Advantage of Investment in House/Land property

There is very attractive investment option available in our hands in the form of buying a house or land property. In India, land and house prices have not seen maximum growth; therefore, we can see and hope for more growth in land and house prices in coming time. Thus investment in house or land becomes very attractive option in front of us and it is difficult for any person to ignore this potential. In less than 5 years time, one of friend earned around Rs 6 crores from his Rs 31 Lakh land investment.

These kinds of returns are only possible in land and house investment. For example one of our known one constructed a house for Rs 2 Lakh then they sold it after 6 years for Rs 8.5 Lakh. Second party sold it for Rs 20 Lakh after 5 years and again this house is for sale at Rs 35 Lakh price. Here I only want to say that investment of Rs 2 Lakhs have become Rs 35 Lakh in just 15 years. These kinds of returns are only available through land and house investments. Though, land investment gives more investment returns than a house because house worth decreases with time.

Many old houses are sold at the price of land because of no worth of material present in them. However, people do get advantage of living in these houses and saving money paid on house rents. Overall, it is very important to consider this investment option wisely and invest hard earned money in land or house. In future, people can hope to get good returns from these investments. People can also get advantage of various attractive loan options at attractive interest rates like house loans to buy such properties.
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