Why Walking is best exercise? (Benefits of Walking)

Generally, we ignore many good alternatives and solutions present in front of us and run behind many difficult things. Same is true about walking, as walking is great and simple exercising solution available in front of us. With regular walking, we can enjoy many health benefits which we cannot get with numbers of hard exercises. Walking is so simple exercise that we do not need to learn anything and do not need any special exercising instruments. A simple or brisk walk of 2 to 5 KM on regular basis can reduce chances of many illnesses and health problems significantly. People who cannot do heavy exercises or they do not have time to join a gym then they can get help of walking. Below, I am adding few benefits associated with walking.

1) Increase in blood circulation
2) Reduction is stress, fatigue
3) Reduction is chances of various illness and diseases.
4) Control on diabetic.
5) Strengthening of bones and muscles.
6) Improvement in digestive system.
7) Strengthening of respiratory system.
8) Maintain Good hormonal balance
9) Intake of higher quantity of oxygen
10) Good Sleep
11) Normalisation of blood pressure

There are many such benefits associated with simple walking for few Kilometres and many physicians recommend people and patients to go on regular walk. People can themselves see benefits of walking by walking for some days.
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