people can watch video report of this news.

Video of man dumping his Lame dog

Sometimes, we got chance to see many heart melting video and footage which shows cruelties of people. In this video, people can see a man dumping his lame dog and by leaving him behind. This whole incidence got captured on CCTV camera. At present this dog is looked after by Weymouth and Portland Borough Council and people can provide any information on owner of this dog by calling 01305 838009.

How safe are Common wealth games?

Two days back, we saw attack on foreign tourists in sensitive Jama Masjid area of Delhi. Attackers even planted a bomb in abandoned Maruti 800 car which failed to explode thus saving lives of many people. Today, Australian TV channel showed a recently captured sting operation conducted in relation to security arrangements during common wealth games which showed that Australian reporter carrying bag full of explosive successfully entered Stadium in the presence of security personals.

According to reports, this explosive was powerful enough to do 200 explosions and reporter bought this entire explosive in one day from Delhi itself. If this sting operation is correct then this further puts many fingers on security arrangements of Common wealth games. Further today, 164-foot long foot-bridge collapsed outside the Nehru Stadium causing injuries to 23 labourers working on bridge site. Athletes, media persons and general public were expected to use this bridge to enter main common wealth games Nehru Stadium; however, this bridge collapsed even before its completion.

A major accident was possible during common wealth games due to this bridge which collapsed today; however, Indian and Delhi governments are trying to undermine this issue by terming this incident as a minor issue related to construction error. Now, there are two types of threat for common wealth game, first threat is from terrorists/criminal elements and second threat is from bad construction work.

Already there are many news of negligence are coming one after another in media which shows that there are many loopholes in security arrangements and construction work which increases concern on safety during common wealth games. It is wrong on the side of all concerned authorises who are conducting these big games with proper planning and arrangements.

Yoga and Health

Yoga is an age old ancient technique available in India which has power to provide good health to any person. People who regularly do various yoga exercises hardly get affected by diseases and their chances of getting affected by various diseases always remain many times less than people who do not do any yoga exercise. Old saints discovered these wise yoga exercises for solving various illnesses and diseases present in mankind. Most of yoga exercises are till date very effective against major health problems and many people are getting benefits of these yoga exercises.

However, in present hectic and busy life large numbers of people are going away from Yoga and thus suffering from major illness. Yoga is a great wisdom and it has power of curing many diseases; therefore, it is important for us to start doing yoga exercises for living a healthy life. There are many free yoga camps organised by various organisation in all most every city of India which teach people various yoga exercise and we can easily get help of these yoga camps to learn yoga for free of cost.

Effective yoga exercises are available for all major health problems for example, if you are suffering from obesity then you can easily find many yoga exercises to solve obesity problem. Similarly, if you are suffering from a stomach disorder then you can get help of yoga exercises designed to solve stomach problems. Yoga can be a great solution for solving many health related problems before they take big shape. However, to achieve results with Yoga people are required to do yoga exercises on regular basis otherwise they will not receive desired results from yoga.

Concern for Acne problems

Large numbers of people across the world remain concerned for acne problems because they find it hard to solve acne problems. It is very important to solve acne problems immediately as they start otherwise acne problems can take very serious look and it can become difficult to treat these problems. Many people who ignore their acne problems generally suffer major problems in future. People can find many good acne treatments that actually work for solving their acne problems. By opting for such treatments, people can say good bye to their acne problems and enjoy good looks. Severe acne problems can cause threat to good looks of any person thus it becomes very important to take proper and effective treatments to solve acne related problems.

Watch HQ trailer movie Aakrosh

Below, people can watch trailer of upcoming action-thriler Hindi film Aakrosh. This film is directed by Priyadarshan. The main cast of film includes Ajay Devgn,Akshaye Khanna, Bipasha Basu, Paresh Rawal and Reema Sen. This film is expected to release across India on 8 October 2010. The story of film is inspired by recent honour killings in India. We can hope that this film will help in reducing numbers of honour killings in India.

Finally Indian Stock Market crossed 20000

Today, Indian stock market crossed 20000 Mark on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and closed at 20001. Nifty also crossed 6000 level for first time and closed at 6009. It took around 32 months for Indian stock market to again reach these levels. More than two years back on January 2008 Indian stock market achieved highest levels of 21206 ever reached back in past by BSE. However, soon Indian stock market started moving down and we saw many bottom points over year time.

The main reason of this downward fall was recession in world and India. In 2009, Indian stock market again started showing signs of recovery as we saw recovery of world markets from recession. In last few months, we saw good results from all major industries in India which increased confidence of foreign investors on India. Also this year, we saw good monsoons and more than 8% GDP growth in India which made Indian stock markets favourites for investment. I predicted this growth in Indian stock market few days back, read here-Does stock market is going to touch 20000 mark again?.

Overall this sharp growth in Indian stock market is due to FIIs as they have invested more than 15 thousand crore rupees in Indian stock market in recent times whereas small and retailer investors are entering stock market with caution only. Therefore, this is not a strong and sustainable growth in Indian stock market unless small and retail investors start showing interest in Indian stock market. This upward trend in Indian stock market is likely to continue for some more time till we see some profit booking by FIIs. Small investors should go with caution while investing in stock market and should not get carried away by big jumps in Stock market.

Schedule Common Wealth games

From 3rd October, 2010 onwards Indian capital New Delhi will host commonwealth games. Opening ceremony of games will take place on 3rd October and closing ceremony will be on 14th October. It is a proud moment for all Indians that India is hosting world class sports event. During Common wealth games thousands of players and millions of support fans from different nations are expected to arrive in Delhi. Indian government has spent crores of rupees to create new world stadiums and sports village for stay of players. People can watch common wealth games by buying tickets for various events and numbers of games will also be shown on national television. Below, people can find schedule of different games and events so that they can plan to watch these games.

Event Stadium Date

Opening Ceremony JN Stadium 3rd Oct
Diving Dr SPM Complex 10-13 Oct
Swimming Dr SPM Complex 4-9 Oct
Syn. Swimming Dr SPM Complex 6-7 Oct
Archery Y.S.C 4-10 Oct
Track&Field JN Stadium 6-12 Oct
Marathon JN Stadium 14 Oct
Walk JN Stadium 9 Oct
Badminton S.F.S.C 4-14 Oct
Boxing T.I.S 5-11,13 Oct
Cycling IG Sports Complex 5-8,10,13 Oct
Gymnastic IG Sports Complex 4-8, 12-14 Oct
Hockey M.D.C.N.S 4-14 Oct
Netball T.S.C 4-12,14 Oct
Rugby D U 11-12 Oct
Shooting D.K.S.S.R 5-13 Oct
Squash S.F.S.S 4-13 Oct
Table Tennis Y.S.C 4-10 Oct
Weightlifting JN Stadium 4-12 Oct
Wrestling IG Sport Complex 5-10 Oct
Closing Cremony JN Stadium 14th Oct

Y.S.C - Yamuna Sports Complex
S.F.S.C - Siri Fort Sports Complex
T.I.S - Talkatora Indoor Stadium
T.S.C - Thyagaraj Sports Complex
D U - Delhi University
D.K.S.S.R - Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range
S.F.S.S - Siri Fort Sports Complex

Riding toys for kids

Various kinds of toys play major role in children life and every child wants to have large numbers of toys in his wardrobe. Today huge collection of toys is present in front of us and we can easily provide more happiness to our kids by offering them many such toys. Riding toys are very popular among kids and they love to drive these toys here and there. I still remember my childhood when I used to have one such riding toys and it was great fun for me to drive it. We can find good collection of riding toys in market for kids at reasonable price or we can order for such toys online. At this age, toys are important part of any child’s life and they want to enjoy more and more numbers of toys. It is very important for parents to provide good toys to their kids so that they can enjoy their childhood.

Box office report Dabanng (A Major Success)

Salman Khan Starrer movie Dabangg has become biggest success of 2010 in just one week of its release. As per news report, this film has earned more than 80 crore rupees in first week whereas earlier super hit film 3 idiots earned just 75 crore rupees in first week. It is a great success for Salman Khan and it was quite sure after watching promos of this film that Dabangg is going to become hit film of 2010; however, it was not sure that it will break all previous records. With this success, Salman Khan has again proved to world that he can still give big super hit films to world. Below, people can watch complete story by Zee news on this report.

How to make an attractive Facebook profile?

Today facebook has become an important part of our lives and millions of people across the world use this social networking website for increasing their social network. Facebook is one of most successful social networking website in recent times and it offers maximum reach geographically. By joining facebook, any person can easily connect with whole world and meet many like minded people. Facebook offers a new possibility of socialising online with large numbers of likeminded people from across the world. Already, large numbers of people understand its importance and they are utilising all benefits of facebook. A single account of facebook opens up many possibilities in front of people and people can easily login to thousands of others websites through their facebook login id only. Facebook is a great power in any person’s hand and we all can explore all possibilities present in front of us through it. On facebook, people can look for old friends, make new friends, discover new business opportunities, find required help, learn new skills etc. Facebook is great source for increasing our social network without meeting all people personally. However, it is very important to have good facebook profile for remaining influential and attractive on facebook. People generally like more people who have attractive facebook profiles. Below, I am sharing few points which can help you in making an attractive facebook profile and this becoming more influential on facebook.

1) First important point is provide good detail and information about yourself like your educational detail, your websites, your location, your professional detail, information on likes/dislikes, information on hobbies and skills etc. In this way, people can easily learn all interesting points about you.
2) It is advisable to add real name and professional detail because they add to the credibility of person.
3) Write profile details specific to your interest on Facebook (like interested in friends, dating or professional help etc).
4) It is advisable to first construct a strong social network of known friends and people before looking other like minded people.
5) Do not start sending friend request to people from day one and with incomplete profile.
6) Regularly, update your profile with the new details so that your profile always look fresh and alive.
7) Participate in groups which associate with your interests or professional skills and contribute regularly to them. In this way, you can find many like minded people.
8) Only look for people who share similar interests with you and it is beneficial for both to know each other.
9) Construct a good photo and video collection and share them with others. People may find you interesting by seeing your pictures or videos.
10) Create link to your profile from other mediums like blogs, email signatures, forums etc.
11) Avoid spamming others and respect the sentiments and privacy of others.
12) Use security features for avoiding wrong people from seeing your details.
13) Do not provide your personal or financial details to anyone on facebook because large numbers of wrong people are present on facebook with dummy profiles.
14) Avoid meeting alone with friends made on Facebook. Meet them only in the presence of your parents or friends.
15) Do not mix your real life with Facebook. Always remember that facebook is a simple solution for short interactions.
16) Use facebook safely and encourage others to do so.

Today’s meeting points Facebook and Orkut

Today, it is very hard to undermine importance of facebook and orkut because our lives are becoming dependent on these social networking websites. In this busy life, we hardly get chance to meet our friends, relatives and known people personally so we look towards such alternative solutions like facebook and orkut to remain in contact of them. On facebook and orkut, we also interact with people on regular basis and get chance to see their lives through facebook and orkut.

Facebook and orkut also provide a great alternative in front of us to see general personality of a people and what are their likes and dislikes. These profiles of people on facebook and orkut also provide some inside in to their lives. Sometimes, some people look very attractive and interesting to us by visiting their profiles while others just look average or ordinary. New generation is finding these networking sites great alternative in front of them to make friends and express themselves.

We get chance to see many hidden skills and talents of these people on these networking sites. Sometimes, we suddenly discover that people have great artistic talents which we never saw in them when we met them personally. In today’s busy life, these sites are only alternative in front of us to socialise ourselves and learn more about others.

Time for Gold investments

It is very important for every person to understand importance of good opportunities of investment available in front of them. Different investment options offer good investment returns at certain point in time; therefore, it is very important for every person to get advantage of these times. Recently, many people got very good results with gold investments and they made good returns. People can easily buy gold bullion to start investment in gold. It is good to buy trusted gold from good buyers so that we can get good value of gold when we sell it. Many people are turning to gold investment because they are not seeing good potentials in other investment options. It is very hard for any person to survive well in this world without investing money in some good investment plans. It is good to invest some money in gold because gold always provide good returns on money invested in it.

Review Ginger Hotels

Recently, I got chance to stay in few Ginger Hotels, a Tata Enterprise venture. Ginger hotel is a chain of budget hotels but well maintained hotels across India. Today, we can find big demand for budget hotels in India because of sharp increase in stay needs of ever increasing travel community of India. Numbers of travellers in India are constantly increasing because of increase in local tourism and business needs. Many such travellers look for good budget hotels for their stay because they can’t spend lot of money on big hotels.

Therefore, Tata Group saw lots of potential in budget hotel segment and introduced Ginger hotels. Earlier, Tata group was known for five star and luxury hotels across the world because of long chain of luxury Taj group hotels. Ginger Hotels, a Budget hotel chain, by Tata’s have become very successful because people are getting chance to stay in a good hotel by paying cost of a budget hotel. It is very comfortable to stay in these hotels and we can find very clean rooms with all latest facilities. People can also find facilities like Gymnasium, meeting room, conference room, smart space rooms, wifi zoom and many more facilities in these hotels.

Moreover, people get good discount on their hotel bookings when they book hotel rooms earlier. Through, Ginger Hotel any person can find a good double bed room in Delhi for Rs 1100 only. At the end, I will like to recommend this hotel to all people who are looking for short and comfortable stay for their travel and business needs. I really miss these hotels at other locations in India where I do not find good hotels despite paying lots of money. Slowly, Ginger Hotels are coming at numbers of place in India and soon, we can hope to find a ginger hotel in every major city of India.

Rating 8/10

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Watch Latest Trailer Movie Action Replay

Below, people can watch trailer of forthcoming Hindi film Action Replay. Main star cast of film includes Aishwarya Rai, Akshay Kumar, Randhir Kapoor, Neha Dhupia etc. This film is directed and produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah. Action Replay is story of an elderly man who travels back in time when he was handsome young man. In this film, people will be again able to see many 70’s styles.

Review Morning Walker

3 years back, I bought this machine for my father who is a diabetic patient. I read lot about this machine and then decided to buy it. Today, our family use this machine and it has become an integral part of our exercising activity. At a stretch, we can use this machine for 15 minutes and it can be used two times a day. After using this machine for such a long time, I can saw that this machine is worth of finding a place in our homes. This machine cost around Rs 3000 and it is easily available in all major towns of India.

According to advertisement by this machine in news papers, already millions of people are using this machine in India. I myself have recommended this machine to numbers of people because of ease in using this machine and numbers of benefits associated with it. This exercising equipment is very good for elderly people, diabetic people and people suffering from joint pains. This machine requires very less space and people can perform exercise by putting it on their bed.

Some of benefits of using morning walker are improvement in blood circulation, relief from fatigue, to reduce weight, to improve breathing and lung function, to improve digestive system etc. Its parent company has patent for design of morning walker and this product has become very famous across the world. At last, I want to recommend this product to every person who wants to get useful and effective exercise in few minutes; though, this product is not a final solution for all exercise needs.

Rating 7/10

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Difficult work of finding good jobs

Every person knows this fact that it is hard to find good jobs in this world because job aspirants always remain many times more than available jobs. Therefore, it becomes a great struggle to find a good job. Today, people can get help of various online solutions like job search portals. On these sites, people can find many attractive job opportunities and they can easily apply for these jobs from these websites only. People can easily do various job searches on these websites like medical job search to find a related job. It is very important to aggressively search jobs on these websites and apply for them on regular basis; otherwise, it can be very hard to find a good job. All major companies regularly update their job opening on these websites which makes it easy for candidates to easily find jobs.

Khichdi on big screen

Start TV’s popular show “Khichdi” now again back to entertain people; however, this time Khichdi is back on big screen. Khichdi show become very popular because it’s funny characters like Hansa, Praful, Himanshu, Babuji, Jayshree etc. All these characters will be played by same artists who played original roles in serials. Hopefully, people will also like and enjoy Khichdi movie like they enjoyed Khichdi serial on TV.

Why it is important to do what we enjoy?

Large numbers of people in this world ignore this fact that it is important to do what we truly enjoy. Generally, people run behind power, prestige and money; therefore, they do choose a work in life which can help them in achieving all this. Many time people work very hard for whole life to achieve all these things and ignore many comforts and family life. They never enjoy what they do; however, they still continue doing all this because they think that this work can help them in achieving their life goals.

At end, life just becomes a goal for them and they loss every interest and control on their life. It is very important to enjoy what we do because in this way, we feel it easy to do work and our work becomes a great pleasure for us. On the other hand, if we do not enjoy our work then our work becomes a great discomfort and pain for us. It is important to work for success in life; however, it is also simultaneously important to not ignore every comfort of life for achieving this life. Many times, people become ill and gather numbers of diseases because of their hectic work environment.

There is no advantage of lots of money and power in life which we cannot enjoy. According to psychology, prime aim of life of every person is happiness and we all run behind happiness so if we are not getting happiness in what we doing then we definitely need some changes in our life. Reverse of it, life becomes a great pleasure and happiness play ground when we do what we truly enjoy.

No one can control his Luck

When sometimes, I look back at past then I realise importance of fate and luck in our lives. Many of my friends were extremely talented, smart and rich in past; however, today they have lost most of these things and they are living very ordinary lives. Same is also true for many of my relatives who were once very boastful of their lives. On the other hand, many of my friends and relatives are extremely successful despite no help available to them in past.

In all these cases, luck played great role and turned their lives in opposite directions. From all these observations, I can only conclude that luck plays a very great role in any person’s life. Despite all advantageous in life, many people still fail or do not achieve desired potential in their lives, whereas many people succeed and achieve great heights in life despite all odds. Luck is great help if it favours any person in good way and it is great enemy if start putting obstacles in our way. Therefore, it is very important for any person to not boastful of his talent, richness and smartness because when luck is against us then nothing helps us.

Moreover, such people do not find any good help in life because they were always boastful of their advantageous over others. It is very important for every person never forget this truth that no one can control his fate. Luck or fate has great power stored in it for changing any person’s life in any way. Though, it is not necessary to fear from fate because when we do right things in life and follow path of truth then our luck always favours us.

Final Dates of Bihar Assembly Election 2010

Finally, Election commission of India declared dates for Bihar Assembly election 2010. These elections will be held in 6 phases which makes it long elections. Bihar is next big election battle in India and major Indian political parties will try to check their strength in this election. The main fight in this election is between Nitesh Kumar lead JDU-BJP alliance and Lalu Prasad Yadav lead RJD-LJP alliance. Bihar election will start on 27 Sep, 2010 with notification for 1st phase of election and will end on 24 Sep, 2010 when final counting will be done for these elections. On 24th Sep, it will become clear that who has emerged as winner of Bihar. Below, people can get complete detail of Bihar Assembly Election 2010.

Dates of Bihar Assembly Election

1st Phase – 21 Oct 2010
2nd Phase - 24 Oct 2010
3rd Phase - 28 Oct 2010
4th Phase - 1 Nov 2010
5th Phase - 9 Nov 2010
6th Phase - 20 Nov 2010

Counting of Votes – 24 Nov, 2010

Does stock market is going to touch 20000 mark again?

There are good chances that Indian stock market will cross 20000 level again because in recent times, a good upward trend is visible in Indian stock market. In coming few days, people should not feel surprised if they see good increase at BSE and NSE. In recent times, major Indian industries have shown very positive results; therefore, we are seeing major increase in prices of their stocks.

For example, auto industry sold maximum numbers of cars ever sold earlier in August month which indicates towards major increase in demand in auto sector. Similarly, all other leading sectors are also in positive side of graph. Good and extended monsoons are also indicating towards good agriculture production in coming months. Overall, all other points are very positive and therefore, it is expected that Indian stock market will increase in coming months. People can make some money from Indian stock market by investing wisely in good stocks.

People can expect 10% to 100% returns from their stock market investments in coming months. It is always wise to take advantage of such opportunities because people can get good returns from their investments in just few months. Though, it is also important to understand that numbers of risks are also associated in stock market investments; therefore, it is very important to investment in stock market after researching well all pros and coins of investments.

Advantage of Investment in House/Land property

There is very attractive investment option available in our hands in the form of buying a house or land property. In India, land and house prices have not seen maximum growth; therefore, we can see and hope for more growth in land and house prices in coming time. Thus investment in house or land becomes very attractive option in front of us and it is difficult for any person to ignore this potential. In less than 5 years time, one of friend earned around Rs 6 crores from his Rs 31 Lakh land investment.

These kinds of returns are only possible in land and house investment. For example one of our known one constructed a house for Rs 2 Lakh then they sold it after 6 years for Rs 8.5 Lakh. Second party sold it for Rs 20 Lakh after 5 years and again this house is for sale at Rs 35 Lakh price. Here I only want to say that investment of Rs 2 Lakhs have become Rs 35 Lakh in just 15 years. These kinds of returns are only available through land and house investments. Though, land investment gives more investment returns than a house because house worth decreases with time.

Many old houses are sold at the price of land because of no worth of material present in them. However, people do get advantage of living in these houses and saving money paid on house rents. Overall, it is very important to consider this investment option wisely and invest hard earned money in land or house. In future, people can hope to get good returns from these investments. People can also get advantage of various attractive loan options at attractive interest rates like house loans to buy such properties.

Best quality Gold

Today, we all know that it has become very profitable to invest money in gold and we can easily increase our money many times by investing in gold. In just fourth month’s times, Gold prices have increased around 20% which makes returns from gold very attractive. We all can also get help of gold investment for increasing our wealth. However, it is very important to buy only good quality gold because many times, we see adulteration is gold which decreases value of gold many times. It is important to buy gold from trusted sellers like United States Gold Bureau which is authorized to sell gold. People can visit this link to enter their facebook page and find all information on gold sold by them. By buying good quality gold, it becomes much easier to get good returns on gold investment because full value of gold. In gold, investment, it is very important for people to buy only good quality gold from trusted sellers.

Need of relaxation

Today, we live in a very hectic world where we do not have enough time for ourselves. We become so busy in work and family life that we find it hard to have some time for relaxation. It is very important for every person to relax for some time because in this way, we get some rest and our body and mind feel relaxed. Human body is also like a machine and many problems can emerge in body if we continuously take work from our body without giving rest to it.

Many times, we see large numbers of people suffering from major illnesses and mental problems when they do not give attention to relaxation. It is very important for every person to take some rest after doing a hard work. Relaxation is a technique for relaxing our body and providing it enough time to come out of exhaustion. In this present hard world, it is much important to properly relax our body so that our body and mind can work fresh next day.

It is very hard for any person to do continuous hard work day after day without taking enough rest and in this way, he can become ill in big way. Meditation is very good technique available in front of us for becoming relaxed and we can use many other techniques like hot water bath, steam bath, massage to relax our body.

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